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3 part Stencils for use with Glitter Bodyart Body Glue & Funtime Faces Glitter Dusts, or For Now ink daubers. EBA offers world's largest collection of body art and airbrush body painting stencils helping artist to supersede always increasing challenges and expectations in the body painting industry. EBA body painting stencils come in different styles and themes to fit your projects and needs. EBA background and scale professional body paint stencils assist artists to create realistic looking backgrounds. EBA beauty, clothing and hair collection represents the newest addition to EBA's professional body paint stencils. EBA skin distortion airbrush body painting stencils will trick even the most enthusiastic fans in the haunted and special effects industry.
Designed for the contemporary artist, Nick Herrera's signature stencil collection (NIX), brings original artwork with an elegant style.
All International orders require BANK TRANSFERS and about 3-5 days to clear before shipping. If price specials do not reflect at check out, it WILL BE applied to ORDER INVOICE before Credit Card is charged. On Tuesday, May 1, 2012, European Body Art introduced the long awaited plastic bottle for the ZeroG airbrush.
EBA GripFx is a water based medical grade adhesive that provides an excellent yet flexible grip for glitter tattoos, prosthetics, stencils and other body art applications requiring an adhesive. EBA is opening our doors this April 30th for our first inaugural class in the newly opened EBA Showroom. Over the recent 2012 LA Makeup Show EBA released the exclusive collection of Extreme Beauty Designs.
NIX Character Faces represent the newest edition of airbrush face stencils designed for European Body Art by NIX. March is the time when the airbrush body art and tattoo industry is on the rise as business owners and artists are getting ready for the upcoming season. The Halloween Party & Expo and the 2012 Mobile Beat DJ show attracted thousands of visitors eager to find out about EBA’s new airbrush body art stencils, the revolutionary ZeroG airbrush, airbrush makeup, body paints and complete airbrush kits. Have fun, interact with other businesses and get airbrush body art products and airbrush supplies at the prices you always wanted.

The 2012 Club Reward Zone now includes the all new Reward Zone Member Benefits where businesses can enjoy services and benefits not available to non-members. Years of research in collaboration with leading educators and nail technicians resulted in the creation of this unique practice hand. Spray through these stencils using your spray gun and coloured body art paint to create great looking, long lasting body decoration. This includes backgrounds, scales, beauty, skin distortion, intimate, lingerie, clothing and other special effects stencils such as Nick Herrera's signature collection. This fashion collection is suitable for artists in the beauty, entertainment and body painting industry delivering fun, beauty and style never captured before. Different discounts and specials cannot be combined and cannot be applied to custom design orders.
The GripFX exclusive formula allows for both a brush and an airbrush application (designed and tested with the ZeroG airbrush). The Extreme Beauty Designs are the industry’s first airbrush stencils designed for the application of extreme beauty airbrush makeup around the eyes.
After over 10 years of experience in the haunt and special effect industry and working with virtually thousands of stencil designs and industry best artists, NIX airbrush face stencils are designed with passion, precision and attention to detail. EBA held a number of live demos and seminars educating clientele on several different topics such as starting an airbrush tattoo business, applying special effects makeup, airbrush face painting and operating airbrush equipment. From free shipping, no restocking fees for returns and exchanges and no fees for rush orders, to priority member shipping where member orders are shipped first, Club Reward Zone businesses can now take advantage of these benefits and save big in 2012.
We want to share our artistic ideas with you and we hope you'll join in on the conversation!
Now the Nail Trainer® is used worldwide and is acknowledged by experts as being the best way for nail students to practice and master their nail skills. It is not unusual to see body painting or special effects application during an event or photo shoot being limited to an absolute minimum, as it can add up to expensive working time and most importantly it can also cost customers.
Unlike other computer generated stencils repeating the same design over and over, EBA's background stencils change pattern size based on the different proportions of the object being painted. Nick's body painting stencils deliver realistic appearance and high detailed artwork that is difficult to achieve with freehand applications. No orders will be accepted or fulfilled for NBCUniversal licensed products outside of The United States, including its territories, possessions, and military bases, and Canada.

The new airbrush bottle comes in a clear PETG material so the users can easily identify the shade as well as the amount of the paint inside the bottle.
This unique learning experience will teach you everything there is to know about the airbrush tattoo business.
The stencils are designed with the EBA’s proprietary StencilFlex technology which allows for the easiest application and tightest fit even on the most challenging areas of the face such as the lid and under the eye.  The StencilFlex technology consists of pre-engraved lines that allow the stencil to be bent and shaped to form around the un-even parts of the face. These airbrush face painting designs embody NIX original hand drawn artwork that is transformed into airbrush face stencils and then tested for functionality and popularity.
Every year the show brings in thousands of Halloween enthusiasts, buyers and vendors eager to see and showcase the latest in the horror industry. It will keep your airbrush tattoo and airbrush makeup business organized, minimize your set up and take down time, and provide quick transportation of your airbrush tattoo, airbrush makeup and airbrush face painting products and supplies.
Perhaps the biggest applause of all came from the new EBA special effects stencils and NIX’s Mardi Gras masks. Each month, entrepreneurs will have a chance to bid for airbrush tattoo products, special effect supplies and airbrush face paint products.
EBA airbrush body painting stencils help artists to deliver professional artistry and fastest application time. Furthermore, with EBA's background airbrush body painting stencils there are no limitations. Discounts and specials including garage sale items are available only while supplies last and are subject to change without notice. Get hands on instruction on airbrush tattoo applications, techniques, maintenance, marketing, and more! This year’s airbrush special effects makeup section was by no doubt one of the most exciting and most visited areas of the show. EBA rolled in with a new and exciting line of airbrush makeup and airbrush special effects products as well as the industry’s most admired and talked about artist, NIX  (Nick Herrera).

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