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My friend and I made this butterfly birthday cake for our daughters' joint 3rd birthday party. For my Butterfly Birthday cake, I baked a round cake, froze it, and then cut it in half.I placed the two halves on a cookie sheet, the round sides facing each other. This year she wanted a butterfly cake so I decided to make her one since butterfly cakes fuel my fantasy for cake decorating.For the cake I used a 9 inch cake pan. After frosting the cake, I traced a wing design into the two halves with a knife and then filled in that area with pink frosting. She really wanted a butterfly so I found a butterfly template online and cut the cake to its shape.

Most of the designs we saw we thought would be too small for the number of children attending the party so we came up with our own idea.
We used two normal 7" round cakes and two 9" round cakes (for the larger cakes we used a Pyrex flan dish with double the quantity of cake mix in each one).
I made coconut and jelly cantaloupe filling.The icing is made with green,yellow and pink food coloring. The larger cakes were baked at a lower temp of 150 degrees c for about 40 mins to ensure they were cooked through to the middle and not too crispy on the outside!Once we had the cakes baked we cut a small amount off the edge of each cake to give a straight edge which joined to the body (Swiss rolls) then cut a section out of the smaller cakes to join together neatly with the larger cakes.
We used the off cuts to make a circle to form the head.To decorate we used pink butter icing which was spread over the surface and edges of the cake.

We used strawberry laces to outline the shape, strawberry pencils were curled to make the antenna.

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