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The first officially registered script logo in history is the trademark for Bass and Company's Pale Ale. The original Bass Ale trademark was a red triangle with a beautiful signature in thick and thin strokes that looked like it had been written in ink with a very flexible quill pen in the round-hand style. The trademark has evolved with time and the current red version is a beautiful example of a script logo -- the first script logo in history.
The next script logo I found in history came 10 years later, and this one originated in America. Pepsi Cola also came out with a very nice red script logo but later took their logo design in a different direction. By the way, that tail like flourish that extends under the name in script logos is called a paraph.
The New York Mets have had a script logo since 1962, and the Atlanta Braves have been using one since 1967. Many of these logos went through some design evolutions to modernize them while retaining their script look. The Minnesota Twins have a logo with a swash (paraph) but it is more squared in style than the Spencerian types (it is still a very cool logo).
The Pittsburgh Pirates had sort of a script logo from 1987 to 1996 but the current version is a more squared font although some still call it a script logo.
The San Francisco Giants had a nice script logo from 1947 to 1982 but they then went with a squared font as well. The San Diego Padres went in the other direction, having used a squared script logo for 18 years until they finally chose a rounded true script logo in 2004. You have probably noticed a difference in the uniforms worn at home games and those worn when the teams are playing on the road. Also, uniforms displayed the name of the team when playing at home, and the name of their city or state when playing away from home. The Pittsburgh Panthers of the University of Pittsburgh was known by its famous script logo with the name Pitt for many years until they decided to transform it into the squared style in 1997. Among basketball teams, the Los Angeles Lakers had a great script logo for a few years in the 1960s.
I could go on and list all the teams in every sport who have a script logo, and then proceed to all the products and businesses who have adopted one, but I think you get the picture.

I am a graphic artist who has created hundreds of logos, and I also have strong interest in penmanshp, especially Spencerian script. The first script logo I ever created professionally was for a local baseball team several years ago. I now have several collections of script logos for team names, city names and family names (and there is considerable overlap since some teams, cities and families share the same name). Maybe some of you are wondering why there is a little girl pictured during a series for boys. We really do have a boy at our house, but he is more of the baby sized variety.
Again be sure to keep the shiny side down and carefully fit the little bits back into their letters.
I just joined a local softball team in the hopes of making some new friends and I promised I would make the logo for the jersey. So technically an icon ought to be an image with no text, while a logo ought to include text. I can't say what year they actually created it but when Britain's trademark registration law took effect on January 1, 1876, Bass quickly registered it as their trademark.
The Coca-Cola logo was originally created in 1885 or 1886 by Frank Mason Robinson who utilized Spencerian script, a very popular writing style in America at the time.
Like round-hand, Spencerian script was usually rendered with a very flexible nib pen that gave wide lines when pressure was applied for variety of thick and thin strokes.
The script logo is probably more closely associated with beer companies than soft drink companies today, due to the large number of beer companies who use them. The term script logo has been expanded to include practically any logo that has a name in a decorative font whether it is script or not. Football teams are usually more associated with the squared type logo, but there are NFL football teams who use the script logo, such as the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins. The Chupa Chups lollipop script logo was created in 1969 and by none other than by Salvador Dali!
I fully admit that I know nothing what so ever about baseball, but there is something nostalgic and summer-y and very… BOY about it so I figure why not. Use your seam ripper to remove the sleeves from both tees.Pulling on the threads will make this part go much faster. And don’t forget to comment to enter the Blank Slate Basics giveaway going through August 16th!

And also that picture of your son TOTALLY cracked me up – I love vaguely stunned baby pictures.
As a matter of fact this was the very first trademark to be registered in Britain -- and the world (a Bass employee had waited all night to be first in line). Theirs is a particularly impressive example of a script logo, but then again, we should expect nothing less from an entity which represents both the world of baseball and the world of beer! One obvious reason was that it automatically assured that the two teams would be distinguished from each other. That famous red script logo of the New York Yankees was even used by a football team of the same name in the 1940s.
It was so gratifying to make, that I have continued to research them, and have created many more since then.
Check that all the paper edges are firmly stuck in place, and then paint the exposed shirt.
Short choppy strokes worked best for the actual paint pen, but you have to keep pulling off the fuzz that gathers on the tip if you want a smooth line. Another famous and old baseball script logo is the blue Los Angeles Dodgers logo which they introduced their logo in 1938. The Baltimore Orioles have a healthy modern looking script logo which was first introduced in 1992. Another reason was that teams could not properly wash uniforms for every game when the team was on the road, and dirt did not show up on gray uniforms as much as white ones. And there is a special sense of pride in seeing the name of your hometown done up as a fancy script logo on your favorite player's chest.
I confess one of the main reasons I like to watch baseball games is because of the exciting variety of script logos. Of course, today it is much easier to provide sparkling fresh uniforms for every game wherever the team goes, but most teams still keep this tradition.

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