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According to the policy, tattoos can’t show below the elbows and knees or above the neckline, cutting short a tradition of body art in the Army. Army Regulation 670-1 will change the existing policy, which only prohibits tattoos on the head, face and neck above the class A uniform collar. The Army is very close to announcing changes to the policy, that will likely relax the rules for soldiers looking to earn a commission.
Army spokesman Paul Prince confirmed a review had taken place and that changes were imminent. Army officials are remaining tight-lipped about specific rule changes until the revisions can be published.
But here was the kicker: While most soldiers were going to be grandfathered, the regulation states that enlisted soldiers with illegal ink cannot request commissioning without a waiver. The Army said it tightened its tattoo policies in order to maintain a professional look across the force.
Many felt insulted that they were deemed ineligible to be commissioned because of their appearance, especially if their tattoos honored their fellow soldiers killed in combat. Soldiers were further angered when Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, in response to a query from the Congressional Black Caucus, directed the services to review their hairstyle policies after an online controversy sparked when some black soldiers criticized the Army’s updated regulation as racially biased. The Army this month agreed to make changes to its hairstyle regulation as a result of the review. Details on those changes, along with the expected changes to the tattoo policy, had not been published as of Thursday evening.
Amid the backlash from its new, tighter tattoo policy, the Army said soldiers could request an exception to the policy.

Urena had a tattoo of a lizard removed from her right hand – a procedure she said was incredibly painful because the dermatologist she saw tried to remove the tattoo in one sitting. Her commander wrote a memorandum requesting a waiver on her behalf, Urena said, but the unit is now mobilized, and she doesn’t know where her application stands.
We have created a site for people to not only tell their stories, but get their fame and showcase some really good meaningful ink. Military or army tattoos are usually sported by men who have been a part of the military themselves, or have an ancestor who was once a part of the armed forces and fought for their country. The military tattoos presented here are poignant in their meaning and quite elaborate in their depiction of war sceneries. New rules awaiting a final signature will further restrict where soldiers can place tattoos, Stars and Stripes reports. If you’re a current soldier with a tattoo in one of those banned areas, your tattoos have been grandfathered in. But it’s likely to be good news for soldiers, many of whom have lambasted the service for not grandfathering enlisted soldiers who want to go officer. Adam Thorogood of the Kentucky National Guard filed suit July 10 in federal court, seeking to have the new tattoo rules declared unconstitutional.
This incensed the tattoo crowd further, since the Army appeared willing to adjust hair rules but not the tattoo rules. Lindsay Urena, a medic, just earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology with the sole purpose of seeking a commission and training to become a physician assistant. Alan Lalonde, who has half-sleeve tattoos on his arms, said in an e-mail to Army Times he wished his service would get with the times.

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