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Baby angel tattoos are worn in remembrance of an infant who could not survive after coming into the world. A cute black baby angel with wings and curly hair holding her chin with her hands sits on the lower back. The stars below the feet of the baby angel and the ribbon in its hand signify the heavenly journey after death. The mother has got this baby angel tattoo on her back to keep alive the memory of her child.
This baby angel tattoo showing a small, bald baby in deep slumber is a pointer to its death.
A girl baby angel standing among colorful flowers with birds flying over her head is missing her home in the heaven garden.
The baby angel with arrows in its hands struck his parents with agony and love, being there on earth for very short time. The tattoo picture selected by the mother to be carved as tattoo shown with the actual engraving.
The love of a father for its child finds an echo in this tattoo design showing a baby angel sleeping on a palm. The mother carries the image of a child angel in rapt sleep as a token of her love for the lost child. The blooming flower at her back could not cheer the baby angel who has been deprived of her home and parents. This tattoo design showing a baby angel reading a scroll which has a beautiful prayer, touches one’s heart.
A cherubic angel sleeping over a heart-shaped cushion stands for the bond of love and affection shared. A black and white tattoo showing a baby girl angel with closed eyes in clouds carved on arm. A fat baby girl angel with wings spread apart and her name beneath looks content and peaceful. Deeply lost in thoughts, so much so that she has closed her eyes, the baby girl angel wants to come back home.
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Among the designs that acquire prime place when it comes to getting a baby tattoo is the footprint tattoo. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Cupcake Tattoos, Script Tattoos, Ankle Tattoos and Armband Tattoos. Prayerful and sweet; the baby angel tattoo, done on the back of the neck symbolizes the fact that the wearer is a grieving mother.
The loving mother has got footprint tattoos of her son and daughter on her back as a mark of love and affection. The upper back of the girl carved with her baby’s portrait presents an emotional portrait to the eyes that looks endearing as well.
Sleeping angel tattoo, sitting around the ankle oozes peace and is a symbol of the wearer’s loss of her child. The mother expresses her love for her daughters through a back tattoo that bears their names and footprints. Lovely dark footprints, sitting around the ankle of the woman along with her daughter’s name, look very charming. The red footprints, date of birth and name of the baby create a meaningful and lovely tattoo on the calf of the mother. Innovative and unique; the sneakers bearing the names of the babies look creative as well as cute, etched on the back of the mother. The sleeping baby angel carved along with RIP and chance lettering looks sweet and symbolizes the longing of the mother for her baby, who is no more. The footprints are very popular as tattoo designs among mothers as they provide a stylish way to express one’s love. The mother has got the footprints of all her babies and their names on her back to immortalize their birth memories.

Loss of a baby is always grievous and the tattoo is a way for the mother to reconcile with that precious loss. The woman has got baby footprints on her back that are an expression of her love and also a symbol how much she enjoys her status as a mother.
The baby footprints and hands carved on the side of the father are a symbol of grief and tribute to the lost child. The small bundle of joy gets a shape on the body of the parent through a portrait tattoo that is charming to the hilt. Meaningful combination of these twin elements looks classic and symbolizes the affection of the parent for the child. Etched on both sides of the chest, the footprints tattoo, names and dates of birth, symbolize the father’s bliss at having two lovely assets. The footprints of the babies and their names look very endearing and symbolize motherly love and affection. The memory of the baby’s birth has been captured in this tattoo, etched on the forehand of the mother. Neck tattoo bearing the image of a sleeping baby angel along with name looks cute and has been carved in his loving memory.
The proud and loving mother shows off the baby feet that she got on her hand along with the names of her daughter.
Innocent eyes wide open and possessing a soft stare are full of love and are testimony why is the baby called a bundle of joy. The man displays his baby portrait tattoo, etched on the chest that he got in the loving memory of his child.
The name of the baby and its footprint look very pleasing together and symbolize the wearer’s love for the kid.
The mother has got the religious cross, footprint of her baby along with her name as well as the baby’s to express how much the kid means to her. The sweet, soft baby hand with date of birth is a symbol of the wearer’s affection for the small bundle of joy. Lost in deep slumber, this tattoo is a symbol that the baby has left for its heavenly abode. The baby footprints on both the forearms along with their names and date of births look simple and sober. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Angels are messengers of God who have worked with humans since ancient times as their guides and benefactors.
The angel tattoos presented here are great in their artwork and detailing; so take your pick among them that really speaks to your heart. The baby angel tattoos can be colorful or black and white depending on the choice of the person who wants to sport it. Just like other tattoo designs, you’ll also find plenty of choices in tattoo designs for baby names.
As this “skin art” is spreading like wildfire among new parents, many tattoo artists have also developed creative designs, making modern moms and dads more interested in getting the names of their babies permanently inked on their skin. Design inspiration– you will be able to find a great design when you have an inspiration. The handprints of your baby are among the cutest and designs that parents will be proud to wear everywhere. Footprints may seem common but it is unique in the sense that the image engraved on your skin is actually your baby’s own footprints with her name and date of birth.
Common locations for the astrological sign tattoos are on the hips, chest, shoulders, lower back or even more lower like on your shoulder blade that way, makes the most compelling foray. I am designing my own tattoo with my daughter’s name x I love the art work of Tattoos but i am petrified of the needles xx what could over come my fear?
Mothers and fathers both wear these tattoos but it is mostly the mother who is seen sporting a baby angel tattoo. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.

This is a very popular and authentic expression because the art form gives shape to something that is very original and reminds the wearer of the baby’s birth. They have been considered as important celestial beings in various religious scriptures who can provide protection, healing and help to humans who ask for their counsel.
For example, if you find that animals are a fun inspiration, then you may want to choose the image of your favorite animal and have your baby’s name embedded on or near it. However, if there will be times that you need to hide it, you can have it on the part where it can be hidden with shirts, pants and shoes. This is something that unique that tends to be so special especially for parents who are often away from their little one.
Footprints tats are usually engraved on shoulder blades, lower back, belly button, upper arms and ankle.
With his or her name and birth date on it, a little angel’s image inked on your skin will certainly be a reminder of your precious one whenever you’re away from home. I do like the sound of your tattoo idea… please send us a picture of it so we can add to our gallery if you decide to do it! Every parent has a special place in their heart for their children and when that sweet source of joy does not remain with them, they feel a pain, which can never be described. The small bundle of joy who is a marvelous creation in itself, is too sweet and joyful to be put in words. Angels have played an important role in human culture and civilization, and as such they have been featured in countless myths, fables, folktales, movies and literary works. The cute and lovely image of a child is mixed up with other designs and patterns while giving shape to a baby angel tattoo. The baby’s name and birth date are often either inked in the middle, above or below the handprints.
But because their images tend to involve more details, it is important that you go to an expert tattoo artist to do this. Floral designs are usually combined with star, butterfly and other elements to cover a large area of the skin and to enhance an image. Though they reconcile themselves to fate after a point but for some coming to terms with life is no less than an excruciating exercise.
Sometimes the name of the baby and the time period for which it survived is also inked alongside. Parents love their babies more than themselves and the baby tattoos are a way of expressing one’s love and admiration for the blessing god has bestowed on the father and mother. Handprints tattoos are usually engraved on the shoulder blades, lower back, belly button, upper arms and ankle.
Flower baby name tattoos are typically inked on the upper arm, shoulder blades, foot and lower back. Tattoos are a way of preserving the memories and they help in restoring order in their lives.
Here are 25 baby angel tattoos with beautiful images and sentimental symbolism, which you can look into, if you want to get a hold of how they look and feel.
If you are looking for some similar designs then do take a look at the post that we have created here. Various forms of angel tattoos are in practice, such as Cherub angel tattoos, guardian angel tattoos, archangel tattoos, and even fallen angel tattoos and angel of death tattoos. It is a way of remembering the child who is no more in this world and mostly the father or the mother gets their body part painted with the child image.
These tattoos can be very bright and colorful, and they can be sported on various parts of the body to indicate love and protectiveness.

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