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Berlin-based Israeli tattoo artist Chaim Machlev, also known as Dots to Lines works primarily with black ink. Machlev’s designs are complex line-based works that weave across skin with fluid, stunning precision. It makes sense, then, that Machlev bristles at the idea of grouping his work into any kind of predetermined genre. That spiritual motif makes way for some of Machlev’s most beautiful designs, such as symmetrical forearm mandalas and Joy Division-riffing chest designs of warped seismic waves. His line and dot work flows seamlessly over flesh in a way that looks similar to vectors on a computer, sprawling across chests and ribs with stunning exactitude.
A tattoo is a kind that involves applying pigment or ink into the skin layer to counsel one issue purposeful or simply for decorative functions.
As you can see, tattooing is a lot more than just getting some ink, a machine, some needles and putting them to someone’s skin.
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In a recent interview he said “I believe that black is the nicest color for tattoos; it is closer to our source than any other color”.
Incorporating mandalas, insects, and other images into his geometric tattoos, Machlev’s work go beyond simple designs into minimal, extraordinarily detailed works of permanent art. Machlev draws from his experiences traveling in India for the spiritual imagery in his designs, but for the more symmetrical designs, there is a prominent mathematical sense to the work. You’re at intervals a similar boat as several folks to own thought of it for years, but ne’er quite got one done.
I would recommend using all kinds of different designs, colors, and needles to tattoo this skin so that you can find what works best for you. The symbols that represent many things that people shaped tho\’ life And are inked into designs that are tattooed as an expression of their temperament, ladies with ink don’t appear to be such a rare sight to any extent any.
As you think that regarding your myriad choices, begin with these tattoos and see if one issue here catches your eye.
In fact, there are so many people wanting to learn how to become a tattoo artist; that classes are now offered at local community colleges.

Once you feel confident enough in yourself, set up your first appointment, and get started.
However, it is not enough to simply put a needle to someone’s skin and start adding ink. There are many things that anyone who wants to tattoo needs to know, and many tools they need to have. After purchasing those products, a beginning tattoo artist should have two machines: a liner and a shader.
Now it’s time to purchase needles, ink, tubes, ink trays, ink cups, rubber bands, and grommets to complete your beginners tattoo kit.

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