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A participant in a fashion show performs for the public at the 2012 Sydney Tattoo and Body Art Expo. The Expo is Australia's largest and most vibrant tattoo convention featuring tattoo artists and piercers from all around Australia and overseas.
Fall Expo 2011Grand OpeningThis year's Fall Expo showcases 32 finalists and award winning artists from around the world. I am pulled into this painting by the way it is crafted to ask more questions than it answers.
Best in Show - Walt CurleeAutumn Wheat Harvest: This is a very upbeat painting full of bright colors, that imparts a happy nostalgia to the viewer.
1st Place - Antonio BassiNormally, I resist the idea of including both photography and paintings, drawings, etc.
2nd Place - Chuck Sharbaugh Chuck Sharbaugh’s Across America is a visually compelling and complex piece, carefully crafted to actively encourage us to look more closely at our constructed landscape. 3rd Place - Robert DobbsThe way artist Robert Dobbs integrates the metal elements in naturally shaped stone is very creative and dynamic at the same time. Founder's Choice - Ling Ling Cheng Golden Glow - Through harmony of color and form, balance and rhythm, Ling Ling Cheng has created a powerful painting representing the mystical essence of life. Director's ChoiceDaniel VictorWhen we say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we must be speaking of the eye of Daniel Victor and his camera.
Director's ChoiceJoyce BirkenstockJoyce Birkenstock's masterful use of colors draws the viewer directly into the dance and celebration in Tiger. Juror ~ George Shadow: Here we have two contrasting styles of Realist painting where both artists use chiaroscuro effectively to express tension and mystery.

Juror ~ Carolina Rojas: Entangled Passion - by Kim Mosley For me this piece is very intimate. Our mission is to increase the visibility of artists by providing on-going opportunities to showcase their artwork through our online juried exhibitions and artist portfolios. In Light Leaf, he expertly captures a stunning moment, one that will be gone in seconds, and one that only nature can provide. We provide direct access to artists so they can sell their work, and increase their exposure to collectors, galleries, museums and journalists. Curlee seems to be skillfully channeling the late Thomas Hart Benton, a Depression-era painter. After all, it's much easier to make a nice-looking photograph than it is to make a nice-looking work of art. The organic feel of Leviathan Remains stands out as a dominant element that uses it's own kinetic strength to prove the superiority of life over death.
Ms Wanless writes of her excitement with new endeavors, while accepting the realities of change related to time.
The choosing of this particular stone was a good decision since I would assume that carving it must have been a challenge. If you're not familiar with Benton's work, I would strongly recommend a quick trip to Google.
A photographer and an artist both have to make judgments concerning content, composition, light, mood, and all the other elements inherent in visual arts. Before all the photographers reading this grab their torches and pitchforks, notice in the previous paragraph I said a "nice-looking" photograph.

The final form brings out the colors and textures which gives this piece its unique and fabulous appearance.Art Director's ChoiceMetaRay Hau makes a strong statement by presenting a faceless, anonymous and plastic human form moving forward into a void while leaving behind the trail of a warm and highly textured being made of natural and brilliantly colored materials. What's missing is the darker mood of some of Benton's work, full of knife-wielding hillbillies and hard, overworked men; Curlee's landscape is positive without being saccharine. Photography becomes art when it moves beyond a merely attractive image and into a realm where real creativity and real artistic inspiration are required. Antonio Bassi does this with "Improvisation #1." To create this piece, Bassi apparently positioned himself somewhere above a pedestrian walkway, probably in an atrium since you can see the reflection of lights on the floor. There are a lot of ways to compose a painting but Curlee chooses one of the hardest; this painting is a spiral. The shredded clouds push your eye toward the tree on the left, your eye follows down the tree, and the strong diagonals in the lower left push your eye across the bottom. The sapling near the right corner directs your eye up toward the gold and green trees at the edge of the field, which sends you to the farm, then to the left down the road to river, which pulls you down to those bushes, and then to the cows in the middle. The face in the tree, the butterflies, the eyes; I found myself returning over and over again to see what else I would find hidden in the layers.

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