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Carrie Pataky enters an exam room at a plastic surgeon’s office in Scarsdale and introduces herself to Constance Rogers , who wears a thin, blue paper gown that covers her chest. That is Pataky’s job as a tattoo artist, one with a unique talent for making survivors like Rogers feel beautiful again. For these women, Pataky is the last step in a long, harrowing journey through treatment and recovery. Even with full nipple reconstruction, a post-mastectomy patient’s breasts lack the skin pigmentation that makes them look completely natural. Pataky says other tattoo artists have told her that they entered the field because they wanted to create art‚ not areolas. After doctors discovered a large tumor in her right breast in spring 2010, Rogers decided to have a single mastectomy; after that, plastic surgeon Dr.
The operation had complications, and Rogers also had to go through chemotherapy and radiation, which caused her shoulder-length hair to fall out and left the skin under her arm raw.
At first, Rogers says, she was focused on simply beating cancer, not additional procedures.
Placing several bottles of ink on a counter, Pataky slowly drips different shades into a tiny plastic pot. Pataky never planned on this sideline when she started as an apprentice tattoo artist in Mount Vernon in 1991, or when she opened a tattoo shop in Yonkers in 1998.
She also continued that education while training to become a licensed esthetician and laser technician.
At the spa, Pataky has a room designated for cosmetic and medical tattooing, but she almost always meets breast cancer survivors at their surgeon’s office. Every minute or so, Pataky cleans away droplets of blood with a baby wipe and surveys her progress. Unlike a decorative tattoo, she says, the goal isn’t to work overall color deep into the skin.
For the next week, Rogers needs to wear a loose-fitting T-shirt and coat the tattoo four times a day with Vaseline. Before, she later confides, she would ignore the sadness she sometimes felt when she looked at herself. Other fans have noted on various Dexter forums that Benz’s cleavage looks fuller in season three than in previous seasons. After the shocking conclusion of Season Four, many fans are wondering if Rita will return to the show, but she won’t spill.
Julianne Moore is gearing up to accept an award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
Actress Julianne Moore has spent  more than 15 years on the silver screen capturing  four Oscar nominations and countless critical nods along the way. Moore entered the spotlight in 1993 with two notable supporting roles in Short Cuts and The Fugitive. Moore is attractive and  classically trained; she doesn’t belong to the category of actresses who come from modeling or pop music. Julianne Moore, is gearing up to accept an award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
Breast reduction surgery has the highest patient satisfaction rate of all plastic surgery procedures.
Breast reduction surgery has the highest patient satisfaction rate of any cosmetic surgery performed. Liposuction reduction: Less than one percent of breast reductions are done this way, which uses conventional liposuction techniques. Minimal scar reduction: This is also called the LeJour method, vertical mammoplasty or the lollipop method.
Full breast reduction: This method is also called anchor breast reduction or keyhole breast reduction, in reference to the shape of the incision. Another benefit of the surgery is that it acts as a breast lift, as well, with the exception of the liposuction-only method.
Scars all tend to fade from a lumpy red mark to a thin white line in a few months; scars will be more noticeable in darker skin types. Breast reduction surgery has the highest patient satisfaction rate of all plastic surgeries.
Plastic surgeons frequently have cosmetic surgery themselves, a new survey shows, making them walking billboards for their trade. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons surveyed 276 of its members and found that 62 percent of them had undergone at least one cosmetic procedure. Also, a third of these doctors had undergone an actual invasive surgery, with liposuction being the most common procedure. A new survey shows that more and more plastic surgeons are becoming plastic surgery patients. The 30-year-old reality TV star announced the pregnancy in August and said she found out she was pregnant at the conclusion of taping Kourtney and Khloe take Miami for E!, the same network that hosts their mothership reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Even though Kourtney got breast implants at 22 years of age, she has said she wanted to breastfeed her son.
Courtney Love has lost custody of Frances Bean, her teenage daughter with the late Kurt Cobain.
Courtney Love has a new trouble to add to her share: custody loss of Frances Bean Cobain, her 17-year-old daughter with the deceased Kurt Cobain.
Frances Bean Cobain, now nearly an adult herself, has gone on record to distance herself from her troubled parents, or at least their troubled conduct. Courtney Love, now 45, has a long history of rumor-producing behavior, including some questionable cosmetic surgery procedures. She also endured rumors of weight loss surgery, but she later admitted that her dramatic weight loss was actually tied to an eating disorder. As the custody loss reasons remain confidential, it's not clear whether any of this had any bearing on her daughter's guardianship. Rihanna is set to hit the January cover of GQ wearing not much at all, her arms strategically covering her breasts. Pop queen Rihanna recently offered MTV News a few comments about colleague Lady Gaga – among them, kudos to a bold and fearless image. It honestly doesn’t look like she waited – unless GQ artists pushed some keyboard buttons to enhance them for her.  They possibly did.
Approved by the FDA in September 2009, Ulthera is sweeping the nation as the newest non-invasive facelift technology. It works the same as a facelift in that when doctors lift the bow, cheek or jowl line, they are targeting the muscle layer under the skin—not the skin itself—and pulling it tight. This procedure works best for patients with the beginning signs of aging, not those who have lots of excess skin and muscle. Former Miss Argentina Solange Magnano died recently after a cosmetic surgery procedure performed by an unaccredited doctor went horribly wrong. A former beauty queen died recently as a result of a botched cosmetic surgery procedure performed by a doctor who it appears was not accredited to perform the operation. Solange Magnano, who was crowned Miss Argentina in 1994, reportedly visited a cosmetic surgeon for a buttock augmentation.

But it appeared the operation went horribly wrong when liquid leaked from the implants and infected her lungs.
Juan Carlos Seiler of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has speculated that Magnano’s surgeon may not have been sufficiently accredited. Magnano ran her own modeling agency, and close friends say she had a perfect body and didn’t need plastic surgery in the first place. Theresa Rogers, a South Florida dish of age forty-odd, is reportedly bragging to friends that she not only slept with Tiger Woods, but educated him about sex.
According to the freshest mud that's being slung in the endless Tiger Woods mistress debacle, a forty-something blonde from South Florida says she began sleeping with the golfer five years ago. Theresa Rogers may or may not be on the golfer’s payroll, and, despite claims, may never even have met the man. On most days, Kim Leach goes to work at her Liverpool tattoo shop wearing a black soldier cap, a black T-shirt that says, "It's All About the Pain," and shorts that show off her lavishly tattooed legs.
But one Friday a month, Leach is at a Fayetteville plastic surgery suite wearing blue medical scrubs that hide her tattoos and a nurse's caring demeanor. Leach, 36, is a former nurse with an unusual and rewarding job as tattooist for Central New York's breast cancer community. In her work with patients at two of the four breast reconstruction practices in the Syracuse area, she sees women who have been through scary and painful ordeals -- breast cancer treatment and breast reconstruction -- that often involve years of treatment and multiple surgeries.
Her job is to put the finishing touches of pigment on their rebuilt breasts after their cancer is treated and their scars are healed. Leach has scars of her own, including some from lymphoma treatment, that she covered with tattoos. She describes herself as a rebel who grew up with a pencil in her hand and experimented with tattooing her own legs as a teenager. She worked as an RN at Crouse Hospital for eight years before opening her tattoo shop at Sweetheart Corners in 2003. Her artistic ability and creativity with a tattoo gun have earned her respect and accolades. The first cancer patient she ever tattooed presented the biggest challenge: a woman who had serious complications that left her with no breasts and a heavily scarred chest. The woman mentioned Leach to plastic surgeons Gregory Baum and Anthony Deboni of CNY Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery.
Cherie Mullen, 40, of New Haven, never thought of herself as "the tattoo type." Then breast cancer came along and changed her.
In 2005, when she was 35, she found a lump in her left breast on her daughter's sixth birthday.
In January 2007 she had a TRAM flap reconstruction, in which surgeons take skin and fatty tissue from the lower abdomen and use it to make new breasts. Leach walked into the waiting room with a big smile and her standard introduction: "Hi, I'm Kim! In an exam room, Leach used a marker to draw circles on Mullen's chest, mixed her inks and told her how the tattoo gun works like a dentist's drill with a tiny needle that vibrates at 1,200 rotations per minute. Mullen had two scars that bothered her: a small, football shaped scar from her chemo port just below her right collarbone and a long, raised mastectomy scar that snaked around her left breast and up her chest.
At the shop, Leach traced Mullen's scar and made a drawing of ivy in carbon pencil that she transferred to Mullen's skin "like a rub-on." Then she tattooed over the drawing. Sutherland's mother had died of pancreatic cancer in 2007, so she asked Leach to add two butterflies to her tattoo, one with a purple ribbon for pancreatic cancer and the other a pink ribbon for breast cancer. Sutherland, a mother of three, made the difficult decision to have both breasts removed and reconstructed. Sutherland's surgery lasted 13 hours due to complications from a previous abdominal surgery. Over the next year she had three more procedures to make her breasts even and create nipples. She said the Kim she met at the office hardly resembled the biker chick who tattooed her at the shop. While they were at it, they also could hide the ropey scar curving around Sutherland's left breast with a leafy vine. Women have come from as far away as England to see the 44-year-old Yonkers native, who has built a solid niche tattooing nipples and areolas on women after breast cancer surgery. Though the ink looks burgundy in the pot, it blends perfectly with Rogers’ coffee-colored skin. Again, Pataky uses an ink-dipped toothpick to trace a circle on the other breast, outlining the missing areola’s border much like a painter sketches in pencil before turning to more permanent oils. And she wanted to improve, so she completed advanced certification courses in medical tattooing, along with heavy training in color theory to better mix customized ink colors.
That way, the cost is more likely to be covered by insurance as part of the patient’s reconstruction. Goldberg says that he doesn’t know of any other area tattoo artist with this specialty. Pinching tissue between her thumb and index finger, she works the needle briskly from side to side, almost as if she were airbrushing on the ink. The uneven color of her breasts were yet another memento of the cancer that invaded her body. When she first started tattooing breast cancer survivors, she’d go home in tears after every session. Blogger at Rica's Livestrong Adventures And, now, as if I didn't have enough to do, breast cancer fighter. The show, about a serial killer who only kills the bad guys, features a rogue cop played by Michael C. She came on the scene as Dexter’s dysfunctional and unassuming girlfriend, downplayed in appearance and without much screen time. As her character on the show was pregnant that season, it’s possible her bust was propped up to help create the feel of early pregnancy. This acclaim has culminated in a  “Montecito Award,” which she’ll receive February 11 during the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in California. From there, she commanded notice in The Big Lebowski, Boogie Nights, Magnolia, The End of the Affair, The Hours and Far From Heaven. And Moore, now 49 and the mother of two, is a naturally small woman who has always maintained her figure without much apparent effort. What are the different types of reductions, and under what circumstances will insurance will cover the surgery? That’s because breast reduction candidates aren’t just after an improved profile — often, they are in daily pain. The procedure is often called the “scarless breast reduction,” but it does involve small incisions.
In this surgery, the surgeon cuts around the areola and then down the front of the breast to remove excess tissue. However, for most patients the cosmetic outcome is not as important as the physical outcome of the surgery. And, the findings may indicate that plastic surgeons can use themselves as examples for potential patients.

The girl’s current legal guardians are Wendy O’Connor and Kimberly Dawn Cobain, mother and sister of the late Nirvana front man. O’Connor gained temporary custody in 2003 when Love hauled herself into a whole heap of trouble – reportedly threatening suicide, overdosing on painkillers and trying to break into the home of an ex-boyfriend.
But her mother’s problems remain a constant media draw, pulling the immediate family into the fray.
Love has had breast implants, collagen and lip injections and several bouts of rhinoplasty – enough touching up for her to publicly swear off plastic surgery, which she did earlier in 2009. From the looks of a Fall 2009 issue of Italian Vogue and the upcoming January edition of GQ magazine, what Rihanna wants to do is show cleavage and lots of it. Ulthera’s new technology is now FDA approved and treating the early signs of aging with no scars or downtime. Focused ultrasound allows doctors to look deep inside the skin and treat areas without surgery. The procedure involved the insertion of liquid implants that smooth and firm up the outline of the buttocks. The reported cause of death was a pulmonary embolism – which came a day after undergoing surgery in Buenos Aires.
The site said she met Woods and began traveling with him years ago – before he met his current wife, 29-year-old Elin Nordegren. This relates to another story from Life & Style claiming Woods paid for the plastic surgery of Jamie Jungers, a model and alleged mistress who wanted liposuction on her thighs. But in light of the claims, Theresa Rogers is a media-labeled “cougar” whether she wants to be or not. After her breast reconstruction, Mullen, shown with her daughter, Desiree, 11, had Leach cover scars from her treatment.
Here, she tattoos a special group of clients, women who in most cases are getting their first tattoos in a place they never dreamed of -- on their reconstructed breasts. Many women who meet Leach in the plastic surgeon's office end up at her shop, Phoenix Rising Tattoo, to have her cover scars from their cancer treatment with vines, butterflies, breast cancer ribbons and other symbols of their experience. Her first tattoo -- a tree frog on her left thigh -- strikes her as rudimentary, but shows her early talent. She said she burned out on nursing because she got so attached to her patients that she worried about them all the time.
She won 10 of the 22 awards offered at the annual Am-Jam Tattoo Expo her first year in business. This tattoo was based on a drawing by Mullen's uncle, which had many personal elements, including daisies, vines, and breast cancer ribbons. They were looking for an artist to tattoo areolas and nipples on their patients' breasts after reconstruction. She underwent chemotherapy, a mastectomy, a second round of chemo "that just about killed me" and 33 days of radiation. Plastic surgeons describe the TRAM, which stands for transverse rectus abdominus myocutaneous, as "a boob job and a tummy tuck at the same time." Which is to say, several major operations at once.
The vine spells out "Life" and the daffodils honor the American Cancer Society, which sells daffodils to raise money for cancer research.
Sutherland, 43, of Pompey, had a small, unfinished tattoo of a hummingbird on her back when she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She asked, "What can we do about this?" Leach thought the scarring was shaped like a butterfly. Sutherland had joined an American Cancer Society support group and helped with the annual Daffodil Days fundraiser. He pushed her to make an appointment with Pataky, to whom he’s referred patients for the last five years. Unilateral mastectomies are tricky, says Pataky, because she needs to carefully match the ink on the reconstructed breast to the natural pigment on the other. There are now more than 2.6 million breast cancer survivors in the United States, with the American Cancer Society estimating that more than 226,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women this year. They also provide photos of Benz in profile showing her hair pulled back with several knots near the base of neck, a sign that hair extensions have been added to existing hair. Benz emerges tough and sinewy in Season Two of Dexter, partly as a result of training for RAMBO. Women with large breasts can experience symptoms such as back, neck and shoulder pain, skeletal imbalance, bruising from bra straps and even advanced back and neck disc deterioration.
In liposuction breast reduction, fluid is injected into the breast that separates tissue from fat, and then liposuction is performed.
This is also a rarer method due to the fact that patients must be size DDD or smaller for the incision to be large enough for tissue removal. In some cases, the nipple has to be removed and grafted back on to preserve the blood supply. After all, someone who is interested in a particular procedure can not only ask their surgeon for information, but also see a real-life example of the results!
Both items are easy on the eyes – but even with one eye closed, you can see a big difference in breast size. The phrase denotes not only a woman’s age – 40 and up – but her lifestyle of seeking younger men for recreational sex. The butterfly covers her scar from her chemotherapy port and the vine covers a mastectomy scar. After a year of wearing a bra with a heavy rubber prosthetic, she also wanted both breasts reconstructed. In the last one, the doctor made small incisions in her breasts and pulled out tissue to form nipples. In discussing reconstruction, she learned about Leach and went to her to finish the tattoo. It takes less time than other methods because it is done under IV sedation, but leaves the breast deflated instead of lifted.
The site also reported that Rogers told friends she taught Woods “everything he needed to know to be a great lover.” With Rogers on the roster, the mistress count is now past a dozen.
To succeed, any cougar with the means will often opt for plastic surgery, including Botox injections and breast augmentation. Joe Gryskiewicz about the different surgical options available for women with overly large breasts. The touch-ups are meant to make these older women resemble their younger selves … or more sexualized forms of what they were. The most common surgical approaches include lipo reduction, minimal scar reduction, and full reduction.

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