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2016 Topps Tribute Baseball Hobby BoxReturning this year from Topps is the NEW 2016 Tribute baseball cards with a load of hits! Stu Miller1927 - 2015I might not have done the Tribute Cards at all, this year, but, for a while, things were peaceful. Nick Koback1935 - 2015First colorization of the new year.Nick Koback is one of those players whose career was likely ruined by the Bonus Baby rules of his era.
Bill Monbouquette1936 - 2015Bill Monbouquette was a darn good pitcher in his day, a local boy from Medford, MA, who made good with the Boston Red Sox.
Don Bryant1941 - 2015We're skipping ahead a few numbers on the checklist because I was ecstatic to see both Leon Brown and Don Bryant in today's Topps Vault releases. Don Trolliet1942 - 2015So I'm doing one of my routine eBay searches for Mets and I come across this minor league image, currently being offered by dr.jteeee. Rocky Bridges1927 - 2015As with anyone else who read The Great American Baseball Card Flipping, Trading and Bubble Gum Book by Bendan C. Bob Anderson1935 - 2015For all those people who think arm injuries for pitchers are more frequent today than in days of old, I give you Bob Anderson. A picture-perfect swing developed through endless hours of practice made Ted Williams one of the greatest hitters who ever lived.

Unlike many athletes who were pressed into military service, Williams was involved in active combat during the Korean War.
Ted Williams: In his own wordsIn February, 2000, the Baseball Hall of Fame had a chance to sit down with hitting legend Ted Williams in his hometown, San Diego, California. Ted Williams TimelineStarting with his birth on August 30, 1918, this timeline cites the major events of Theodore Samuel Williams' lifetime of achievement. The American and baseball legend has exited this mortal coil between two special days that symbolized his 83 years -- Independence Day and Major League Baseball's All-Star Game. Flying a total of 49 missions, he lost part of his hearing and survived many extremely dangerous situations.
Over the course of an hour, Williams talked about topics ranging from his first love -- hitting -- to his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Check out some of the designs and new fetures below and then be sure to pre order your box now!For the first time ever, 2016 Topps Tribute will debut a TRIBUTE SuperFractor parallel on CHROMAX technology! He was the best left-handed hitter in the second half of the 20th Century, certainly the best since Babe Ruth and was obsessed with the art of hitting. In fact, he may have looked more like a ballplayer than any other ballplayer who ever lived.

His head looked like a sack full of rusty nails, he kept about six inches of chewing tobacco lodged permanently in the upper recesses of his left cheek, and his uniform always looked as if he had just slept in it — which of course he probably had. He had a squat, muscular frame, a wire-brush crewcut, and a glower that could have intimidated Ty Cobb.
Whenever I saw him kneeing eagerly in the on-deck circle, his knobby little hands kneading the handle of his Louisville Slugger, his baggy pants hiked up to almost the midpoint of his barrel-like chest, his baseball cap cocked slightly askew and tipped to a notably unraffish angle, it would occur to me that in reality Rocky Bridges did not exist, that he was in fact a character from a Ring Lardner short story, or a punch line to a Grantland Rice anecdote, or a figment of Damon Runyon’s imagination.” That, of course, all goes to Rocky's look. I gave ‘em instruction in how to sit.”Clearly, Rocky understood that, to make it in this game, he wasn't going to get by on pretty looks alone. Once in a while they let me try to field some of them, which sort of dimmed my enthusiasm.” and “I always wanted to be a baseball player.

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