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The samples that I have been sent are only tiny so that I can try them out, but the perfumes that they sell are packaged in exquisite cut glass bottles that are simply stunning.
Signature Fragrances recommend that you dab their perfume on, and this is why the bottles don’t come with a spray (you only need a spray bottle when your perfume is weaker and contains more alcohol).
The perfumes from Signature Fragrances are actually rather expensive given how little you get in a bottle, but unlike the perfumes you find on the high street you only need a tiny dab of these to last all day (the less alcohol there is in a perfume, the less there is of it to evaporate) so a few millilitres of these high quality perfumes will last for months. Rose Art was by way my favourite of these two perfumes, a real beautiful vintage fragrance.
Lola is usually priced at ?37 for 6ml, but is currently reduced to ?29, available from Signature Fragrances. Signature Fragrances produce high quality perfumes which have an indulgent Pure Parfum strength – the highest form of perfume – each of their perfumes contains little or no alcohol.

Signature Fragrances have really done well with their packaging – what girl wouldn’t love to have one of these beauties displayed on her dressing table? Rose Art falls into the Floral family, it has a lovely traditional rose scent with an undertone of sweet parma violets.
After wearing Lola for 9 hours I can still smell it, but it fades to a comforting talcum-y scent.
If you want to treat yourself to a little New Year gift then you can’t go wrong with one of these.
Rose Art is usually priced at ?42 for 10ml, but is currently on offer at ?33, available from Signature Fragrances.
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It’s really feminine and you only need the tiniest dab of the perfume for a scent that lasts all day.
I’ve also read really good things about the Lurre fragrance (from the Floral collection).
You will also receive a complementary fragrance sample with each online order that you place. Rose Art is definitely my favourite of the two perfumes, I love the shape of the bottle too.

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