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September 8, 2014 By Leslie Leave a Comment It’s a hard reality that bad things happen to us. How we look at difficulties and challenges greatly predicts our success in navigating through the hard times and coming out on the other side stronger. Often the challenges and struggles that we are facing make us re-think, re-organize or re-prioritize things in our life which ultimately leads to new opportunities. As individuals, we possess the ability to not only withstand but to overcome incredible hardship. Recently I saw a news story about an Olympic swimmer who was in a tragic ATV accident and is now paralyzed. Next time you are faced with a big challenge, set back or difficulty remember that tough times don’t last and that you are stronger than you realize!
For years, I have cast the net too wide and been serving clients who were not ideal and making me miserable in my business.
Leslie, thanks for taking the time to help loosen the grips of the time monster from around my throat. Your Biz RULES provides business coaching services for the areas of marketing, sales, team building, time management, pricing and profit to help you grow your small business fast.
Thoughtful Friendship Quotes – Friendship with oneself is all important because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.

I've even been known to say "maybe I should just quit and go waitress!" In my one-on-one coaching with Leslie, she easily helped me narrow down who my ideal client is and why. I’ve been an interior designer for 20 years, but running the business side of my business was weighing me down – I did not have any structure to my running my business, I had no processes in place and I was doing everything reactively instead of proactively. Her concepts and her ideas are gold, I would highly recommend her to work with anyone on any type of project and will continue to use her myself!
As I complete my old life as a consultant to large corporations and transition into the launch of my new business, I felt overwhelmed with all there is to be done. Through knowledge & wisdom there comes in a moment of inspiration when a man realizes the reality of his being, the outcome of his insight and the spectrum which directs him in tough times.
It can knock us on our feet and cause us to think about throwing in the towel and giving up. Now that I am really clear on the work I want to do and with who, I speak confidently with prospective clients and can identify right away who is not a good match and who I should say No to. I met Leslie at a business conference and when I heard about her expertise, I knew she was the missing link to taking my business to the next level. You will not be disappointed with your results, because eventually, Your Biz will Rule too! Leslie has a wonderful way of taking complex tasks and breaking them down into manageable and effective steps.

There is an entire new world to seek, new horizons to explore, an impulse to follow and of course someone as a torchbearer to guide us & push us forward. Most importantly, she taught me how to put crucial processes in place so that I could run and grow my business without being overwhelmed. Thankfully, I no longer work 7 days a week, I can focus on what I love about being a designer, and I have achieved (and in some cases, exceeded) all my professional and business goals that I set for this past year.
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Working with Leslie was by far one of the best decisions I have made for making Kim Kendall Interiors a success.
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I would highly recommend her for any business owner trying to get a handle on running their business smoothly and efficiently! Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.

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