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Rihanna, who has been laying low since her Grammy-weekend blowup with, and alleged assault by, Chris Brown, has a new gun tattooed on her body. Rihanna, who also has "Shhh" tattooed on a finger, a Maori design on her right hand and stars behind her ear (that match stars behind Brown's ear) brought tattoo artist Bang Bang out to LA for her latest ink. He posted some photos and commentary on his MySpace page, where he wrote that she flew him to LA for one day and put him up at the Roosevelt so he could add to her body art. Last week, Jamie shared that she doesn’t really like people coming up to her and touching her tattoos for no reason. Because the parents are extremely religious, or right wing, perhaps (maybe not right wing but conservative at least). I think one of the beautiful things about tattoos is that they’re extremely personal.
Do you think when Indian women decorate their bodies with henna designs for their weddings or celebrations that they look “dirty”?
If you think the only meaningful or beautiful art is the kind that can be hung on a wall, I think you’re pretty narrow.
They most likely refused because you sounded incredibly patronizing when attempting to dissuade them from making a personal (100% completely, wholly personal) decision about their bodies.
1) Despite having tattoos and blue hair, I’ve never once had a parent disapprove of me. I can’t really fathom how any tattoo–of anything anywhere and of any size is ALWAYS skanky. If you still have clean and clear skin, you are either overly in love with your own physique (God made you PERFECT!) or you’re pasty white and scared of everything. If you won’t date women that have tattoos, you have a very narrow idea of what femininity is and how it should look. Wow, I’m one of the biggest supporters of tattoos, but this comment is just ridiculous. You are making the exact same judgments and are just as narrow minded as the people you are criticizing. Yes, they are ways of altering ones appearance but there is a HUGE difference between those things and a tattoo.

If someone changes their mind about the hair cut they got, an outfit they wore, or make-up they tried they are free to do so. You don’t look like a work of art, so you try getting a new paint job to cover up your inadequacy. I have several tattoos and I promise, 99% of us tattoo owners don’t judge people who have none! What’s pitiful is your belief that someone has no self respect because they got some ink. Rework of a messed up (then filled in) shamrock done by Gerrit at Voluta Tattoo, Indianapolis.
Rework Of A Messed Up (then Filled In) Shamrock Done By Gerrit At Voluta Tattoo, Indianapolis.
2 in that everyone comes from somewhere, and almost every major culture in existence has tattooing in their history in some form. I just have to point something out about Dave’s comment about tattoos being skanky and not being able to bring a tattooed woman home to his parents. In my world, femininity can include toughness, intelligence, passion, creativity, and a sense of humor… and tattoos that reflect that. Someone without tattoos could be seen as less expressive, less committed, less able to tolerate pain. I definitely enjoyed reading it, you happen to be a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back later in life. It is sad because women are the ones who make this world go around and we cannot even respect ourselves anymore.
I just think the designs tattooed on women should be well designed and well tattooed of course. Lots of people get tattoos for deeply personal reasons and others get them because they think they look cool.
I feel I’m constantly changing and that what is important to me today may not be important tomorrow.
I also think it’s smarter to have it in a place that is easily hidden in the event it needs to be, or the owner wants it to be.

In reality, you just paid to lower your class status to the majority of the population that makes things happen, a move many would consider laughable and shallow.
Ironically she claims to be feminine but with a truck driver mouth and truck driver skin[tattoos], she is as advertised, a female with no class.
If a guy has some huge fancy japanese tattoo vs none at all, I think the large majority of women would find the tattooed guy more masculine and attractive. If the designs on a lady flow with her natural shape and curves I find it enhances overall appearance. A tattoo is customized to the contours of your body, which, if you ask me, is a way of celebrating and emphasizing them. I am happy with how I look, I like how I look but I like to dress up my skin a little and show the world what I’m all about. Sure I am a tattoo enthusiast but still judging a lady or anyone else’s personality because they are tattooed is just wrong. When someone looks at me they may judge me but they still know a lot about me without my saying a word. Who is skanky… the girl with a few tattoos or the girl who just went home with a stranger?
I only have one friend that asks me what I got or asks for pictures every time I visit, I just giggle. I know how to be a lady but I also know that its not the clothes we wear or the car we drive OR THE INK THAT I SIT IN A CHAIR FOR HOURS ON END AND LET SOMEONE JAB INTO MY FLESH FOR A HUGE FEE…… THAT MAKE ME WHO I AM! I find I express myself in different ways and I find that satisfying, so the desire for tattoos to do that job simply isn’t there.

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