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The names most associated with traditional American tattoos are Cap Coleman and Franklin Paul Rogers, and they are considered the founding fathers of American tattoos, and much of what is known of this unique style can be traced to them.
Traditional American Tattoos are part of US history, and contrary to the current tattoo movement where more than half the population has one, back in the day tattoos were serious stuff, and only the most hardcore people had them. Pretty much every kind of American symbolism is encapsulated in these tattoos, and there really is no better way to celebrate what you love about the “Land of Free” in tattoo form. Yet real Christian community (at least in my own experience) has been a vital part of recovery. Sexy, vintage pin-up girls, the American flag, eagles, anchors, and Native American symbolism? Coleman actually mentored Rogers, so the association between the two is evident and obvious.
Generally in those days, they were reserved for those in the military, criminals, and circus performers.

There is nothing cooler than celebrating your American heritage than with an American traditional tattoo!
The images run the gamut, and encompass everything Americana, from the kitschy to the glam, these are amazing, classical pieces.
If you can imagine what a classic American tattoo looks like, chances are it’s one of Coleman’s pieces that you’ll think of!
Simply only for the folks daring enough to bear them, and usually they were part of their personal stories and were wrought with meaning. What we offer to those with eating disorders is what we first receive for ourselves: a Person, not a programme. The goal being so outwardly measurable made it so easy to fake progress and say things that sounded spiritual and gain approval from the group. They were visual icons of a counterculture, and these tattoos were very much intertwined with the identity of the people who got them.

Sharing our victories, where for just a second, we saw that it is IN HIM we live, and move, and have our being.
Later my niece actually spiraled into severe anorexia after we joined a different weight loss program at the same church (interestingly, a lot of the same people were in both classes 5 years apart!).
Our family, as not to embarrass her (!), sat in SILENCE as this once beautiful girl literally wasted away. When she lost her period and had constant leg cramps she was seen by a doctor and told to gain 30 pounds ASAP .This time it was totally obvious: The group she was in came right out and taught that eating when you are not hungry is a sin and if you do not lose all your extra weight you are probably not saved and will go to hell! It is the only thing that has ever helped me, but its not very measurable and I admit it’s hard to put on a TO DO list.

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