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This week on Coding Blocks, Joe changes a different kind of string, Allen drools over the Hellcat, and Michael shares his random thoughts. To squash, or not to squash, that is the question: Do you leave a trail of commits in case you need them later, or do you prefer to keep things tidy?
Make sure you check out How to be a beginning programmer, How to be an intermediate programmer! In Episode 38, we dug into the first section of the essay by Robert Read on what it takes to be a programmer. Preface: You can click a button in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to see the execution plan of a query to identify any performance problems. Talking about the short book a€?How to be a Programmera€?, which covers a huge spectrum of important topics for developers of all levels. We wrapped up 2015 with another favorites of episodeA and a chance to win a gray Coding Blocks T-Shirt just by leaving a comment on the show notes page! For a detailed set of show notes including all the links and goodies and the chance to win the T-Shirt just click in to this episode! Description: An ad-blocking plugin for various browsers that allows your web experience to be much faster and less intrusive by ad-agencies.
Description: For both Mac and PC, this is an excellent utility for taking and marking up your screenshots with some easy to use tools and you can even record your screen which can be saved off in standard video formats that are easily shared. Description: Web development IDE that has evolved incredibly well with the latest JavaScript frameworks. Description: One of the many streaming music services around, but arguably one of the best. Description: Still in its first printing, the book includes 23 of the classic design patterns with context as to what the uses are as well as clear code examples. Description: Productivity enhancing as well as time wasting service, Slack is a means of communicating with teams of folks quickly and easily. Hip-hop music mogul Suge Knight was among three people shot and injured early on Sunday morning at a nightclub in West Hollywood, the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department said. We can confirm that the person known as Suge Knight has been identified as one of several victims in a shooting in West Hollywood, a spokesman for the department told Reuters.
Knight, 49, and another man, aged 32, and a woman, 19, were wounded, transported to local hospitals and expected to recover, the department said in a statement.
TMZ entertainment news website reported that Knight was leaving a pre-MTV Video Music Awards party at the 1OAK club on Sunset Strip and that he was in intensive care after undergoing surgery at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. Knight, whose real name is Marion, co-founded Death Row Records, a label that produced major rap hits in the early 1990s from artists such as Tupac Shakur, Dr.
Knights hip-hop empire declined in the mid-1990s after he went to prison for a parole violation, Shakur was murdered and Dr.
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Lissa explains it all -- html help and tutorial for kids, Web design tutorials for kids and beginners. Web tools to create a website, html codes, generators, Free website tools including html codes, javascripts, online generators and tutorials to help you create a website.. Web page - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, A web page (or webpage) is a web document that is suitable for the world wide web and the web browser. While programming HTML5-based applications I came along a lot of libraries and good JavaScript projects.

The stock of rare earths and precious metals are getting lower each day, due to over-consumption and new extraction techniques: our iPads, cars and mobile phones are all containing such metals. You might ask yourself what a good old French rocker Johnny Halliday (better known in USA as Smet thanks to star fashion designer Chrisitian Audigier )has something to do with augmented reality. I will keep these pages online for the numerous visitor that want to grab some good old tricks about Symbian phones, connecting their Wii console with the MacBook and other old music reviews of the past 5 years. You have certainly heard about the 2016 UEFA European Football Championship, or Euro 2016 for short. The original logo (click here to see it) for the French candidature for the Euro 2016 Football competition raised a lot of critics. Ever wanted to know how a cool animation was implemented, but never knew which third-party class was used? Launched in 2000, Collectool is one of the leading search engines for collectors in France. There are literally thousands of topics to cover and no one person could ever reach them all. We span a collection of topics including GraphQL framework envy, bash on Windows, and whether it takes two to Django. Michael drools over other keyboards for no good reason as he continues typing the lettering off of his Logitech K350. We dig into the final section of Robert Reada€™s fantastic writing: How to be a programmer.
A In that episode there was a lot of great information on what to expect and what should be expected of you as a developer. A That config file needs to be tracked in Git, but you don’t want your changes to accidentally get committed and pushed up to the remote repo, then this command is for you. Tools are anything from hardware, to software or a service that we feel is integral in our daily needs as programmers. 21 - how is the renaming with ReSharper different than the refactoring option in Visual Studio?
21 – how is the renaming with ReSharper different than the refactoring option in Visual Studio? A It supports many of the latest frameworks, it’s cross platform (PC, Mac and Linux), has a ton of useful development features and is relatively speedy. A Works by piping output to other tasks and is configured by writing simple code pipelines. A This is an excellent way to share examples or help others out with working examples of Javascript code. A Not only is it a great chat platform, it has a ton of useful (and fun) plugins for enhancing your work environment.
In several comparisons, the business insurance strategy amount is cheaper than a leading competitor. At a first glance it’s not obvious that the stocks are pretty low and that in a few years, some important components will be missing.
The new Adobe Flash Player will fully support 3D by allowing developers to use a set of low-level GPU-accelerated APIs. Indeed the French augmented reality specialized company Total Immersion really did a great job. The usual sections remain the same, only the disposition and the new commenting feature are new.
There will be a small transition, and I hope all pages from the old site, will soon be re-edited and made available under this current new URL.

This site presents the car entertainment system I've built for my car and explains how you can install your own system in your car. This is the seventh version of my website since 2000 and I'm sharing interesting stuff about programming (e.g. One of the goals of the Coding Blocks podcast is to introduce a number of these topics to the audience so they can learn during their commute or while cutting the grass.
A Eventually a new one that actually matters will show up and by ignoring it, you could be creating heartache for yourself. A This bag has a ton of features that are made to help expedite your trip through airports. A If you’re a subscriber you get access to their higher bit-rate streams for the audiophiles at heart. A Not only that, but there is a rather large library of tasks written for Gulp that can allow you to do most of what you could possibly want. A One of the downsides of JSFiddle is the lack of ability to create multiple files which means it’s difficult to show structure along with code samples. A An example would be the Visual Studio Online plugin where you can see when a particular branch of code has been updated. To “celebrate” this, I’ve conceived a small – what we can call – fan papercraft representing the Formula One champion. In order to depict this very serious situation, I’ve decided to design a shema that will show how long each metal reserve will last. What’s pretty cool is that the 3D capabilities will be available also available for Mobile, TV and Desktop-based AIR applications.  The best way to realize 3D visualization is to use a framework. HTML5, Node, Actionscript for Flex & Flash, Unity, Android), new systems like Wizzmo or Swoozy, my hobbies (testing new devices, cars and designs), music reviews (new releases, soundtracks), some of my scientific publications and DIY articles.
We will cover topics such as best programming practices, design patterns, coding for performance, object oriented coding, database design and implementation, tips, tricks and a whole lot of other things. A If you can, resolve the warnings that are currently showing up so that if a new one surfaces, it’ll jump out at you like a sore thumb. We'd love to hear your thoughts on any tools you find are invaluable so please head over to the show notes and leave a comment!
A So that means you get to install Office on up to 5 PCs or Macs, five tablets, and five phones. We’d love to hear your thoughts on any tools you find are invaluable so please head over to the show notes and leave a comment!
A As a developer, is there anything more necessary than some tunes to help you tune out everything around you and make some killer progress on your task at hand? You can download the files, take your scissors and glue and after a few minutes (max 1h30) of handiwork you will get your own Sebastian Vettel papercraft for your desktop or vitrine. You'll be exposed to broad areas of information as well as deep dives into the guts of a programming language.
A As we do, we share our thoughts on each of the various topics for intermediate programmers. In this tutorial you will learn how to load a MD5 object with Away 3D 4 (Broomstick) with the Flex 4.5 SDK and the new Molehill. We are all web and database programmers so we discuss Javascript, HTML, SQL and a full spectrum of technologies and are open to any suggestions anyone might have for a topic.

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