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While most any type of flower would make a beautiful addition to your tattoo garden, some are more popular than others.
The lotus: There are rich traditions behind this beautiful flower and this is why it makes the top five of the most popular flower tattoos. Even though these are the most popular flower tattoo designs, feel free to express yourself by inking your body with your favorite flower – the one that shows what your personality really is.
The great thing about flower tattoos is that there are so many designs that can be added to make the tattoo even more special and give it more personality. Drew Barrymore, the poster girl for pure beauty and innocence, has a mixture of flowers in a tattoo on her lower left hipbone. Halle Berry, sexy and strong, sports a flower tat somewhere that only someone special can see- her right butt cheek.
Heather Locklear, an angelic beauty in her own right, has a rose tattooed on her right ankle.
Kelly Clarkston has a flower that was not mentioned in the top five list but still makes the top ten; a sunflower.
Sophie Anderton has a lotus flower on her lower back with an added on bird of paradise to top off the look. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Angel Tattoos, Wedding Tattoos, Travel Tattoos and Tattoo Quotes.
The bright orange petal of a calla lily looks out at the viewer from this realistic forearm tattoo design. White, golden-yellow and green come together with light blue in this colorful calla lilies foot tattoo. Nuanced shading brings out the beauty of the twin calla lilies in this realistic flower tattoo for a couple.
Elegant tendrils and soft orange petals combine in this graceful design inked below the navel. In this fantasy theme tattoo, a tiny blue flower fairy sits kneeling amongst twin orange calla lilies. A vividly shaded blue frog seems to be coming out of the pink calla lily in this surrealistic shoulder tattoo. The sensuous petals of calla lilies bend among tall grass stalks in this dynamic sleeve tattoo. A pair of purple calla lilies on the lower leg looks on at the outline of a lily tattoo inked on the ankle. A mauve calla lily and a pink heart share space in this sensuous pastel hued tattoo celebrating love. Bold outlines give a vivid expression to the golden-yellow petals in this calla lilies tattoo design. I have never been a fan of a single flower say or a single anything in a design, I like to have a tatto with differant elements in the design to give it more interest.

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Many women admit that lilies would be their number one choice of bouquet so it is no surprise that lily tattoos are among the favorite floral designs in body art too. The lily originates from the south-eastern part of Europe on the Balkan Peninsula but it was imported from there to other European countries. The traditional lily is white so it will come as no surprise that lily tattoos symbolize innocence and purity. However, lily tattoos can also have a more erotic symbolism which stems from ancient Greece where these flowers were associated with fertility and procreation as opposed to chastity or purity. The lily is also a sign of excellence and luxury, think Louis VII and his fleur-de-lis French coat of arms.
There are a variety of additional meanings that are associated with lily tattoos besides the traditional pure and innocent connotations. It represents many things, including spirituality, strength, luck, honor, respect and longevity. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
Not only is this a beautiful flower but it is an amazing shape to draw too which makes it ideal for tattoos.
It went from there to become of one the most popular flowers in the world and more recently has also become one of the most sought after tattoo images. In Christianity, the purity of these noble and elegant flowers was believed to be a representation of divine virginity and St Joseph is often pictured with white lilies sprouting from his staff.
Some say this was due to the lily’s connotations with procreation although legend has it that an angel brought him a lily and this was the reason behind the French monarch’s infatuation.
It also signifies highly regarded concepts such as nobility of spirit and pride so it is an ideal tattoo for a strong woman who is proud and elegant too. No matter what you wish you flower tattoo design to symbolize, you should have no problem finding the exact one that you have been envisioning in your mind’s eye.
Where you actually choose to put it will depend on the type of flower you get and the design you choose. If you are looking for a flower tattoo that combines the beauty of a lily with bright colors, a Calla Lily Tattoo is a great idea.
According to Greek mythology, the lily was created by a drop of milk that fell from the breast of Juno when she was nursing Hercules as a baby. Italy also has links to the lily and it is still considered to be the emblem of Florence as well as being a popular tattoo design with many Italians. These are very pretty designs and can have differing meanings depending on the color and variety of the flower.
The calla lily, the most delicate of all lilies, symbolizes modesty, and the yellow lily says the wearer is flirtatious.

Those who have gone through major tribulations and come out on top get this tattoo as a way to show that they made it thought a struggle and emerged with more strength than ever. In the Hawaiian culture, some women get this flower tattooed on themselves to show that they are ready to find someone to marry. If you really love a certain flower, I am sure that there is a way to incorporate it into another more masculine tattoo design that will make you look like the manly man you are! Lilies have also been linked to the Saints throughout the centuries as well as to Gabriel, the Archangel. In China, the lily means mother and in other cultures a pink lily represents vanity while yellow means nobility but a calla lily signifies beauty and the tiger lily is a symbol for pride and wealth. Keep reading for some more great information on flower tattoos and why they may be just the ink you are looking to add to your collection!
For instance, the main aspect of the design may be a skull, but it may be holding a black rose in its teeth. Daises can also be a mysterious thing that symbolizes something that is only known and shared by two people, usually a man and a women, so this is also a tattoo that a man can get. These are some of the most beautiful areas to place this type of tattoo because the design can be made very elaborate and the lower back is a sensual place to put a flower tattoo.
You can have the distinctive large petal done in a sensuous style in a color of your choice. The graceful form of a calla lily lends itself to gorgeous designs, and its delicate beauty makes it ideal as tattoos for women. From fiery orange and lush magenta, to delicate white and pale pink, calla lilies are known for a wide color palette and an attractive shape. Pink means friendship, orange means passion, white means purity and purple is the color for both love and royalty.
Making a chain of flowers around the wrist in the style of a bracelet is also a great choice. Purple is a mystical color that resembles the evening sky, and you can go for a purple calla lily tattoo design. If you are in love and want to declare it to the world, twin calla lilies make for interesting designs. While rich colors stand out in calla lily tattoos, you can also play up the simple form with a gracefully flowy design in black. A pretty pink calla lily tattoo peeping above your waistline can be both inviting and erotic.

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