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The Cement Artemis Bust on Pedestal makes an elegant focal piece in a traditional living space.
It is used to assess fuel consumption and pollutants emissions of a vehicle in a normalized way, so that different vehicles can be compared. Made from distressed tan cement, this sculpture of the Greek goddess of hunting has a classic, antique appeal.
Main difference is that modal cycles are a compilation of straight acceleration and constant speed periods and are not representative of a real driver behavior, whereas transient cycles involve many speed variations, typical of on-road driving conditions.European driving cyclesThe NEDCThe NEDC is used as reference cycle for homologating vehicles until Euro6 norm in Europe and some other countries. Indeed, accelerations are very soft; there are a lot of constant speed cruises and a lot of idle events. This make impossible to obtain certified values when driving with the vehicle in real conditions.

For those reasons, a solution to replace the NEDC is being explored by European authorities. The new cycle called Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) will probably appear for the upcoming norm Euro7.The Artemis driving cycleThis cycle is based on a statistical study done in Europe within the so called Artemis project. It simulates both urban and motorway cycle, including idling, accelerations, cruising and decelerations. It allows to evaluate the pollutants and emissions, the fuel economy but also the electric range of light duty vehicles (passenger cars and vans).
It is developed by European, Japanese and Indian experts in order to replace the NEDC cycle by 2013-2014.The test procedure is divided into 3 cycles, depending on a power to mass ratio of the tested vehicle. This power to mass ratio (PMR) is defined as the rated power in W divided by the curb weight in kg.

Those tests have to be designed in a way that enhances the reduction of pollutants and CO2 emissions while it is not too restrictive in order to let the business be opened to several manufacturers and let competition go. Indeed this dilemma is tricky to handle by governments that are often tempted to favor local manufacturers when choosing the cycle that will be used for testing. Do you think we should design cycles that are not too restrictive in order to avoid reducing the number of models that can pass the test cycle satisfying regulations?

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