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As I go to put this into the blog, it is 11:23pm on December 30th, and there is only a little more than 24 hours left for me in 2014. The first big hurdle we leaped this year was getting Steam Workshop integrated into RPG Maker VX Ace.
With games like A Bird Story, we proved that RPG Maker could be used to make games that pioneer new storytelling techniques, and execute them superbly. With games like Always Sometimes Monsters, we proved that RPG Maker could be used to make games where players choices mattered, where they had emotional weight.
Just all around, RPG Maker games have been making great strides at being accepted as real games.
As a judge in this contest, I was personally floored by the number of entries. Nearly SEVEN HUNDRED games were entered into the contest, and we had to judge them all. For this tutorial, I’m going to create an organ that when you play the notes in a certain order, you find a potion. In the map above, the note to the left tells you what keys make which noises, and the order from left to right of the animals is the proper order to play them in.
So once again, as with our previous eventing tutorials, the first question is: What information do I need to be able to store and access? If Yes, give the player a potion, and switch the event to permanently off, end event processing. Waiting for a keypress is another good time to use a Loop, just like we did in our last tutorial.
So each time we record the variable, why not, instead of using the set option to change it to a specific number, we use the add function on each step.
This will give you a unique 4-digit number that is different with each input combination your player can make, as the steps never overwrite each other. With all the recording done, all that is left is the final bit of conditional branches to either give the potion or error out and reset the whole puzzle, and that is a snap. If given one extra variable to work with, could you make this event run in fewer lines of event code? Could you do the entire event with just one switch and one self-switch and not even use a variable?
So you want even MORE customization in creating characters, but you aren’t an artist. Well, Over the last couple of weeks, between bouts of PAX East mania, I’ve sat down with Spriter Pro and its RPG Heroes Essentials Art Pack to see what it can do for us.
What I am going to do, is show you an overview of what you can do, and how easy it is to do. You can quickly drop NO HEADGEAR, NO WINGS, etc to get rid of what you aren’t using, then start dragging across individual parts to get what you want.
With just a few more minutes, I had this (ok, I really like the black on red aesthetics, probably something to do with where I grew up). You can also export some animations for activating things like treasure chests and such, just check in the Animations window to see the automatically generated activation animations, and export those, as well as down sprites, too. There are also breathing and blinking animations for the portrait, though they would be a bit tricky to use in RPG Maker at this time. If you aren’t an artist, Spriter Pro gives you a good framework to use the pieces it comes with and its many packs.
So, you had the beginning right, First, drop that random number between 30-270 in the Count variable. So we Wait half a second, determine a random amount of time between half a second and 5 and a half seconds, Then start a loop that counts down that amount of time and breaks the loop if the count hits 0 or the character hits the button too soon. To continue our Golden Week Celebration, where you can currently get huge deals on all things RPG Maker, and perhaps win a copy of RPG Maker MV, I’ve also decided its a good time to do a couple of Golden Week Tutorials! The first thing I like to do when creating an event I don’t know how to do yet is break things down by writing down all the information I will need to store.
It should record the order the switch was flipped in the appropriate switch order variable. Number 2 is also easy, and now you’ll understand why I made Count a separate variable instead of just checking if all the Order variables were nonzero.
So starting with the nested Conditional Branch for #3, we start with If Count = 4 so that you can tell if all 4 are flipped. After that, just set a second page that is the switch flipped if the Order variable is 1 or higher for it, and a second page on the door that is open if the Door Open variable is on. We have a one-two combo of PAX East goodness to bring a bit of the experience to your living room, office, local library, or wherever you may be!
Made in 2 weeks, by our community Manager Nick Palmer (Hey, that’s me), with art from almost our entire Art team, Harold VS PAX East shows the basics of what RPG Maker MV can do! PAX East is just around the corner, and I’m sure a lot of you are thinking about the day that YOU will be the ones exhibiting a game, rather than just attending, a show like this. To do that, I’ll be doing short interviews with three of our staff members who will be working at the booth. Hirei: I’m actually very excited for the show but also a little worried by how much we still have to do in terms of prep work!
Overall, I can’t wait to see our games being demo’d and enjoyed by fans both new and old on the showfloor.
If there is one thing I learned from GDC though it’s that I’m much more resilient and adaptable than I initially thought.
Hirei: My title unofficially is Convention Operations Manager, which is pretty much a term for someone who oversees or produces pretty much 50-90% of the planning that goes into the convention event. I handle everything from initial contact with the venue to secure boothspace to equipment rentals and print materials handling. The bulk of my work is done pre-show but I have to stay vigilant during the show in case any issues arise during in-booth events or other normal convention occurrences. Either way, I am going to let Nick and Mark do most of the talking since I’m probably going to be too busy drawing away for the live demos. On the show floor, I’ll actively be showcasing several of our titles, but short of cloning myself, there is no way I’ll be able to demo them all. Admittedly, this means my pre-con work is actually probably the lightest of us three, so I try to give as much feedback and suggestions as I can on every decision that I can. Your deadlines will heavily influence your stress levels, your budget (hello rush shipping and production!), and ultimately on how smoothly your convention event runs. I would say stress is also something to be very wary of especially for individuals who are new to event management.
Anyway, to add something I directly worked on that I can talk about: Writing the same info four times for announcements was challenging. Hirei: I think the first WOW moment I had was when I finished putting together the 3D mockup with our booth with full art panels and everything. It’s a very big booth compared to what Degica is used to and yet we have such amazing artwork adorning the walls! Not going to lie I’m also very excited to make a certain well known hero come to life for a certain something that you will probably see in the booth. An example of some of the art done for the convention, our Stamp Rally card, with art by Michael. If you were able to start the whole show planning over again, what is the one thing you think you would want to handle differently? Hirei: If you want to be involved as a dev at a convention or be an event planner, take time to plan out every detail and also get familiar with how conventions work. If you plan on showcasing your game solo, be prepared to do everything from graphic design work to marketing during pre-con period.
Implemented Batch Selection in resource manager including Batch file deletion and batch file importing.
Picture Rotation Event Command is now be able to rotate pictures counterclockwise using negative values.
Fixed a bug in resource manager that made it so files would not be overwritten if you imported a file with the same name. So, instead of wallowing in it, I’ve decided to share my dumbness, so that maybe, one of you will be spared from making the same dumb mistakes.
You can turn switches on and off, play sound effects, put in waits… you can even do a script call if you need to do something really interesting.
In the above, I controlled a timed set of switches, included playing the sound effects, all from a custom move route, rather than using the events actual contents.
You know what happens if you make an event that tells the player or another event to move through something it can’t move through. So I had my cool secret passage, but when I came back out… the wall was back in place and now my passage event is in the wrong place.
The wall was back where it originally was put, and because it had switched places before, the event that WAS slid under it to turn into the transfer was just hanging out there in the wrong place, too. So, you go to set up a huge puzzle that all has to do with color coded words and phrases and you are going good and have it all coded in and then suddenly.
You can also win prizes in various giveaways and competitions, both at the booth and online to win some stellar prizes! When you get to the Con, you can find us at Booth 3224, Click Ralph Below to see us on the map! This is a great idea and would make a great tool for people who work in the world of Digital Media or Marketing, having a constant update of the emotion without having to stay connected to the twittersphere at all times. The beautiful Moodlight is constructed using 5.2mm Birch Veneer Core and 3mm Opal Acrylic from our US catalogue. Head over to Kickstarter and take a look for yourself, and why not drop in a pledge while youa€™re there.
If youa€™ve got a gem of an idea and youa€™re looking for advice on how to make it a reality, check out the rest of the Ponoko site and feel free to ask us any questions. When most people imagine laser cutting, they envision quirky personal projects or grand scale commercial ones. In this blog, written by Physics professor Matthew Jacques at Pentucket Regional High School wea€™ll see how Ponoko was able to build the tools, which enabled him to demonstrate his curriculum and ensure pinpoint precision each time. When I am teaching physics, I always find myself thinking, a€?I wish there was a lab accessory or device to do this or that.a€? Most of the time the thought lingers for a moment and I simply push on with the materials we have or ultimately discover with dismay the desired equipment simply does not exist. The cost of any Ponoko order is extremely variable based on the complexity of the laser cutting and the types of materials being used. The electromagnetic marble releaser (or EMR) was the most challenging of all the builds due to its technical nature.

The team at Apptivus has a successful history of designing exciting products including mobile apps and games as well as physical goods.
Apptivus believes the PennyPult is a step above the other trebuchet kits on the market because ita€™s smaller, easier to build, and more fun. UsingA laser cut parts from Ponoko, constructing a working trebuchet has never been easier. Yet, nothing could have prepared them for the overwhelming success they were about to witness. And with a few days still to go, they have exceeded their original budget by 15 times to raise an astounding $37,989 and the money is still pouring in. Andy got his start flying drones in 2012 as a way to take aerial photographs of bike races.
Andy’s first prototype went through two months of iterations before being ready for production. Industrial designer Delna Balsara teams up with Ponoko to quickly bring her product idea to life. Made from laser cut bamboo from Ponoko – the BUKUL comes with 2 elastic belts, one for securing your pens and phone to a notebook, and a larger belt for connecting the BUKUL to your laptop. Delna got the idea while at work, going from meeting room to meeting room juggling her belongings in her hands. The quick turnaround time meant she was able to quickly revise and update her product in days, rather than weeks. Delna’s story is another great example of how you can go from idea to final product faster than ever before with Ponoko.
Maurice Ribble is the Boston based engineer behind the Electric Eel Wheel – a clever electric spinning wheel that makes it easy to spin the fiber of your choice into yarn. The Electric Eel Wheel was already a huge hit in the hobby fiber, spinning, and knitting communities, so it made sense to make the jump to Kickstarter. Traditionally, yarn is spun with a foot powered spinning wheel – a time consuming process that tends to be hard to master. Using laser cut parts from Ponoko, Maurice and his wife Emily set out to create their own electric spinning wheel that was affordable, while still being as good or better than the ones currently on the market. Maurice says using Ponoko made it easy to reduce costs by iterating through different designs.
Maurice credits the research he did, as well as the feedback he got early on as the key to Electric Eel Wheel’s explosive success. No discussion of the year in RPG Maker would be complete without taking a look at the single largest contest (at least that I know of) ever run by an RPG Maker site. I’ll admit that I lost a lot of sleep getting through them all, probably as much sleep as the developers lost making them. We also ventured into scripts, and made creating versatile custom menus and HUDS in RPG Maker VX Ace super simple with the Luna Engine! It was always exciting to see what we could make next, and what our fans would make in response. I can’t figure out where to find the right person to contact for my issue, but you should be able to help me!
Our last two covered flipping switches in the right order and pressing a button quickly when given a prompt. Unfortunately, there are no individual music notes in MV’s default sounds, so instead, this organ, as designed by Bloody Stupid Johnson, makes animal noises. Now, I know that this is not a hard puzzle for the player to solve but learning the eventing to make it work is the key here, not making a tricky puzzle. Create a loop, and have it break the loop when one of the four keys are pressed using conditional branches.
This keeps it from catching any input the player happens to be holding when the event starts.
Make a conditional branch to check if your key sequence is correct (in my case Key Sequence should = 3214) In the conditional branch, just do the normal treasure chest style stuff.
Or maybe you are an artist but you want to increase variety in your game by working with component parts. Now you can just drag and drop from the list on the right to the list on the left to make your sprite from component parts.
Just click the button with the image of a painter’s palette on it in the lower corner of the Character Maps and you can select whatever colors you want for your base colors, accents, skin, etc. Switch up the settings to Keyframes only, sprite strip, with 3 horizontal and 4 vertical and done. Really I should have probably gone in the other direction, using the 128 size first, but I was just so focused on getting that sprite down, I neglected my need for a faceset!
There is plenty to work with, and you can make a staggering array of sprites and faces with just what you get in the RPG Heroes set. And in the future, I believe we can even bridge that gap between nearly perfect and perfect. Remember this is the last day of Golden Week, and time is running out to get huge deals on all things RPG Maker, or perhaps win a copy of RPG Maker MV, but its also time for some event tutorials to teach you some new techniques! You start fishing at the spot, you wait a random amount of time for an indication that the fish is on the hook (in Animal crossing it was visual, in our event it will be auditory), then you press the OK button really fast and you catch a fish.
Sometimes you’ll need a variable or switch inside an event just to keep track of something specific to it. Its pretty much identical to the original loop, but instead we set our Count variable (which we can use again since its not being used anymore) to 30 for half a second, and play a sound before it. If I have 4 switches, and they have to be flipped in a specific order, how do I event this puzzle in RPG Maker?
If you think of what needs storing from the beginning you can usually figure things out pretty fast.
Its obviously switches, and in a lot of cases you would use a self switch for this unless it was being referenced from an outside source, but they aren’t REALLY necessary. Technically I could just check if each of the 4 switch order variables are non-0, but making this its own separate variable will make it easier to store the variables for the others, as you will see shortly. Technically, I can think of other ways to do it, some more complex, some more obtuse, but this is probably the ideal setup.
Writing down what you want an event to do in plain text makes it easier to conceptualize how it works and what you need to do with it. All we have to do, is set the appropriate Order variable to the Count variable with Control Variables. Then we check each individual variable in nesting to make sure its the right numbers, if it is, switch the Door Open switch to On. Then if all switches are flipped (4), it checks if the order is right and then if it is flips the switch to turn the door on.
Copy over the contents to all 3 other switches, change the variable references in them and color, and bam.
We partnered with CyberpowerPC, AMD, and LG to bring you so many amazing prizes, you won’t even know what to do with yourself. Why not see the video game adaptation of our Booth (with a bit more shenanigans than the real thing), with our full free game: Harold Vs PAX East! Well, we aren’t an indie dev presenting one single game, but we thought it could be fun to tell you a little bit about what it takes to put a booth together like ours.
This is probably one of my first game conventions I’ve gotten to organize a booth for so there’s always something new to learn…or stress out over.
PAX East will be both a learning and growing experience for me, and I’m excited about that. In this case though, I actually have been handling most of Degica’s North American convention appearances since last year’s Anime Expo 2015. I have a HUGE list of things I’ve done but I’d rather not bore (or possibly intimidate) anyone who is looking to display their games at conventions such as these. That generally means anything you see about the show before the show either went through me, or was crafted by me directly, like the post you are reading right now. On top of the normal duties of talking to anyone and everyone who comes up asking about something, or is just showing interest, I also have my work cut out for me in getting interesting photos and information from the show to everyone who follows us on social media.
From my experience with working with all sorts conventions, deadlines are the number 1 killer. Not only can you find franchise artwork but also some great work by Michael.Galefire and I. Most of my job is replying to emails and chat messages and managing tasks across several projects so it’s a nice break to sit down and do something creative. I always feel like no matter what there’s always things we could do a lot better whenever I finish staffing for a convention. Whatever you think is the amount of work you will need to get it finished, you probably are forgetting some detail that will need to be worked out.
It helps a lot to have a small team with individuals who are efficient at their job so you can split the work.
If you told me as a teenager I would be doing what I’m doing today, I would have literally laughed at you.
Like, for instance what I was doing was having a damage sound effect associated with a jump move route for the player.
Because of the wait for completion, the sound effect won’t play until after the action is done. I solved this by adding another page to the events that made the original transfer event become the wall and the wall become the transfer event after the first time you went through it, but I’m sure there are many other solutions to this problem. If you come by the booth, be sure to check in with our front board and friendly staff to learn how to participate.
One of the last places you would expect to see laser cut designs is in a Physics classroom.
With Ponokoa€™s help, ideas that were relegated to just a textbook came to life with tactility and are helping young minds experiment and learn Physics like never before. The premise was simple: a blueprint design could be created using either Adobe Illustrator, InkScape, or Corel Draw, and if a line was a€?bluea€?, it cut the material and if the line was a€?reda€?, it would engrave a line.
Luckily, I was able to have an idea of the cost by uploading designs and receiving an instant quote through the Ponoko website. The EMR uses a momentary switch to trigger an electromagnet and a slide switch to enable an LED indicator. No longer do custom solutions need to be haphazardly put together with cardboard and tape; they can instead made with laser precision.

They breezed past their original funding goal and saw the figures increase by a whopping $6000 in just one weekend. And if reading this has inspired you to launch your own hardware idea, make it and sell it with Ponoko today!
So, while thinking forward to what we can do to make next year even better, let’s take a look at a few of the highlights from the year. We’ve seen web forums come and go, resources and games hosted on many different sites. Almost all PC gamers are already ON Steam, so getting Workshop integration gave RPG Maker fans the chance to reach out to the largest possible RPG Maker audience. And with the new year ringing in for me in just a few hours, I like to think of how I can make the next year even better. Today, we’ll cover making an event where pressing a combination of keys in the proper order does something in the game.
You can copy the Loop + the Wait 30 frames 3 more times to get it to record the info 4 times. During the 2nd add 100, 200, 300, or 400, the third 10, 20, 30, or 40, and during the final, 1, 2, 3, or 4.
You can even make custom animations for the sprites, it just takes a bit of experience in the editor, and you can have your character moving in ways that would be incredibly time-consuming to replicate with just hand spriting skills in a graphics editor.
There is nothing to track but how many fish the player has and that is done by just giving him more fish as items. Now, we could create an else branch for every single one of the nested conditional branches checking the Order, but that isn’t nearly as efficient.
First off, we’ll be on the Boston Convention Center show floor instead of the relatively quiet 3rd floor West Hall of the Moscone Center.
I have to make sure they have all the game information and talking points to knowledgeably discuss the titles with both press and attendees. I also have a secret project going, but since it’s a secret, I can’t very well tell you about it, can I?
Giveaway organization, competition organization, art for promotional items, art for the booth itself, getting equipment, deciding on which games to show.. There are so many to keep track of along with tasks that need to be micro-managed in order to make sure that things go smoothly. And budget is a no brainer: Cons in general are expensive to exhibit at if you go to ones such as PAX East. Its really easy to have it crash down on you and spend a whole day not getting anything done. Seeing all the work that other people have in front of them, like making a bunch of art, that there is no way I can help with, I stress about them finishing, even though I KNOW how capable they are. And unlike your game, which you can put off if you don’t feel you are done, the show date won’t move for you.
Standing around and interacting with people 8 hours a day for 5 days, repeating the same talking points over and over, was absolutely brutal.
The event switched places with the event that slid out of the way, turning into the transfer event, while the other event just sat pretty being a visual of the piece of wall that moved. And for everyone, at the Convention or not, be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter all during the weekend for even more opportunities.
But thanks to the inventiveness and commitment of one teacher, a classroom of students are now able to grasp the more complex fundamentals of Physics bother literally and figuratively, thanks to Ponokoa€™s laser cut designs. The unit studies how an object change its velocity and distance from one second to the next when accelerating due to free-fall. The design process consisted of determining what type of lab equipment was needed, taking measurements to integrate it with existing equipment, and going through design iterations on the computer. It was a satisfying experience seeing the design on the screen become real and tangible objects. Maximizing its usefulness, the device can fit on either a slanted straight track or vertically on a base stand.
Armed with this idea, Apptivus a€“ a collective of creative thinkers came up with a€?PennyPulta€™. In addition to having a unique throwing action, it actually increases the throwing distance. Now, you may be thinking you need 4 variables, but I have a much easier method to use just one. Mostly because, I doubt I could do better than the creators, who have a great series of tutorial videos and tips videos on Youtube, including one specific to this pack, and mostly because Spriter is a super powerful program that I myself am only just scratching the surface of. Now, the first thing you are going to see when you open this is what seems to be a character that took a tumble through a costume shop and yet somehow missed finding a shirt on the way down.
This is to randomize the delay between the start of the event and the noise, as well as to measure the amount of time the player has to press the button. This gives the program time to differentiate between the press that started the event, and the beginning of player input for the wait period. Wait 1 frame, check if the player hit the OK button, have it tell him too early and break out of the loop if he doesbreak, subtract one from the Count Variable, check if the Count Variable = 0, and if it does, break the loop, if it doesn’t, go back to Wait 1 Frame and repeat. Since if they are all right, it flips a switch, you can instead put another conditional branch under the nested set, but still inside the If Count = 4 to check if the Door Open switch is Off. You can of course, add in graphical stuff and audio (which I have done in the short demo of this puzzle that you can check out HERE), but the puzzle fundamentally works on a mechanical level here.
I actually have a more obtuse way ruminating in my head that uses less variables, let’s see if you can think of it.
Now, I look at the team we’ve assembled, and the games we’ve put out, and it’s simply amazing. Then no print items for you during the show because it will arrive the day after the event ends.
But as a general rule of thumb, expect to pay for everything at premium or inflated prices. And that just makes it worse, cause now you have the stress of having one less day to work with. You’ll find yourself having to repeat yourself, sometimes so many times it becomes routine.
It was very moving to see sort of an interactive overview of all the games we’ve worked on. I mean, I’ve been making games as a hobby for about 2 decades now (started with QBASIC when I was 10 or 11), and I never dreamed I would ever get to be part of something like this.
Marketing yourself efficiently not only through words but also how you showcase your demo(s) and company are important skills to master. It is challenging enough to guide the students to the conclusions through inquiry based labs, but it is even more challenging when the equipment introduces extra variables. Choosing a material and thickness is a critical first step since it drives the overall design and dictates how the sides fit together.
For example, if you have two objects laser cut, by sharing a “cut linea€? between objects, you reduce the laser time and thus the cost.
As expected, the EMR takes out the human element of releasing the marble and produces a much more consistent release. After a first production run in May and having received positive feedback from friends and family, they decided to take the project to KickStarter. If you don’t add this in, it will read the player still having the button pressed from hitting OK to start the event. This is a very simple Loop, and learning to understand it will build up your ability to do other similar puzzles. He handles most of that stuff like a champ but I’m there whenever he needs more info or is missing an asset.
I had another list that was my “yeah, right” list that included the things I’d REALLY love to have been.
I purchased a set of gravity drop kits that operate through an original mechanical release mechanism that drop marbles from rest through two CPO photogates. I chose a wood laminate, as it was inexpensive, durable, and easily assembled with wood glue. Certain types of laser cutting such as engraving an area costs far more than just creating an engraved line.
The other pieces are made of brass, copper, rubber, and acrylic ensuring you wont be disappointed with its quality. Loops are super useful in lots of situations, they basically just keep doing the same thing over and over until you tell the program to break the loop. I’m also in charge of the press outreach and scheduling appointments for press to come by and demo our titles.
When it gets overwhelming, I like to walk away from my computer and go outside, meditate or make a fresh cup of tea.
The mechanical release mechanism did not drop the marble from rest and was terribly inconsistent.
Because I ordered the product through my school, I was given a generous 55% discount and a free subscription to their prime service. Aside from some light sanding on a few pieces, the majority of the project fit together seamlessly. Plus, ita€™s easy to load and fire and you wona€™t have to deal with finicky slings, tangled lines, or misfires. It’s important to take breaks and clear your head so you can make the right decisions instead of the quick ones. If I had all the paperwork to do that she did, I would have just cried until some time after PAX East was over and we would have had a pretty awful booth. If a student was not careful, the mechanism would give the marble an undue initial velocity.
All in all, the entire order came just shy of $160 and took about two weeks from the time of order to the date of arrival.
And if it was the same project as we did our ordered switch tutorial on, we could reuse that one. No such mechanisms existed that could easily connect with the CPO base stands; however these could be specifically tailored by laser cutting sheets of woods.

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