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This has inspired by the many tattoo artists, due to its wide meanings and the beautiful symbol. The syllable of this word is the first sound of life that is used in variations by a many tattoo artist.
This is also combined many a times with traditional Indian symbols to make beautiful tattoo designs.
The ganesha’s head made in rounded form and the arches of the om flow into each other quite naturally .the design is not complicated, though is very enchanting.

This om tattoo has the trishul of Shiva and the whole tattoo is the exact replica of Shiva. The flow of the design is really good and is filled with many detailing that is just perfect for any follower of Buddha.
The flow of the ganpati trunk and the word om is written in its best way to make it look very natural. It has detailing that includes dots, chakras, eyes, lotus flower, etc that is all related to Buddha.

This small om symbol is inked in jet black colour that has simple flowy black patterns and curves to complete the look.
Some tattoo designs also have some Sanskrit chants written in a circular design to show the eternal circle of life.

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