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You feel joy from swimming in the wide blue ocean and scuba diving with colorful tropical fish.
What’s certain is that your life could become refreshed each year just from the MEMORY you have from the peaceful and free holidays. If you know that the best holiday spot – better than the most luxurious and expensive that you might have to reach by plane– is within your mind, how excited you would feel! If you truly become free, your mind is at rest even while in relationships with other people.
If you truly become free, your mind is at rest even after you catch up with all the house chores that were left behind. If you truly become free, your mind is at rest even at the moment you are delivered to surgery in a hospital bed. If your mind is cleansed with the right method and becomes free, it becomes the best holiday spot – it is your everlasting holiday.

Then, you will gain the key to the suite of the best holiday hotel where you can take a rest for the rest of your life. Wisdom's Webzine is available in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Chinese and Japanese.
The Jury of The Great Indoors Award 2007 consisted of Rolf Fehlbaum (CEO Vitra), Renny Ramakers (Founding Director Droog Design), Andrej Kupetz (General Manager German Design Council and Director of Zollverein School), Claus Sendlinger (CEO and President of Design Hotels AG) and Wiel Arets (Architect and Founder of Wiel Arets Architects). The Jury's choice of these outstanding projects was based on a previous selection of 23 nominees out of 275 entries. Every year, people go on a trip to a holiday spot to soothe their body and mind exhausted from their work. However, it seems that such memory of joy is not enough to relieve your stress from your daily life. Five awards of  - 50 000 euros - The Great Indoors 2007 were distributed in the NAi Maastricht, the Netherlands.

By signalling the best interior design world-wide, The Great Indoors Award wishes to celebrate the best-realised projects biennially, thus raising the quality of interior design. The Great Indoors Conference aims to contribute to the international discourse on and the growing importance of interior design. In addition, The Great Indoors Workshops intend to give a positive impulse to design education and to the positions of both designers and clients within interior design.

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