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A list of the Best free music streaming apps for Android to enjoy unlimitedA music on Android.
Spotify is one of the very best music streaming apps for Android that let users stream a lot of music for free. With the new Premium service, you can enjoy millions of songs, listening to radio unlimited, personalized, and discover more songs from your favorite music. Rdio is the best way to discover, play and share millions of songs wherever you go and is completely free. TuneIn Radio features over 70,000 stations from around the world, 2 million different programs. There are are also other excellent music streaming apps for Android that we have left behind. Free calculator software - Moffsoft FreeCalc is a great replacement for your Windows calculator. Many logos in use are unprofessional and carry all the tell-tale marks of an amateur or a beginner. As you sketch different options, start eliminating the designs that seem weak or inappropriate.
If you are designing a logo for a customer, keep in mind that they might not like all your ideas. If you learn to use vector-specific drawing software to create logos, you will be able to create perfect straight lines, smooth curves, and accurate shapes quickly and easily. Using your pencil sketches as a guide, use your vector drawing software to recreate a crisp version of your ideas.
When thinking about “fill” and “stroke” colors, try and use color combinations that make sense for the logo.
After you’ve made brought your logo to life with color, consider how it will look when photocopied or faxed.
However, if you look at a lot of professional logos, you will notice that different colors do not always touch and there is frequently blank space built into the designs. Written exclusively for WDD by Derek Underwood, a professional web designer and software developer.
WDD staff are proud to be able to bring you this daily blog about web design and development. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more!
A year after Microsoft released Windows 8, the highly anticipated upgrade is ready for download as of Thursday, and retail copies will be available Friday. By the time you read this, Windows 8.1 General Availability (GA) should already be available. With that out of the way, make sure that you own a license key to download either Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. MicrosoftBefore you upgrade, know what data you can or can't transfer from a previous installation (click to enlarge). If you already own and are running Windows 8, youa€™ll be able to download 8.1 from the Windows Store within Windows 8, for free. What thatA should mean is that user data associated with a particular app (configuration files, saved games) should carry over, even if the app itself needs to be reinstalled. Again, your plan of action should be to visit the Windows Store within Windows 8 and look for an upgrade option. In any event, we originally tried booting the Surface at about 5 AM, then clicking the direct download link sometime after. All things considered, upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 should be a fairly smooth process.
If your existing PC doesna€™t qualify, stop here and consider getting a refund for your Windows 8.1 license key. Keep in mind that Windows 7-era laptops are not touch-enabled, meaning that youa€™ll need to buy a touch-enabled monitor for desktop use, or resign yourself to scrolling a€?downa€? to scroll right on the Start screen. As our graphic above (under "Preparation") indicated, an upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows 7 will only allow you to keep personal files, such as stored pictures and Office documents. Although you can download an ISO file from Microsoft, youa€™ll need to burn the ISO to a DVD using Windows 7a€™s DVD-burning software. If youa€™re upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1, the installation process will be slightly different than the Windows 8 procedure.
Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows XP in April 2014, so nowa€™s the time for those of you still using Microsofta€™s ancient OS to migrate onto something more moderna€”and more secure, before the a€?zero day forevera€? threat puts your PC at risk.
At this point, laptops and especially desktops are so moderately priced that ita€™s almost foolish not to consider a hardware upgrade and jump on our links above (under "Upgrade: Windows 7") for the best options. Remember to review Windows 8.1a€™s hardware requirements in that same section, above, to see whether your PC meets the minimum specifications.
Before you even consider upgrading, however, make absolutely sure that you back up your critical personal data. Dona€™t worry so much about the applicationsa€”chances are they wona€™t work with Windows 8.1, anyway. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores.

As PCWorld's senior editor, Mark focuses on Microsoft news and chip technology, among other beats. Affectionately coined MMi, we're a community over 900,000 strong who love modifying our iPhones. If you want to have legitimate access to a huge catalog of music this post is for you because here you will find the top 5 apps to listen music on Android from the cloud. Spotify provides integration with your personal music library with over 15 million songs from streaming.
With Rdio you can play more than 18 million songs as you like and subscribe to lists of large reproduction made by friends or influential, or create your own. Here you will hear the news from around the globe, hear songs and enjoy live sports broadcasts. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs, comedians, or composers and Pandora will create a custom station that plays similar tracks. On the other hand, an unprofessional logo can ruin a brand and mar an otherwise good designer’s portfolio. Everyone thinks they can design a great logo, but simply knowing your way around Photoshop is not enough. With these tips and your creativity, you can make your logo designs shine with the very best.
However, more often than not, a lot of time is spent fiddling with special effects and filters. So, before spending too much time on each design, you may want to present some work-in-progress designs to gauge their level of interest. Digital photos are perfect examples of bitmap graphics (also known as a “raster” images) – because they are made of dots which are also known as pixels.
Excellent commercial vector drawing programs include Adobe Illustrator, Lineform, FreeHand, and Corel Draw. If it looks muddy and incoherent when converted to black and white by a copier or fax machine, its time to get back on the computer and make a separate version of your logo that is purely black and white and ready for anything.
For example, if a logo will only be displayed on a web site, you might jazz it up with multiple colors, fades, or even special effects. As our in-depth Windows 8.1 review found, Microsoft left the foundation of Windows 8 largely unchanged, but it's helpfully added tips, tools, and new features that make the OS more accessible, and it's made other incremental improvements across various areas. Wea€™ll help you sort through some of your OS-specific issues below, but Microsoft has also provided a handy cheat sheet. Microsoft provides some good advice on how to do just that, whether youa€™re upgrading from Windows XP, Vista, or 7. But as wea€™ve mentioned in our previous coverage, any apps that youa€™ve installed, in either the modern (Metro) interface or the desktop versions of Windows 8.1, will need to be reinstalled. Downloading and upgrading the General Availability version of Windows 8.1 should probably require the least amount of time of any of the OS upgrades this article discusses, since most of the necessary files should already reside on your hard drive. But before hopping from an older Microsoft OS to Windows 8.1, youa€™ll have to consider the hardware as well as its OS. Then buy a new PC: Take a look at our roundup of the best Windows 8 PCsA or some of the newest and best laptops. This is less of a concern than you might think, but sometimes ita€™s just easier to simply a€?flicka€? the screen down with a finger than move a mouse, especially when extending your screen from a desktop monitor to a laptop. But since Microsoft also sells physical DVDs from the Microsoft Store, you might feel more comfortable with a physical disk if something goes wrong. Youa€™ll need to enter your name and license key, naturally, and indicate on which drive or partition you want to install Windows 8.1. As a rule of thumb, if your PC was originally purchased after 2004 (with either an AMD Athlon 64 or Intel Pentium 4, or later) chances are you own a 64-bit system, and should opt for the 64-bit version. At this point, youa€™ll get a few options to personalize your device, including the colors and themes of your Start screen. If youa€™ve stored everything on your local PC, you may find that even a lifetime of photos, documents, MP3s, and other files are just a few gigabytes. Youa€™ll likely be forced to choose between a new, stand-alone version of Office or an ongoing Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Make sure you have at least 16GB of disk space available for the 32-bit version of Windows 8.
At this point, youa€™ll be offered a few options to personalize your device, including the colors and themes of your Start screen. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. But the truth is that many times we are disappointed to hear a specific song at that particular time, because we don’t have the specific song available on the device. You can search by artist, song, style, and you can even pause songs to continue listening later. While this can be useful, it usually means that the thoughtful design and artistry of the logo itself has taken a back seat. In recent years, some software such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and Fireworks have blurred the lines between vector and bitmap graphics. In addition, there are excellent free alternatives including Inkscape which is shown below. Keep in mind that vector shapes can have a “stroke” of varying thickness (the outside line of the shape) and a “fill” color or pattern (the inside of the shape).

For color inspiration, look online at Adobe’s free Kuler service or pick up a copy of Jim Krause’s Color Index 2.
The black and white version may differ somewhat from the original, but it should retain the overall look and feel. However, if a logo will also be used for commercial printing, you need to consider the complexity of the logo and the expense that multiple colors and effects will add to the printing costs.
On a printing press, each color is usually printed separately and there can be some slight movement of the paper and machinery as each color is printed.
However, the lettering style, fonts, and even the case (uppercase, lowercase, mixed) in a logo can have a dramatic impact. The page will detect your operating system and configure itself automatically to provide the most relevant information. Microsoft itself cana€™t say for sure what the expected behavior will be, so back up and hope for the best. The problem is that Windows 8.1's practice of downloading updates in the background doesn't indicate whether it'sA doing anything.
One note on the download process: expect a few reboots, along with "helpful" notices that your system is "doing a few things".
Finally, keep an eye out for the latest Intel a€?Bay Traila€? tablets, such as the Dell Venue Pro, if you want a PC thata€™s both inexpensive and moderately powerful. Again, make sure you have at least 16GB of disk space available for the 32-bit version of Windows 8. Because in a system with a large amount of RAM (a€?largea€? meaning 4GB or more), a 64-bit system will do a better job of managing memory, so you can have more applications open without fear of a system slowdown. Youa€™ll also have a chance to choose an a€?expressa€? Settings configuration, or you can click through and select various options. If this is the case, either root around for or consider buying a 32GB flash drive: As of this writing, theya€™re only $20.
Visit Microsofta€™s compatibility page and type in the product name, such as a€?Office 2003.a€?) By now, many utilities and apps have been upgraded for Windows 8, so as long as you make careful note of your programs, you should be fine simply searching out new, upgraded versions.
Youa€™ll also be offered the option to choose either an a€?expressa€? Settings configuration, or click through and select various options. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. You can create your own lists of programs and stations for quick access to the rhythms that interest you.
For example, the lines and curves of a vector graphic will look equally as sharp on a small business card as they will on a giant advertising billboard. These slight movements can cause thin hairline blanks between colors and even half of a millimeter will be noticeable if you have 2 colors that are designed to touch each other perfectly. Like Google, Microsoft encourages you to use that ID as your focal point for interacting with Windows 8.1, as well as its apps and services. However, if you choose to upgrade from a DVD installation, the process should go much faster.
And if youa€™re wondering what to doA now, use our Ultimate Windows 8 Starter Guide as a reference document to steer you through Microsofta€™s new OS.
Copy everything over to the flash drive, and then copy back onto your PC, after the installation. Microsofta€™s guide will help you determine this, or our notes in the Windows 7 section, above, may answer your questions. Wea€™d suggest the latter: Some useful preselected a€?expressa€? choices, including downloading Windows updates automatically, are mixed in with preselected options that absolutely require you to use Binga€™s search results, for example. Google Play Store has plenty of streaming music apps and choosing the best one can be a headache. You can scale a bitmap down in size, and get some decent results, but increasing the size of a bitmap means that you are blowing up the pixels and you will get mixed results depending on the amount of enlargement. Professional logos are made with vector graphics so that they can used for commercial printing, web sites, television, and all other forms of media. In the printing world, each color is called a “spot” color and the more colors that are required, the more expensive the printing. All of the games were erased, including the directories and save files, and desktop shortcuts to them were blank. In this case, we bring you the best free applications for streaming music to Android (Note that these apps also offer in-app-purchase which provides a bunch of premium features such as no ads, better sound quality, downloading for offline listening and many more).
Photoshop, Pixelmator, Paint Shop Pro, and Painter are all good examples of applications that are primarily designed for bitmap graphic creation and photo editing.
Vector-capable file formats include EPS (encapsulated postscript), PDF (portable document format), and AI (Adobe Illustrator). In your design, you can create an overlap (known as a “choke” or a “spread”) to occur between adjoining colors to reduce the chances that movement on the printing press will be noticeable. That way, if you need to send the vector file to someone, they won’t need to have your font installed on their system. You just want to let your natural creativity flow without your computer software taking over at this stage.

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