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After Inked Tattoo Aftercare Cream & Piercing Spray (UK)Making Tattoos Look Better & Brighter For Longer! Posted on 16 August, 2012 · The art of black and grey tattoo or grayscale tattooing was said to have started among prisoners. Some design ideas that would look good in black and grey shades are Maori tattoo designs, a type of tribal art style from New Zealand. To be able to maximise the beauty of black and grey tattoos, the artist should be well-trained. H2Ocean helps to safely remove dried discharge and lymph secretions when used every 3-4 hours on your piercings and body modifications.

Later on, tattoo shops started to see the potential of black and grey ink to express tattoo art. Quote tattoos or word tattoos are likewise commonly done in black ink.To create very realistic effects such as portrait tattoos, black pigment will work well.
If done by a tattoo artist who is highly experienced in shading, the end result is simply stunning.
Some people choose to have their designs done in pure black to avoid the possible allergic reactions associated with various ink pigments. With the right combination of skill, technique, and design, the simple black and grey tattoo can look as stunning as coloured tats.

Because a lot of chemicals and substances are mixed together, there is a greater risk of developing skin conditions with coloured inks.
There are premade grey wash inks available or the tattoo artist can create a special grey shade by using black pigment diluted in various solvents such as propylene glycol.

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