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Learn how to make your own green cleaning recipes for your home!Get my DIY beauty recipes for making your own lotions, salves, and even toothpaste!Create a chemical-free home by using simple and cheap ingredients! Because the red-orange dye molecule is binding to the keratin that surrounds the pigmented hair core, the resulting color is different for every strand of hair, and for every person. You can put the Henna in a piping back, squeeze bottle, or just use your fingers and apply. Color Note: Very light hair (gray to blonde) may require two applications for richest black color—may come out Dark Brown initially.
It took the right combination of Indigo and Henna to create this deep ebony classic. Indigo fights for the dark reflective cool shades, while henna battles for the vivid auburn warm notes. Quick Note: Very light hair (gray to blonde) may require two applications for richest black color—may come out Dark Brown initially. For more application instructions, how to spot test, and gray root process go to our detailed application page. This is my first henna experience and ill be a believer for life and also of henna color lab.
I was really skeptical about the henna first because I always have hard time covering my grays. A few months ago I used a product from an Etsy seller that had henna in it, but it also contained lots of other strengthening herbs and oils (which made it super runny).
I did like the way it mixed very smoothly with distilled water, but my hair is now SUPER dry.
I have been using this mixed 1:1 with dark brown henna to cover my 20-30% premature grey hair since almost a year and I have been very satisfied. I can’t imagine using henna for that much premature for a very long term basis but that is general statement for any Henna mainly because it is little more cumbersome than say semi permanent dye and it does start to wash off sooner.
It colors fairly well in about 2 hours of leaving on and most importantly the way these things fade, it makes for a much easier transition and even if you miss your schedule, it would end up looking much more natural. I have used couple other brands of Henna that did not cover as well as this so this is definitely superior.
My hair is dark close to black and my daughter’s hair are dark too but lighter then mine. This color is a shade lighter than Natural Black and flirts with some dark chocolate undertones.
By adding extra natural conditioning agents (alma and centella), we can separate the red & black pigment release to make a mahogany-wood hue.
Natural indigo, natural henna, red clay, false daisy, alma gooseberry, centella leaves, myrobalan seeds…that’s it.
I’ve been using henna and indigo mixes for years, and this is the best henna mix I’ve used!
My hair color is a natural dark brunette, nearly black, and has never been dyed or chemically treated. The color was frighteningly red the first few days after coloring but definitely changed to more natural looking and more brown after a week. Have to say that the colour itself I do like, and the only reason I’m giving this 4 stars is due to the consistency. I’m very sad to have to give a negative rating, because I absolutely LOVED the color (the first couple days after coloring, and not washing), and the texture and shine was outstanding. The effort, mess, odor and lengthy coloring time would’ve well worth it for a color that was even SEMI-permanent (as in the typical 28 washes). I’d read that it can take a couple doses for the natural color to take, so I spent $ on another round. However, it’s a little more tolerable if you mix in nutmeg and cinnamon (large amounts) with this henna.
I’ve been hennaing my dark brown hair for the past decade with baq henna (Yemen was my favorite but is now hard to come by) to achieve a rich, plummy red. I was so excited to use this product, but was afraid that it would not show up on my dark hair. My only other complaint is that I did this in mid-December and until a few weeks ago, my hair was still dripping out a faint yellowish color every time I washed (even washing with sulfate-free shampoo).
Owing to the fragile nature of my hair and also because achieving my maximum growth potential is important to me, I am extremely cautious about anything that might create permanent chemical change within my hair strands.
Over time some of these processes along with natural wear and tear on the hair either damages the strands or completely destroys them if we are not careful. Take appropriate amount (depends on your length) of red raj henna (3.29%) lawsone (dye) or any henna of your choice. Use a gentle shampoo if you must but preferably avoid shampooing for at least two days so the henna can settle in. Dye hair black naturally with henna & indigo powder, Want to get black hair without the chemicals?
How to dye your hair with indigo: 9 steps (with pictures), How to dye your hair with indigo.
The fine art of dying your hair with henna - crunchy betty, Hi does anyone know how can i dye my black hair dark borwn using henna.
I’ve learned over the years of doing Henna on my hair that these are very poor quality of Henna. It won’t dye your hair completely red, but it will give it red highlights, loosen the curl, and make it silky!

Mix enough henna with lemon juice to make it like the consistency of mashed potatoes (see photo below). When all your hair is covered with Henna, wipe your skin clean of any Henna, and wrap everything up in a plastic wrap. I was constantly researching different brands and actually placed an order for lush henna in black but then immediately canceled it. I have medium to dark brown hair and the only thing the henna did was make it a shade darker.
Just follow the instructions, maybe even leave in the henna longer than 2 hours, and see how it works for your own hair. More people need to switch off of using the chemicals and try a stunning, traditional method of hair coloring which gives natural looking color and strengthens hair! And yes, I deep conditioned right afterwards for a couple of hours, with TWO types of protein free conditioners mixed together.
I then rinsed it off and put some more on some sections that I missed and slept with that.. The way we use this one step black henna is knowing it will make our hair darker and if we want more depth we are happy to do the treatment again in a week or two since it’s natural and only makes are natural curly hair more beautiful. Once mixed, the two strong colors are resisted just enough by the added conditioners to bind at slightly different rates. It took a couple of days to really darken into a rich mahogany, but once it did the color was stellar. As a cosmetologist, I prefer to use the best organic and (mostly) chemical free products I can find. Now that I have more stuborn greys, I was looking for a henna that wouldn’t leave them bright orange. Not really a problem, but it goes to show that the color didn’t stick well in my hair. The chemical change simply means affecting the bonds in the hair strands in any way – that could be via products, heat, relaxing and dye jobs. Dyeing is one of those notoriously risky processes but luckily, like relaxers, it’s a process I feel I can comfortably live without. Finally, the ability to use other natural plants (amla, indigo, black walnuts, coffee, hibiscus, beetroot) to tone or enhance color gives henna a huge advantage over commercial dye.
I post roll, tuck and pin styles almost daily (see here) so depending on your screen resolution (and weather conditions under which the photos are shot) you might see them on some styles and not others. They are produced by adding synthetic dyes, metallic salts, and other plant dyes to a poor quality of Henna. Hennaed hair looks like you grew it yourself! The color you get on your hair will vary depending on your hair color you have now and the chemicals you already have on your hair.
If lemon juice is too harsh on your skin, use something less acidic like grapefruit or orange juice. I found out that they really aren’t 100% natural and I feel the company is a bit misleading when it comes to their products. I did not get the natural black color I desired or was said to get so that was a big con for me. Mixing and application was easy (I have shoulder length hair, straight, medium thickness, and I had some goop left over even though I only used one package… in case that helps anyone decide how many to buy!) and it rinsed more easily than the other brand I have used. It as been 3 weeks and my hair is still fabulous and a beautiful black with pretty hi-lights! The henna covered that up flawlessly:) I only gave it four stars because my hair turned out a deep neutral dark brown, not black. My hair was really soft from that so I decided to get the Henna Color Lab’s Natural Black Henna, because the color change from the other stuff was non-existent.
My hair is the darkest brown with a lot of natural red highlights-this color somehow darkened it while keeping quite a bit of my natural highlights. Up close this separation is gorgeous and as you pull away they blend together to make a smashing reddish-dark brown that becomes nearly a rich black at a distance. Beyond the natural-looking color, the mix also coats my individual hair shafts and strengthens and straightens them. As a first timer, I ordered 1 packet thinking this would be enough for my middle of the neck length curly hair. I did some research and decided to order the mahogany henna dye and the trial size lavender and geranium shampoo and conditioner.
This was supposed to be a PERMANENT dye, and the color faded rapidly in the course of one week, and appeared to be gone completely by week 2. Gorgeous color and shine for a few wonderful days, half-strength color in a week, and not even noticeable (except for vaguely yellowed greys) in a couple weeks. I was very intimidated to try an indigo mix on my own, so I was overjoyed when I saw this mahogany blend! I used a diffuser on my waist length curls and they were springy and well formed with little frizz. If I had done it alone though, I don’t think I could have thoroughly covered my hair (I have a LOT of hair!). We make structural changes to our hair all the time – styling (braids, bands, twists), processes (shampoo, condition, drying) and heat & chemical (relaxers, heat styling). The only draw back of henna (not really a drawback in my case) is that it’s a weak dye so if you are looking to dramatically alter the natural color of your hair it will not work.

I never thought to use beet root in my henna mixes before but I’m super excited to try this recipe! I discovered a lot of Indian herbs right around Parklands, I think because of the large Indian population. When Henna is mixed with an acid medium, henna will stain your nails, skin, or hair into a reddish-brown color. It had been 3 months since my last Henna treatment and the color was still going strong (other than my new roots).
I then wrap a large DARK towel (remember Henna will stain anything it touches) around my head. If you can’t stand the smell, you can add 1 TB of powdered ginger, clove, or cinnamon to your Henna mix. Using our balanced proprietary combo (and some time & natural oxidation) they blend into a beautiful deep black.
Undertones can range from light red to green to blue before fully maturing—very normal (most blend within hours). The main draw for me over the other brand is that this stuff isn’t loaded up with perfumes. Also the curls are softer my hair is fuller looking which is awesome since I have been having thyroid issues and been loosing so much hair. However, I did leave it in my hair for 15 minutes less than the recommended time, and I am in no ways an expert at DIY hair. But if you have medium to light hair I wouldn’t expect black results from one treatment. I must say, I am glad I got the 4 pack dye and I will be purchasing larger shampoo and conditioner!!
Henna has thickened, nourished, fixed my most of my split ends and makes my hair glimmer in the sun.
A difference could only be seen when examining my hair very closely and it was still barely visible. This last time I used it I tried using honey instead of conditioner and oh my gods this was the best idea I have had in a while! Keratin is a strong resilient protein but it’s not invincible so every one of these processes affects it. Henna can only enhance lighter shades, it cannot completely change the set up of black or brown melanin, which are the pigments that determine hair color. At first it was blue ish with green undertones and dry feeling but I followed the instructions and only conditioned right after the treatment.
I followed all instructions and had an experienced henna user help me so no fault on my part. I’ve had friends say that my hair is now more of a dark auburn color and that it warms up my skin tone.
Instead of completely replacing melanin (color pigment) henna combines with natural hair color. It makes dramatic changes for people who do not have black pigment and with very little brown, usually blondes.
Henna has been used for thousands of years to keep hair healthy and to color white or gray hair.
My daughter also got her hair done in the wine red color on the too half of her hair and natural black on the bottom it looked beautiful!
I don’t think the henna is bad quality at all, but I now know that I have to add tons of other things to it to soften my results. Your hair will have a fusion of deep rich black, dark chocolate brown, and intense cherry red. I use Dark Brown on my roots with 2 applications to cover the gray and add Mahogany over my whole head for the 3rd application. Since the chemical change brought about by henna is an enhancement and not replacement, there are far less pitfalls when using it as dye. This is not necessary but I have found that it covers my gray hair the best when I leave it on for, at least, 6 hours.
One thing I suggest with all henna colors is to wrap your hair in Saran Wrap for the required hours and I’m going to do a bit of mahogany on my greys before doing the two packets of natural black to see if I get 100% coverage. The red tint is visible upon close inspection in the light, but only enough that I can notice, no one else. Each head of hair is unique in it’s characteristics so the only way to know how yours will react is to test a small patch before using the powders on all the hair.
The recommendation is 2-4 hours, but if you know that your hair is resistant to dye or has gray, then you may want to leave it on a little longer.
I want my children to know of all natural products and not have hair problems later in life! I would highly urge everyone to buy this brand and definitely this color if you want a natural looking beautiful black head of hair with incredible shine. I actually sleep really well with Henna on my head and it is also known that Henna can soothe headaches.

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