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We do a lot of really insightful, thoughtful and serious features here at Footballguys with some very smart people thinking deeply for you. This is a few pages of me downloading my goofy and dysfunctional mental hard drive that gets stuffed with way too many random items from too many hours watching, reading about and listening to football every weekend and throughout the week. October is here and that means lots of players will be wearing the pink gear for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
College football note from Footballguy Brian Pendowski: Last Saturday night Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge did the Nebraska - Wisconsin game. Lots of feedback over my comments last week about not using "Redskins" when talking about Washington.
You've heard about the banner that Kansas City fans purchased to be flown before the game Sunday.
Listening to the cheers as quarterback Matt Cassel lay on the field after a concussion, it looks like the players deserve better. Jaguars owner Shahid Khan is reportedly working hard developing Jacksonville's fan base in London as tarps cover the field at home.
Question for you: Do you guys care about "media bias" when it comes to how teams are covered and how games are televised?
There's a reason teams like Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Dallas and the New York teams are featured in prime time more often than other teams. Lots of talk this week over Wes Welker's post game interview where he was asked how it felt catching 13 passes Sunday compared to the 3 passes he caught in Week 1 when the team looked like it was featuring other players besides Welker.
Bob Kravitz of the Indy Star had a cool quote from Colts head coach Chuck Pagano as owner Jim Irsay delivered a game ball to Pagano in the hospital. Peter King had this quote from FOX analyst Terry Bradshaw offering advice to Bears QB Jay Cutler.
My latest Talking Head line I admit to using in the past but now I'm starting to hate is "I'm not saying it'll happen, but donnnnnn't be surprised if ___________" Then the next day you have Talking Head Guy playing the "As I told you yesterday" card. Note to Minnesota rookie safety Harrison Smith: If you're going to shove a ref and get ejected, don't do it with the NFL commish sitting in the crowd. On a serious note, there's been lots of talk about whether or not fining players for hits has any effect on how players play the game. And you can bet stuff like this will be in the ever growing file of material the NFL trots out in the upcoming concussion lawsuits where the league will be accused of fostering a culture of ignoring player safety. He's right and I hope the league addresses this like they have Chop Blocks and quarterback safety.

While Breast Cancer is associated with the color pink, apparently the color orange signifies awareness for Leukemia, the disease his coach is fighting.
If you needed any more evidence this is a QB driven league, did you catch Mike Tirico teasing the Week 6 Monday Night game? With so many players sporting tattoos, they've sort of lost any intimidation or tough guy factor (if they ever had it). It's Week 6, and Kansas City has still yet to run a play in regulation when they were leading. Steelers coach Kirby Wilson was classic on the sidelines Sunday instructing his players to just do what he's coached them to do against Philadelphia: "Just do the right thing, guys.
And apologies for butchering my note last week calling the Ramones classic "Blitzkrieg Rock" instead of "Blitzkrieg Bop". The high dollar Buffalo Defense over the last two weeks has given up 97 points and 1,201 yards. I mentioned last week about Jets Owner Woody Johnson saying it was more important his candidate win the election than it was for the Jets to have a winning season. This week, he was intent on letting folks know that Tim Tebow would be a part of the Jets' long term plans saying, "Absolutely. I'm thinking we head up to Indianapolis, outfit David with a bunch of Colts coaching gear, head to the mall with a TV Camera and see what kind of ruckus we can stir up.
QB Brady Quinn pass short middle to Dwayne Bowe for 15 yards, TOUCHDOWN NULLIFIED by Penalty.
QB Brandon Weeden pass short middle to Brandon Weeden to TE Jordan Cameron for 13 yards, TOUCHDOWN NULLIFIED by Penalty. I had some Texans fans complaining that the Monday night game featured coverage heavily slanted towards the Jets. But it begs the question of whether the networks have any obligation to provide "equal" coverage.
At what point do we stop asking when will Chris Johnson get back to being Chris Johnson and accept that what we're seeing IS the real Chris Johnson? Welker said, "It's kind of nice to stick it in Bill's face every once in a while,'' Welker said.
When asked about Welker's comments, Belichick said, "You should ask (Welker) about it then, what he meant by it.
First, a player who gives quotes where a third of the words in the sentence have to be deleted makes writing Random Shots easy.

Of all the NFL players I thought would buy part of an NBA team, I'm not sure I had Manning pegged for that. Your time machine called from 1997 and wants to know if you'll be continuing your stay here in 2012. After the game Sunday, Bears WR Alshon Jeffery talked about his hand injury saying, "I could have kept playing.
Vikings DE Jared Allen was asked if he was being blocked differently this year than in the past. Texans LB Brian Cushing suffered a torn ACL after a cut block Monday night by Jets guard Matt Slauson.
I was not surprised but still bummed to see the talk veer to race this morning as Eric Davis of the NFL Network said on NFL AM that the reason Newton was being criticized was because of race. He's an average back with great speed that gives him the potential to break off a big play at times. Secondly, I wonder what the editorial process was like where they decided that "freaking" was the word to use there? I know you don't care and nor do I care if I ever sit down and do an interview with you -- which I have yet to do. The problem is that while many are calling Slauson's block dirty (and I don't disagree), it's a completely legal block. I won't disagree that we still live in a society where race is a factor in issues like this and I'm not so naive to think it's not at least in the mix here. Even more surprising is that I know a lot of Kansas City fans and by and large, they're some of the best fans I know.
Here's the thermometer on my BBQ trailer this morning as I loaded her up with Pork Shoulders.
But I'll contend the primary reason Newton is being criticized is for play like this where he threw the ball in the dirt with a wide open receiver in the end zone.

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