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My Roll Gallery is again an awesome gallery app which is present and can be used to replace your default gallery app. Flicker is yahoo’s another gallery app which is one of the best gallery app available. FOTO gallery is a unique gallery app which allows you to organize thousands of photos in a minute. It is one of the most pleasing app that is available in this users can view pics sorted by year and also b location where the pic was taken. It is having almost all the features that a photo gallery app must be having along with GIF player. Quick gallery is an efficient software it takes less space, less RAM and gives its users an awesome experience. It allows users to automatically arrange pics in collage based view, around events , data and location. Therefore there are tons of photos present on the smartphones and it becomes very difficult for humans to manage. Apart from this there is also facility of cloud storage available so that they are available anywhere anytime. It is having tagging system which can be used on a pic for better recognize of the pictures.
If you think that your’s favorite has been missed out then do mention that in comments section below. Moments include picture that you took together in batch around same time or at same location.It is a great app for vacation photos. It is having gesture based browsing and also have the facility of locking the single pic on the screen.
Cloud sync is one of the best feature apart from its own servers this app allows sync with other major servers like google+, flicker, dropbox, facebook. It is almost gesture based and users are having very less interaction with menu, views etc.

It connects with facebook photo backup software so that the pics can be shared directly.Its one of the main interesting feature includes that it can search pics according to color.
If you also feel the same and want to install another gallery app then you are at right place. Here in this post we have summoned some of the best android gallery app 2016 that you can use.
Since time immemorial, people have always been trying to protect their privacy and personal data from both public and private threats. As technology grows each day, so do the number of scams, thefts, hacks, and malicious attacks. The app features all the basic smartphone protection methods, absolutely free of charge, with more available options if you buy the premium version. Lookout will perform a full scan on your phone for malicious apps and will automatically back up your data. By using the appa€™s web portal, users can track down their phone in case it is missing or stolen.Other features of Webroot include secure web browsing that automatically scans web links and URLs to block phishing and other malicious sites that may be harmful to your phone. NQ Mobile Security will back up your contacts so you can always recover them on a separate device.
It will also track how much data you are using so you wona€™t go over the bar with your data plan.On top of that, it lets you manage your applications, optimize your phone to run efficiently, manage your network, backup and restore, and monitors your privacy protection. NetQin Mobile Security is packed with lots of features that protect your phone, and anyone who has a sluggish phone can take advantage of the app’s special features. One of the most well-known names when it comes to antivirus software, Norton Mobile Security Lite for Android devices still lives up to its name from its older brother. The lite version offers free anti-malware protection that eliminates viruses and malware before they start infecting your phone.The app is also easy to use and after users have finished downloading the application, it will automatically set itself up in just a few taps. Even better, it features anti-theft and anti-loss protection that allows users to locate their phone remotely and even lock and wipe their phone data. Once you sign up for an account, SeekDroid will automatically hide itself to avoid detection from applications.

You can also remotely wipe your phone if you think that your security is compromised.A  Other features that SeekDroid includes are tracking your device using breadcrumbs, an audible alarm, text message support, and retrieving SIM ID and IMEI.
Once the app is installed using the Web-based Android market, Plan B will automatically work and send users email alerts with regards to their phonea€™s approximate location. The app uses GPS locations and will constantly update you with information every 10 minutes.Each location update will be emailed to the phone owner, with accuracy of just a few meters. Just recently, the app proved its worth when it helped Jon Barrow, an Ars Technica writer who lost his phone in a taxicab.
He installed the application remotely and managed to locate and recover his lost phone shortly after. Unlike its competitors that are offering their applications for free, WaveSecure on the other hand requires a US$20.00 yearly subscription fee to use all of the services it has.
Then all you need is LBE Privacy Guard, a powerful privacy protection tool that is tailored specially for the Android platform. The app features state-of-the-art API interception technology that provides enhancements to the Android permissions system. If you dona€™t, then it is pretty much useless.LBE Privacy Guard lets users protect their applications by controlling each application when accessing important data. Chosen as one of the best applications by Times Magazine, Gallery Lock does everything to carefully hide away your photos and videos from unwanted eyes.
Whenever you start a protected application, App Defender always asks for a password so other people using your phone cannot get information such as browser history, emails, and personal data.For tighter security, you can also set a specific passcode for every application. If your phone gets stolen, easily locate it or wipe your data to protect yourself against thieves abusing your personal information.Which one of these security and privacy apps do you have on your phone? Look it up, it’s an extremely powerful app with countless amounts of features for tracking a lost or stolen phone.

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