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The bull is the sign of kingship, fathers, impulsiveness, fertility, masculinity, resurrection, strength, power and Zodiac symbolize the gathering Taurus. Incoming search terms:bull tattoo,bull tattoo designs,bull tattoos,irish tattoos for men,Tattoos of Bulls,taurus tattoos for men,tattoo bull,bulls tattoo,taurus bull tattoos,bull tattoos designs,No related posts. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Bulls have been important in many cultures throughout the years, both for their use in farming and for their significance in religious ceremonies. The Taurus symbol is a simple circle with two horns on it (see left), symbolizing the head of a bull. Impulsive and short tempered: when viewed in the rodeo ring or running the streets of Pamplona, there is no question that a bull can be seen as impulsive and short tempered.
Strength and aggressiveness: imagine the scene in a Spanish bull fighting ring, a bull charging at a man dressed in a funny custom, holding up a red cape. India: cows and bulls are held in high regard in the Hindu culture for a multitude of reasons.
Israel:the Hebrew aleph, or the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, is the symbol of the bull. The Celts: in the Celtic culture, bulls were often associated with the sun, while cows were associated with the earth. Native America: The popular image of the bull skull is commonly seen in Native American depictions, particularly those of the Plains Indians.
Sports Teams: There is no way of getting around the fact that many sports teams feature bulls as their mascot.
Taurus, the second astrological sign of the Zodiac, is an excellent subject for this type of body art.
A symbol of strength, fertility, masculinity, power, fathers and kinship, the bull is represented in the Zodiac as a€?Taurusa€™, also a major constellation in our skies. The bull is placed between two binary opposites: fiery, solar masculinity as expressed in world mythology by the father of the herd spreading his seed and fertile femininity as represented by the moon.
In many societies bulls were sacrificed because their blood was believed to add nutrients to the earth. These creatures are also demonstrated to be held in great respect by mankind and must be tamed of their wildness to serve the interests of humans. Once again, choosing this image is a matter of personal taste and as much research as possible should be conducted before a final decision is made.
Bull tattoos can have a wide array of different meanings depending on the culture that the tattoo originated from. The extensive existence of bull in several different and well-known cultural legends and early religions may be explicated by the fact that the cattle were first animals among all animal that is cultivated by man. These tattoos are principally sported by men as bulls symbolize masculinity, power and strength.
What some men may not realize is that bull tattoo art has a lot of different meanings associated with it.
For those born between April 20th and May 20th, having a bull tattoo may bring additional significance.

These dangerous events more than characterize this aspect of a bull’s character and what a bull tattoo could mean to you.
This image strongly depicts the bull’s aggressive tendencies and their destructive power.
A bull charging after a bullfighter in the ring must be distracted as they will continue after their target until there is nothing left, displaying their determination. Whether cheering on the Chicago Bulls basketball team or showing your Texas longhorn pride, a bull tattoo can often symbolize the pride one has in his favorite sports team. Cattle was the first species to be properly farmed by human being the world over and the ubiquity of the bull can be explained by this. Thus potential tattoo-bearers may be intrigued by this unifying symbol between man and woman and the two sides of the gender coin. Thus these sacrifices came to be linked to the end of winter and the beginning of spring, the natural cycles that our planet has always adhered to. Bulls are unpredictable symbols, often being equated with negatives such as tyranny, brutality, ferocity and the Devil. There is a reason why bullfighting and The Running of the Bulls are some of the most popular events across the world.
In Hinduism, the cows of India are known to symbolize a fruitful earth, while bulls are shown to represent a fertile sky. This is normally designed to the backside and it is meant that the black is born to the backside. In Hindus, the bull and cow are meant as father and mother and these are respected animals. Flaunting a bull tattoo expresses the wearer’s fearless nature as bulls are not afraid of anything. So before you get yourself branded, check out what the bull means to different people in different cultures. People born under the sign of Taurus are generally seen as being stubborn and strong willed, with a sympathetic side.
Included in the winter astrological calendar, the symbol of the bull or the ox has yin properties.
Lord Shiva always has a white bull by his side, displaying his masculine nature and virility. Tattoos based on this sign often contain a complete picture of a bull while some can feature just the horns – the most attractive feature of this animal. Cattle referred to the first social shift from hunting and gathering to an agrarian economy and lifestyle. Anyone with an interest in pagan culture and understanding the way the world works in spiritual terms may be attracted to a bull image on their skin.
In Ireland a good warrior might be complimented with the term a€?bulla€™ because he was both honorable and good but also able to be violent and unforgiving. Bulls are mighty creatures that do not shy away from confrontation when they are challenged. Bull tattoos can be used to represent someone who has a short fuse, or someone who knows that they must defend themselves when danger is present.

Bulls are associated with heaven because in some ancient stories gods were made to look similar to bulls. The bull was an important piece of many religions because without a bull, you have no cow, and without a cow you have no civilization. Bulls are typically viewed as a muscular animal that elicits images of strength and power in the minds of many. Additionally in Hindu culture, Rudra, a bull, is seen as fertilizing the world in the creation myth.
Known for knocking grown men off their backs, a bull tattoo can easily show the power and strength behind each creature. People under this sign are quite docile in nature, but can become extremely angry if provoked. Sacrifices along with bullfights have been seen as metaphors for mana€™s attempts to dominate nature.
To this day, bull symbolism reflects this ambiguity and it is one that has drawn in legions of potential tattoo-bearers.
This is more than likely because the cow was the lifeblood of many early civilizations, and the cow could not be without the bull. The fact that the bull is such a strong, dominant creature, along with its ties with fertility and life have made it so that bull tattoo design can mean a number of different things.
The windy breath, roar, sound of its hooves of the bulls are most formally designed of the artists and mostly weared by the youngsters. These tattoos provide great scope for creativity and come in a wide range of variety including tribal bull tattoos and Celtic bull tattoos.
The importance of this animal cannot be understated to those thinking of getting a tattoo of it.
Tattoos featuring the head and horns of a bull make excellent chest or shoulder tattoos, while full body bull tattoos look great as full back tattoos or arm tattoos. This tattoo design allows for much creativity as they look good on their own and can also be combined with phrases and pictures. Bull tattoos are most common in countries where bullfighting is practiced or in religions where the bull plays an important part in the sacred stories of the religion. It some instances, the bull also means hell, partially because the bull features a set of horns that is similar to the horns that the devil is depicted with. These are mostly designed by the youngster for showing as a sign of their power and social status.
While the two may not seem to be directly connected, the power and strength of the bull helps to solidify the bull as a solid representation of both masculinity and fertility. The bull is strong and masculine in itself, as it is the male counterpart to the female cow.

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