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Eddy began his tattoo career at a very young age and showed great bravery by trekking out on his own before turning eighteen. His travels soon took him to New York where he started sharpening his skills with Japanese style tattooing being his major focus. Kanji – the Chinese characters used in the Japanese writing system is the latest trend in tattooing your name in Japanese style. This tattoo reflecting the four seasons of the year can be taken to symbolize the changes that take place in our lives. Koi fish tattoos are an intricate piece of art work with glistening scales and delicate angles and curves.

He continued to practice on himself and friends and used homemade tattoo machines until he turned 14. This kanji tattoo accompanied by a delicate flower design is ideal for women and girls looking to enhance their look with a tattoo that showcases their femininity. The symbolism of these changes is brought to life in this classic piece of kanji design work. According to an old fable the koi fish would swim upstream to reach the final waterfall of the Yellow River to become a dragon.  Thus the koi fish is known to symbolize perseverance amidst adversity and is ideal for someone wanting to express their strength through the ups and downs of life.
Combined with kanji symbols they make for one of the most sought after tattoos inked on the body.

So if you’re a tattoo artist make sure to choose the correct character that denotes proper meaning to lend a touch of authenticity to this beautiful form of art work. Designed on the foot, one of the most noticeable parts of the body, it is striking in form and dazzling in beauty. He found a job cleaning up in Lyle Tuttle’s shop but was too young to get an apprenticeship.

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