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Aliza Nisenbaum (MFA 2005) is currently exhibiting work in solo show at Mary Mary in Glasglow, Scotland.
With a focus on experimentation and collaboration, Dieu Donne founded the Workspace Program in 1990 to provide emerging, New York State based artists with the opportunity to explore hand papermaking as an artistic medium.
The Dieu Donne Workspace Program residency includes introduction to the medium and process and days in the studio with a dedicated papermaking collaborator.
Artists apply for the Workspace Program residency through an online application form (available June 10-July 10, 2015), which requires answering a few short questions and providing a current resume and up to 10 images.
Rachel Snack (BFA 2013) was interviewed by magazine Local Wolves for her textile company Weaver House Co.
Collaborative duo Luftwerk , Petra Bachmaier (BFA 1999) and Sean Gallero (1998), were recognized by the Americans for the Arts Public Art Network (PAN) Year in Review for their work INsite. Carlos Ortega Morales (MFA 2014) has collaborated with the Office of Continuing Studies at SAIC to design the first Lifetime Achievement Award (June 28-30, 2015), which will be used by 3 professional International design organizations: DESIGN-ED, Design Research, Education and Practice.
Alumnus and 2015-16 William and Stephanie Sick Distinguished Professor Chris Ware (1991-1993) was featured as both the cover artist and writer for The New Yorker. Tony White (MFA 1997) has been named the Associate Chief Librarian for Reader Services at the Thomas J. The 20th annual Chicago Artists Month (CAM) will take place from October 1-November 15, 2015. The politically charged work of late alumnus Roger Brown (BFA 1968, MFA 1970) will be featured in a solo retrospective at DC Moore Gallery. In his fifth solo exhibition at Galerie Chantal Crousel, Rirkrit Tiravanija (MFA 1987) explores his interest in countercultures that have nourished his work, including the iconic 1970s antiestablishment Punk movement.
For more information, and to learn more about the exhibition, please visit the official website. Calvin Phelps (BFA 1999) has relocated his gallery practice to Mississippi to create non-profit residency program, Pike School of Art-Mississippi (PSA-MI). Michelle Concepcion (BFA 1993) recent series Pearls will be featured by Arte Giani at the solo project in Basel, Switzerland from June 17-21, 2015. Catherine Forster (PBS 1999, MFA 2002) will be exhibiting new work, ME NOT, at the San Diego Art Institute. De Appel arts centre is now accepting applications for the fourth edition of the Gallerist Programme running from November 2015 to July 2016. The Gallerist Programme is a professional development programme for young art professionals aspiring to work in the gallery field. The Gallerist Programme consists of several intense sessions filled with workshops, lectures, seminars, studio visits and encounters with international gallerists and other art professionals.

Each session focuses on different issues, such as "the gallery as a living archive," "dealing with performance," "collecting from public to private and vice versa," or "the current position of midscale galleries." Throughout the programme, de Appel arts centre provides the guidance and framework through which the participants can investigate specific research topics.
Each year, the programme culminates in a final project at LISTE Art Fair Basel, where the participants team up to create a booth for a temporary gallery. Bora Kim (BFA 2013)  and Karin Kuroda (BFA 2013, BAVCS 2013), along with their collaborator Samantha Shao are in the early stages of their project I'm Making a Boy Band. Sonya Clark (BFA 1993) was featured in an article Artists Asks How Far We've Really Progressed In The 150 Years Since The Civil War in the Huffington Post for her performance project where she unraveled the Confederate Flag. Thomas Schmidt (PBS 2006), as well as his collaborator Jeffrey Miller, were honored for their project Recycled China in March with a bronze prize for one of their large scale works at the upcoming Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, 2015. Recycled China aims to source a range of discarded materials and industrial waste from factories within China to produce up-cycled Sculptural objects. Schmidt is currently an Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary 3D Studio at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Alumnus Nick Brown (BFA 1996, MFA 2000) is exhibiting his work from the Ice House series in several shows.
June 27, 2015: Work exhibiting in the Barricades at Kreuzberg Pavillion in Berlin, Germany. The program encourages emerging artists to explore the creative possibilities inherent in the hand papermaking process, and to develop this medium as a contemporary art form. Each artist is paired with a master papermaker creating a unique collaborative experience where a new medium can be quickly learned and put into practice.
A changing panel of curators, critics, and art professionals select finalists based on the quality of the work samples.
The conceptual foundations of her work concerns itself with discarded structures and memories. The final event of the conference will be held on SAIC's Campus--including keynote presentations by SAIC Faculty Linda Keane and Drea Howenstien. Barron's artwork will still be on display (as part of the Art Around the Corner) and for purchase at The Wine Excahge at 1 W. CAM is a program of the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events that showcases the work of Chicago artists and arts organizers through independently-produced events taking place throughout Chicago. The program supports visual and literary artists with diverse backgrounds with a space for interdisciplinary creative experimentation in a rural setting.
The programme was initiated in 2012, and combines de Appel arts centre's expertise in organising its Curatorial Programme since 1994, with the Fair Gallery's initiative to examine and create new forms of collaboration between galleries in an increasingly expanded field of operation. It expands on trajectories, methodologies and ideas specific to "trade," which are not covered and perhaps even neglected within academic and experimental curatorial programmes that focus on the "public" side of art.

The curriculum takes into account the critical balance between the artistic and business objectives that the gallerist will be confronted with.
The selection of the candidates will take place in September 2015 with deadline for application 11 July 2015. With its artistic choices and its specific programme, the Fair Gallery experiments with the potential and the limits for a new format of galleries, while investigating opportunities for collaboration. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship to research and document natural dyes extrude from alien plant spices growing within the urban environment of Tromso, Norway. The project explores the act of deconstructing not only the physical object, but the meaning behind symbols. The Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale is one of the most competitive and prestigious ceramic competitions in the world.
These individuals are then interviewed by the Dieu Donne artistic staff for selection of the final residency artists.
Applications will not be accepted from students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programs during the program year (July 2015 - June 2016). The work, on view at c.nichols project, is composed of torn remnants of dyed canvas, and fashioned in a meditation on paintings. The Gallerist Programme is founded on the principle that the relationship between gallerist and artist is the gallery's principal capital and the driving force of its operations.
The sessions take place in nine months at different locations around the globe, occasionally linked to events such as art fairs and gallery weekends. De Appel arts centre and the Fair Gallery are interested in candidates from diverse backgrounds and experiences.
For more information concerning the application process, please refer to de Appel arts centre’s website. I'm Making a Boy Band is in the process of recording a mini-album and moving the project forward.
Clark describes the performance as "almost a meditative kind of 'what does it mean to undo the symbol. A successful candidate has some preliminary experience working and engaging in the art field. Applications are only accepted via our online application; please do not mail or e-mail application materials.

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