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AnoTat2:  So you did your apprenticeship at Studio 13 Tattoo, this is the same studio you currently work for?
Teresa:  Actually they contacted Durb at Red Tree Tattoo and had asked him for some leads on people he thought would be good for the show, in this case females as they try to get a good balance of contestants. AnoTat2:  Your season definitely had less drama in it than you see on some of the other Tattoo shows on TV. AnoTat2:  During the season it seemed that you and DJ Tambe became good friends; did you know DJ prior to the filming of the show?
AnoTat2:  Since winning Best Ink you had a feature article in Tattoo Magazine which has helped get your name out more in the public, have you seen an increase with the people who want to get tattooed by you? Teresa:  I do attend several throughout the year as well as guest spots at different studios. Teresa:  The Tattoo Magazine was cool, it was fun being on the cover but I have to say I enjoyed the article Skin Deep did on me recently. AnoTat2:  After your interview was published in Tattoo Magazine; how many copies did you personally sign?
AnoTat2:  I think it was great that you took the time out to sign all these magazines for your fans. Teresa:  If you are going to sign up and do a TV show and you are going to put yourself out there like that, you have to be willing to sign the magazines and take the photos. Expect big things from Teresa as she continues to put out great tattoos and pushes Team Unkindness to the win. Alli gets an earful about the crappola she presented, and Teresa and Jerrod get the top two spots.
Derek didn’t prepare any sketches because “I’m bad*ss and they know it,” so I look forward to his tattoo turning out horribly. Jerrod’s religious tattoo looked nice animated, but the tattoo looks unfinished due to lack of color.

At the time Ryan Hadley was there for about 5 months, so I learned a little from him but than the rest of the shop kind of took over from there. You have to keep yourself above that and remember why you are there to give the best tattoos you can do. I did not hear about him before I met him for the show which surprised me as he is a very solid tattooer. They arrive at Universal Studios for their Flash Challenge and meet the guest judge, Miya Bailey, who is known for tattoos based off of comic book heroes.
Sometimes people would just come to the shop to have me sign it for them and of course all the ones I got sent to me in the mail. They spent their time watching the shows, supporting you and may very well be booking an appointment to be tattooed by you. In one hour, they must draw up an action movie poster of a superhero of their own creation, including a cool name and a tag line. I had a lot of fun doing the Ink Fashion Annual edition which is not really about tattooing at all. In fact I think I might still have some I need to mail back to people as they still keep coming in.
Plus I have gotten emails or social media posts from younger people saying that I have inspired them in their artwork – they even tag me on it. It is a little competition between Kelly Doty, Timmy B and myself against Jesse Smith, Frank La Natra and Tanane  Whitfield. I had mixed feelings about doing the show and my good friend Kelly Doty said to go for it, you never know. I get requests for some simpler tattoos like a name or cancer ribbon and to be honest with you, the guys in the shop or down the block could do the same job on them as me. I always encourage them to keep going as it does not matter where the encouragement comes from as long as they get it.

I emailed all of them but Jeff was the most interested in it and was excited about the idea. The software recognizes the tattoo and places an animation over it, so I guess everyone needs to carry an iPad around, like, forever?
Alli is having timing issues while inking a musical instrument she’s never heard of before, and the tattoo looks pretty bad. All of the artists will go back to the tattoo shop, and the other artists will have to convince DJ that they should stay. So I took it as an opportunity to represent tattooing in a positive way and not buy into all the drama. I had a lot of people who inspired me that gave me the time of day when I was starting out, like Jeff. Brittney’s skin wants the molecular representation of titanium, which makes her think of a skeleton. DJ’s tattooing a lion and doesn’t think Derek’s cheetah is any competition because the lion is the king of the jungle and “a cheetah’s just it’s little bitch.” Jerrod’s tattoo looks really nice, if you like religion. It is also well organized show with a ton of people that come through there, so if you are trying to make a name for yourself overseas it is a great place to get started. I love the clients who give me some freedom on the tattoo from creating it to placement, so it has let me do some fun projects. Alli’s skin is a musician, but Alli doesn’t know what the instruments look like so she reverts back to musical notes.

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