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The problem is, China is still only about 40% urbanized (up from about 10% in 1949 and 20% in 1980), and there is a long way to go. On the plains of northern, eastern, and southern China, satellite maps show there is not an inch of land that is not under utilization.
The growth in China’s reserves is driven by the rapid growth of its exports, which brings in dollars, euros and other foreign currency, and by the billions of investment dollars being poured into the country.
The surge in money flooding in from abroad forces the central bank to drain billions of dollars from the economy every month by selling bonds in order to reduce inflationary pressures. Stephen Green, chief economist at Standard Chartered Bank in Shanghai, calculated that last year the central bank made a $29 billion profit on its Treasury holdings after paying interest on its own bonds and other expenses.
By contrast, Singapore’s Temasek says it has averaged an 18 percent annual return since it was created in 1974. When a country sells more than it buys, and when other people make investment (gives the country a loan), the excess money ends up parked somewhere, in this case, at the central bank. In fact, why does any country end up with a huge reserve, even ones with convertible currencies?
Somebody thought this chopstick font BS was the “table” for the letters of the Latin alphabet in characters? I really like the tattoo font when it is used just as an outline and then the colors around it make it kind of hollow looking. One day ten years ago, Cai Zezhou went to a north European country for business negotiation, he recalled: “I was going to canteen for breakfast when a waiter gestured me to go to the buffet at ground floor. Last year, Cai Zezhou accompanied his wife shopping in a luxurious pro shop in France, they were surprised to be received by shopping guide that spoke Chinese; same thing happened in Italy where a guide approach them and began detail introduction as soon as he heard Chinese, leaving other tourists aside. Wen Qian, vice manager of Guang Zhi Lv (???, alleged biggest travel agency in Southern China) also notices the difference. Overseas Chinese Cai Wei attributed the change of China’s status and image to the 2008 Olympic Game, he believed the Game did a great job in promoting China, and Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Game will go on generating positive impression for China.
Professor Huang Yunte is also a oversea Chinese, he wrote a book on Cantonese living in the US, he told the reporter: “I published the book not long ago, the editor is American who asked me ‘do Chinese people think American is stupid?’. However Professor Liu Wei from Guangdong University of Finance thought that shopping malls, hotels and restaurants are all chasing after profit, whichever country will be willing to provide superb service for a certain countries’ tourists as long as the tourists can bring huge economic benefits. The day before yesterday I was having dinner with my Singaporean friends when one of them expressed his deep impression of Shenzhen’s tourist site Window of the World where mini replicas of world famous spots gather. Immediately another friend objected and said there should be as many Chinese tourists as possible in the photo to resemble the real one. As for Europe, the US, Japan and Korea, it is common to see signs and guides written in Chinese. These occasions revealed that Chinese tourists are everywhere around the world now, and they are being more valued by overseas tourist markets. A friend of mine working in hotel business told me that hotel employees prefer western tourists to mainland people not because they fancy exotic culture but westerners do score higher in manners, westerners respond to their greetings and praise as well as tip them for good service; in occasions of dissatisfaction, western tourists tend to be more patient and listen to their explanation or accept apologies, unlike some mainland tourists who don’t even try to listen just set out to scold, thinking they are somebody just because they pay. Another friend of mine as a tour guide in Singapore once said that lots of Chinese tourists come to Singapore just to shop, in brand pro stores especially, they are not interested in other things. Rednet once did a commentary saying people do not necessarily embrace manners and indentify honor against shame even when they are full and warm. It is simple to be valued, as long as you are rich, this is a realistic world; but to be respected is far more difficult because money can not buy others’ respect. Regarding the “bad manners” of Chinese tourists they have very surprising rivals!
A recent research among tourism agencies showed that the most disliked tourists in the wrold are French(!) cause they are thought to be arrogant, bad at foreign languages and greedy. I have heard about the separating Chinese tourists from white people thing before from media and friends so the article is not groundless rumor. As to the Chinese tourists getting favorable treatment from spending more, I have two thumbs up. Sure China is getting richer but 99 percent of the population will never see a dime of that money. Actually, China is getting richer but GuoBao is correct, hardly any Chinese are super rich and if they are, it’s most likely cause they have relations to the government of some sort and store the money. I’d say more of those signs in Chinese are a result of people getting sick and tired of dealing with rude, loud Chinese tourists making a mess of things.
I have not problem if loud group tourists are allocated in a different dinning place from individual travelers in a hotel, but I’m against offering fewer variety of food with same price as Mr.
That is typical, while in China you get respected by spending money it is not so in Europe.
My Chinese friends in college always used to go to casino buffets and ONLY eat the king crab legs, because it was the most expensive thing. Group tourism always get this treatment because they are a burden for the rest of the average patron. I think most people back in the US or Europe (who have never been to China or seen Chinese in their element) don’t really have respect nor disrespect for Chinese people. Haha true that, I thought Chinese people were great, I didn’t realize why so many Koreans hated on them- until I moved to China.

That said, the social expectations for your nearest bar are quite different from the average restaurant or even tourist attraction. Unlike China (and to some extend the US), money will not get you respect and consideration in europe. As for the american tourists, while they do not spit and burp, they are oftten too loud and proud abroad.
Well you did not read me well: i did not say that europeans cannot speak english outside UK. As for the strong accent of the french people, first it is not as pathetic as the accent of many americans attempting to say 3 words in french. To be honest with you french is a beautiful tongue to hear but I fucking hated learning it. Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu held a pre-screened press conference with state media earlier Tuesday. During my trip to Cambodia, some of the local workers told me how they loathed Chinese people in the hotels and how they shoved, spat and talked loudly in their temples–even though there were signs all over the place in Chinese saying not to. I think it was even worse because most of the Chinese there saw themselves as superior to the Cambodian people.
Let’s keep in mind that just to get to 50% (a 10% increase) means adding the entire population of Japan to cities, and getting to 70% means adding the entire population of the US.
According to this article, the central bank takes this money and invests it in US Treasury Bonds, but is looking for other investments.
Some reserve for safety is understandable, but a huge reserve must mean that its people just like to save save save.
From what I hear a lot of the Asian gangs in Los Angeles use this font when they are tagging walls in their neighborhoods. Ten years ago, foreign hotels out of despise set up “specific areas” for Chinese tourists; nowadays when invited by foreign tourism bureau Chinese get to stay in the most luxurious hotels of that place while their western counterparts be arranged to relatively less starred or rural ones. I didn’t mind at the time until later when I found out that all whites are dining on the second floor and all Chinese are at ground floor.” The hotel set up a specific area for Chinese because they think some whites may not be happy dining with Chinese in the same canteen. One time she was invited for a expeditionary tour by a country, she was arranged to stay in a six star hotel and assigned a interpreter throughout the tour, while her western counterparts of the tour can only stayed in three star ones located on the outskirt of the city. He said if you focus your camera to the mini Eiffel Tower without taking in any Chinese tourists, you will think it is the real Eiffel Tower in Paris. He also pointed out that it was mostly Chinese in the lines that wait outside LV head store at Avenue des Champs-Elysees, Paris will not be Paris without Chinese tourists. In the past, Hong Kong people don’t like to do business with mainland tourists and call them “Ah Chan” out of the bias that mainland people are poor. Singapore is renowned shopping world of course, but it is a little bit shallow for Chinese tourists to go there to shop only.
It is true that the number of civilized and respectable Chinese tourists is rising, but foreigners look at Chinese as a whole, therefore to become member of that respectable group, all Chinese people have to try and participate to learn how to respect other people no matter poor or rich and others’ cultures from the bottom of their hearts, and abandon the thought that being able to squander makes them somebody. I have been to buffets here in China and seeing how the Chinese generally behave in such an environment there might be something to it. I’m not saying spiting in public, talking aloud to disturb other guests in hotel rooms or polishing shoes with bed sheets (gosh is that real?) is OK in China.
Is it really that bloody hard to open google and do a quick search on basic manners for where you’re going? Having lived and traveled throughout many countries in Europe I never came across hotels who discriminated Chinese segregating them in different eating ares. You could be in the middle of Mongolian grasslands but the second two people start arguing or fighting you’ll get rows of spectators 6 deep to get their entertainment.
Surely I would have fit in well with the average Chinese when I was a child (with a very loud and piercing voice even indoors), but my parents trained me out of that before I reached maturity.
The other problem is that many Chinese tourists do not change their habits when travelling abroad: yelling at the table, burping loudly at the table or when leaving the table, spitting on the floor, lacking respect for the restaurant staff, etc. Most of them comes in tours that zip thru many countries in the shortest time possible and at the lowest cost possible. And i am sure they are worst than the french when it comes to foreign language (remember english is a foreign language in all of europe except UK). So yes, the education level here is higher than in the US, and most europeans can speak 1 or 2 foreign languages and english is likely to be one of these. Second they feel their language is nicer and richer than english, so they cannot leave it completely behind when speaking english. This will take a few decades, and some will come from building new cities or new modes of living. The only reason to change the clocks instead of changing schedules is because changing schedules (and habits in general) is hard.
But it also mentions, as a separate matter, the central bank sells its own bonds (denominated in RMB, presumably) to absorb excess RMB.
It gets money from the rest of the world well in excess of what would be the usual investments in the US economy, due to the status of the dollar as the world’s preferred reserve currency.
There are a ton of great tattoo fonts out there and you should carefully choose the one that fits your personality, style and flair.

Some people see the tags and they head down the road very, very fast not wanting to run into that particular artist. The world views Chinese tourists in a completely different way now, more and more countries are paying double attention to Chinese tourist market, value and respect Chinese tourists.
But now they make sure that all employees at the store can speak Mandarin so that mainland tourists as their “god of wealth” can enjoy good service. Chinese tourists are spending money overseas of course they will be valued, but to gain respect, they have to do more than just squandering money. Singapore is a multicultural country with various cultural tastes to offer, if Chinese tourists don’t take the opportunity to embrace the culture to improve their knowledge, they can only continue with being valued but not necessarily respected. Many people view their status higher than others when they have money in hand, and take it for granted that they deserve more respect from others. It takes 3 years to foster a big cat, but even 3 generations can not guarantee to hatch a gentleman. If any division was made it would only be because Chinese people prefer different food than most westerners.
However, since living in China for almost 3 years I must say if such incidents ever occurred maybe they were a result of the appealing table manners that some Chinese seem to posses. Space becomes scarce, people who paid top tier money for services are getting neglected by the flow of a large enthusiastic crowd of group tourist.
Third, the fact that many native english speakers do actually like the french accent does not encourage them to improve their elocution in english. I can assure everyone that, as GuoBao has already said, this is utter nonsense and a total fabrication – just like those bullshit stories about the French during the Carrefour episode two years ago.
But the selling of bonds is not much different from offering a time deposit account, so all that the central bank does is to encourage more savings in it. It must be because they have low risk tolerance as individuals — that makes them seek out the government as an investment fund?
So even with large deficits and lack of savings, the Federal Reserve still can do what it needs to do — and this includes handing out cheap loans to the US government and banks (and indirectly, consumers). I could see this font used a lot if you were going to do a small tattoo down the side of your leg. Cai Zezhou felt insulted so he when to the manager who didn’t show much concern to about Cai’s complain at first until Cai broke a plate angrily then the manager showed him to second floor. Many western tourists are respected there because they are willing to get to know and appreciate local culture, as well as to get closer to local people. But they forget that a chair, no matter it is made of gold or diamond, is no more than just a chair, nobody will pay tribune to it. From being despised in the last decade to being valued today, a big turn as such is probably just boosted by money. However, you can’t just label all Chinese tourists with the same tag that few of them have earned with their bad habits.
In fact, as long as artificial lighting exists, having a non-symmetric waking schedule will always be the norm, I argue.
If so, then it only makes sense for the central bank to leverage its large funds to make risky but diversified investments to give its depositors a high return at a still tolerable risk.
If daylight savings time existed year-round, people would start going to work at 9AM, and end up with no savings of daylight at all.
But it’s strange that the central bank can pay its bonds and still get 3% additional return on behalf of the depositors (which it keeps). In that case, it makes sense that China is making adjustments to its reserves investment policy away from the completely safe US Treasuries, ahead of any further loosening of RMB convertibility.
Why don’t I break all my light bulbs and start getting up at 4AM and going to bed at 8PM.
Why wouldn’t people just invest in US Treasury Bonds or whatever other external investments themselves?
That way, when convertibility arrives, the reserves will be competitive enough to remain large enough for the government to still have its monetary levers on the economy. Where you get half as much food and but plenty of free wine to go around and services you can’t get on any other floor. Afterwards he phoned me pissed off at the restaurant for making him constipated for 3 days. So, I guess your going to have your work cut out for you when choosing the one that’s right for you. I know a lot of artists in New York use the tattoo font when they want to attract visitors to their work in the asian communities. It has that oriental effect on people as they are walking by and they see a sign using tattoo font directing them to an asian restaurant in downtown Manhattan.
I have seen quite a few tattoo artists use the tattoo font as a go between when they are matching two different style tattoos together.

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