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If youre looking to get a newly tattooed butterfly, here is a great example of fine art at it best. Find Idea's, Discover Artists, your next tattoo, get inspired or browse our communities amazing collection! If you own the copyright of the images or quotes and you want it removed please drop us an email.
Disclaimer: all the images are not under our Copyrights and belong to their respective owners. May 17, 2012 By brittandreatta Leave a Comment We all know that butterflies symbolize change, with their stunning metamorphosis from one creature to a completely different creature. And that is why the butterfly symbolizes change — that in order to truly change, we must experience a little death or loss of the old and familiar in order to create the new.
Emotional reactions to change typically include fear, anxiety, anger, sadness and denial along with hope, exhilaration, and happiness.

If you are going through a change of any kind, it’s important to take care of yourself during the process.
Change is a wonderful thing — even when it is hard and difficult or brought on by force or tragedy.
Cover Up Tattoo designs for men like the dragon tattoo designs, tribal tattoo designs and wing tattoo designs are very famous thus oftentimes implemented as sleeves.
They start off as leaf-munching caterpillars without much in common with grace or beauty, and then they transform into gorgeous gossamer-winged beings. While butterflies may not need stress management during their change, humans most certainly do. One of the largest animals on the planet, elephants exhibit sharp minds and human characteristics, such as mourning for their dead. Whether it be a back piece or a tiny character, we believe the body is a living canvas capable of exhibiting incredible masterpieces.

Tattoo ideas for girls or tattoo designs for women like henna tattoo designs, tattoo art designs, cool tattoo designs and butterfly tattoo designs looks really good when implemented on the right spot. While humans go through change on a regular basis, we have a psychological reaction to change, especially when the change is not of our choosing. So embrace your metamorphosis, take care of yourself in the process, and rejoice when the journey is complete. Elephant tattoos symbolize family, intelligence, protection, guardianship, femininity, wisdom, empathy, kindness, fierceness, pride, and love.
For more tattoo inspiration beyond the elephant tattoo gallery below, check out our other featured tattoo categories.

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