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However, if the tattoo of the word, or the art of the tattoo is spoken, nothing in the sense comes faster than the word of Polynesia.
Almost everyone searches archaeologists, the tribes and ancient civilizations, have the connections with the art of tattoo. The tattoo designs here range from lines, points, lines, curves and animal symbols, masks and other personalities. Tattoos are used for the expression of art, but for spiritual, medicinal and also social functions. There is a kind of identity, institution, or even employment and social status if the history, the country of origin, the type of work, reflect the project.
The Etua on the other hand, are more spiritual and magical, because they are symbols of protection, a tribe, a people or even granted by the gods themselves.

They’re picking real artists.”Each week, contestants compete in a Flash Challenge, applying their art to everything from guitars to airplanes to the side of a six-story building from which they dangle. She chose the back of her neck so the ink would be easier to hide, but that didn’t exactly placate her new bosses. But the planning involved helps illustrate the care that goes into each of her illustrations.After carefully considering each tattoo and working on its design with an artist, the admittedly “very, very picky” model has been known to spend days with the result drawn in place to make certain she approves.
In fact, she’s banking on it.“I think with a lot of the TV shows that are going on right now, it’s making tattoos look like, ‘Oh, this is a cool thing to do,’ ” she says. Kelley, who’s been back in Las Vegas for eight years, knew she couldn’t work as a model forever. Wanting a Plan B career in the tattoo world, she went to school to learn how to remove them.

Tribal tattoos and names are her biggest moneymakers.As of now, she’s only there one day a week, by appointment only.
But while she’ll someday make a living removing other people’s regrets, Kelley swears that’s a route she’d never follow.“Some of them I don’t think are the greatest in the world,” she says of her own tattoos.

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