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Inside Verse:Wishing all the bestfor you, Caroline, and the preciouslittle boy who's alreadymade youso happy and proud!
Fly In The Plane Of Ambition And Land In The Airport Of Success Luck Is Yours, Wish Is Mine May Ur Future Always Shine Good Luck. Graduation Messages and Quotes: Congratulatory notes for graduates are all about weaving inspirational words into quotes which motivate them to take life head on.
4) Your career will take you through unknown twists and turns but it is your education which will be the pillar you can always lean on. 5) Congratulations – not just for graduating with a master’s degree, but for finally becoming the master of your own destiny.
6) Go forth in life to achieve your dreams, but don’t forget the reasons and the people who make the journey worth the trouble. 8) You may have graduated today, but you were a winner in our eyes since the very beginning. 9) Nothing in life can take away the lessons you have learnt while walking along the road to success. 10) Nothing can prepare you for the real world, not even college – just like how nothing could prepare you for college, not even school. 12) Your graduation marks the culmination of all the hard work you have put through your life as a student.

18) Your graduation ceremony is a celebration of the fact that you are now ready to go out there and make the world a better place. 19) The power of education can’t be measured, unless you count its power to create a career, a life, provide for a family and most importantly – pave the way for a better tomorrow. 22) In your eyes you may be a graduate with a fancy degree from a fancy college but don’t forget that in our eyes you will always be the little boy who cried until he got his candy. 24) Now that you have graduated you can finally start EARNING but you will never stop LEARNING. 28) On your graduation just remember one thing – always look back to your education, never your mistakes. 29) We hope that your graduation ceremony is awesome, and that it is the beginning of many good things to come.
30) May your graduation ceremony be the spark that lights up the fireworks of success and happiness in your life. 31) No matter where you are, no matter what you do, never stop believing in the genius within you. 37) Sorry to spoil your party but graduating from college is just the first among many other challenging steps you’re about to face in life.
It is the set of wings that will help you fly away and burst out of the horizon into a new world called YOUR LIFE.

Being successful in life is about understanding the possibilities that you can create by yourself. As your parents, today is a proud moment for us to see our son finally stand up on his own feet.
You toiled through your semesters to come out as a fine young graduate, ready to take on the world.
It is the beginning of a longer one which will make college seem like a little speck in the bigger scheme of things life will offer. You have just secured for yourself a better tomorrow, by being responsible and taking charge of your life today. If you’re going to give a speech, say something that embodies the spirit of being a fresh new graduate, ready to lock horns with destiny. Whether it is your son, daughter or friend – let your words make them realize the importance and power of education.

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