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Joey Pang is a world renowned tattoo artist that has studied with some of the best tattoo artists in all parts of the world.  The US, Asia, New Zealand, UK, Switzerland and France are a few of the locations that she has studied and worked. After graduating school, she pursued an apprenticeship because she felt that being a tattoo artist would be the perfect outlet for her art.
You can find her working quite a few conventions throughout the year as well as doing guest spots in other shops. She found her passion for art at a young age and she continues to express herself in a range of other mediums – charcoal, scratch art, pen and ink, paintings and colored pencil. She doesn’t limit her tattoo work to a specific style, although she specializes in what she calls soft realism.  She does custom work, color, black and gray and says she enjoys doing large pieces and always enjoys a challenge.
Her plans include traveling and she is anticipating doing tattoo conventions which makes it easy to check out her work first hand.

I know I have seen the photo of the extremely sad piece of crap memorial tattoo a dozens of times on Facebook. Copyright © 2016 Tattoo Art Project - Network of professional realistic tattoo artists. Her interest in art is not limited to tattooing.  Her portfolio includes painting, graphic design, and calligraphy.
Although she’s only in her mid -twenties, she has already tattooed in various shops around Oklahoma.  Her current gig is in Norman, Oklahoma. A very brilliant tattoo artist that is talented on many levels but really shines and proves her exceptional gift with a tattoo machine. After delving in other studies, Laraine ended up attending Baylor University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts.

I never gave it a second thought that the customer behind the shared photo was a man that had a very sad story to tell, and wanted to get a memorial tattoo of his wife. When I read this story by Scott Versago I really felt that I’m in this project for all the right reasons. I need to help informing people all about the importance of doing good research on the tattoo artist!

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