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Not surprisingly, Asian tattoos are wildly popular among all people and often showcased in tattoo designs such as dragons, samurais and of course the mysterious symbols that often get misinterpreted by amateurs.Here we have a picture gallery of some really cool Asian themed tattoos, which might give you some ideas for your very own Asian inspired tattoo design. The dragon is the legendary fire-breathing creature that holds immense power and importance in Japanese myths.
Japanese tattoos sport detailed images and scenes that can be comprehended with scrutinizing looks, but at the same time, backed by the rich Japanese culture and history it features allusions which is not common knowledge.
They generally show the dragon as a magnificent beast with massive wings and a fire-breathing snout!

These lettering are not like the English alphabets, they are a beautiful set of symbols which make amazing tattoos when interwoven with flowers, leaves and other such patterns.
They are generally always large, covering your entire body and definitely always colourful and vibrant. Today the Japanese tattoos continue to be as exquisite as it used to be all those years ago. Visually appealing, colourful like the most precious gems, the koi tattoo will never let you down.

Japanese tattoos are thus definitely more complicated than most western tattoos and also more meaningful. An upstream koi generally signifies a struggle in your life which you wish to overcome, while a downstream one symbolizes that you have already surpassed that stage of difficulty.

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