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Done after another tattoo artist's idea (don't know who he is, but fair-play to him), but in my own way. The bears are more popular as teddies among us and we have mostly seen their cute and cuddlesome avatar in the form of soft toys. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Irish Tattoos, Tattoos With Meaning, Sexy Tattoos and Dove Tattoos. The man has got wolf claw and bear claw on both sides of his chest to represent the twin elements. The girl shows of her cool bear claw tattoo, etched on her back, that has the Kanji symbol referring to the animal, inside. The woman has got a bear paw imprint along with the name of her kid to express her love and protective nature towards her child. Symbol of strength, power and invulnerability, the bear claw tattoo, looks well suited for the guy. Sitting on both sides of the lower belly, the blue bear claw look appealing and stands for the girl’s protective nature. The man is a self believer and has got lots of confidence in his abilities, which is represented through the bear tattoo on his arm. Embellished below the back of the neck, the single bear claw stands for strength and confidence that the girl possesses in ample amount. A slight touch of curvy vines has been given to this claw tattoo to symbolize beauty and strength.

Bear claw with wings and mother lettering inside stands for the fact that the guy derives strength from his mother. This pair of bear claws is representative of masculine strength and feminine ability to procreate.
The woman has got small and cute bear claws on her side that are a symbol of her sweet children. Take a look at this bear paw it has the whole body of the animal carved within that looks quite fascinating. This is a charming bear claw carved along with the nautical star that is a symbol of the wearer’s search for confidence and strength.
Meaningful and elegant; this bear claw bearing the yin yang symbol is a symbol of the feminine and masculine interdependence. Awe inspiring bear claw tattoo, done on the arm, looks majestic and has got a very macho look. The man has got bear claws on both sides of his chest that symbolize protection and confidence. Graceful bear claw tattoo done on the forearm with a knotted design that stands for the nurturing nature of the guy. The roaring bear and the claw above it are a symbol of ferocity and represent the skilled hunter the animal is. The man has got bear claws on his back that look very captivating and present a pretty portrait to the eyes.

The bear is ferocious as well as gentle by nature and the guy got the claw to represent his these two opposing traits.
Classic bear claw tattoo done with the yin yang symbol that denotes the male and female symbolism associated with the animal. Bold and striking bear claw tattoo, done on the arm with a tribal pattern looks cool and makes a macho style statement.
This tattoo is damn pretty and looks awesome in its artistic and well done display, sitting on the hand.
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This tattoo is quite popular among both the sexes and men as well as women love to wear this tattoo on their different body parts. On the other hand, they are known to be very protective of their cubs and this makes them a favorite of women. Mothers go for the bear claw tattoos as mark of love for their children and to give vent to their nurturing and caring nature. Here we have created a collection of 25 images that will show you people wearing the bear claw in different forms.

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