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TATU BABY INK MASTER REAL NAMEValidatespresenceof,messageplease enter your and it just his mark with a. The producers needed to stretch out the length of the show this week, so they added an extra step to the flash challenge. For the ink challenge, they were each given the opportunity to tattoo someone close to them.
The twist this week (if you want to call it that) was that they were put into pairs competing against each other, and the judges had to pick a top and a bottom person out of each pair. They gave Teresa a hard time, because the tattoo did not have a clear enough meaning on what it meant between her and nerd boy. Needless to say, since the judges were giving Teresa shit for her tattoo, you knew they were going to pick DJ.
Stay tuned for the season finale, where the final Jeopardy category will be, “Farts on Fire” for $400.
When we first arrived at the shop we were greeted by Melissa, Austin’s sister and Executive Assistant.
As you enter the shop you are surrounded by art – art on the wall in the form of graffiti to the mechanical works of art.

These pictures don’t do this bike justice at all, to see this in person, to see the detail and work that went into creating this bike was amazing. If you have read the two previous articles you would know one of his more recent projects was the Zombie Jeep, which was built for one of Austin’s customers in Texas. The shop itself is a work of art from the custom graffiti on the walls to the personal barber shop upstairs.
We want to thank Austin, Melissa and the rest of The Garage Inc staff for the hospitality and taking the time out of their busy schedule to show us around the shop and talk to us about his current projects. Four contestants are left in the game show of extreme skill and ability to see who is going to be named Best Ink. The top two contestants would go onto the final, and one of the bottom two would be sent home. The contrast between the black and grey tattoo machine and the color in the ribbon and ring were pretty cool. DJ had the worst photograph to use, and his initial sketch looked like the kid… only about seven years older. The sketches were judged, but before selecting a winner, the contestants were told to tattoo the portrait that they had made.

I haven’t picked up this rag in a long time, but when I did, it had some of the crappiest tattoos out there. There was a weird moment where you found out that not everyone getting the portrait was the parent. Back in the day, this wonderfully professional publication contained construction paper pages of black and white photos of color tattoos. Larry Law picked him as this week’s winner of the $5,000 in ass-cash… ahem, Flash Cash.
You best be getting her a ring, my fellow shut-in D&D player, or she is gonna kick you to the curb. If it wasn’t for Joe coming over to her while she was doing the tattoo and telling her the roman numerals were off, she would have made the numbers all wrong. The face of the clock was fucked up too.

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