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For those people who want to either find a career in a new functional area or want a promotion and a higher level position, you may want to pursue what I call a “2-Step Strategy”.  Let’s look at the circumstances for using this strategy and define the 2 steps. Understand the performance standards of the position for which you were hired and exceed them. Engage your manager in your plan.  Again, you want to wait until you are solid in your position. Reinforce your Personal Brand so people in your new company see you either at the next level or as well qualified to move into the new functional group.  Since you have no history, you can recreate yourself so you aren’t locked in. Dorothy Tannahill-Moran is a Career Coach and expert on helping her clients achieve their goals. At this time of year, when people are just returning to work after a break from the office, many begin to contemplate the thought of another year passing by in the same job.
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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Her programs cover: Career growth and enhancement, Career Change, Retirement Alternatives and Job Search Strategy.

But before you rashly start firing out your resume, it's important to give due consideration to a move. Start doing your research to find a list of companies that are conducive to your career directions. Even if your new career is a total departure from your previous job, there is likely to be some crossover of skills. Consider what you already have direct experience with, and which skills could be transferable to a new career. Here we look at some questions and considerations for those thinking of changing careers in 2013. Do you have organizational abilities, people skills, management experience, project management skills or a talent for getting new initiatives going? Why Are You Considering a Change?Is this desire simply a dose of the January blues, or is it really the time for a change? These are all examples of transferable skills.ResearchAfter establishing a clear idea of what you'd like from a new career you need to gather more information before you are ready to apply. Look into what jobs are currently available in the sector, determine what experience you'll need and find out if the salary is going to be enough to live on.

If you're going to change jobs in a difficult job market, you want to be especially sure that you are making the right decision by identifying the true reasons behind your feelings.
If you know you want a change but don't know what into, recruitment firms or career coaches can help. Is there a different job that you feel would be more satisfying?What Do You Want From a Career?Once you know why you want to leave your job, you can then ask yourself what it is you want to get from your working life.
Taking stock of your current situation and critically examining what is important to you will ensure that your values are aligned with your potential new line of work. Once you know this, you may in fact realize that you can achieve the change while staying with your current employer, perhaps by moving to part-time work or asking to transfer to other areas of the business.You have to identify how you like to work and what your core values are.
For example, is it important that you do good work, that your efforts are recognized, or are you looking for status and importance? All of these questions will lead you to a better understanding of where you want to be in the future and what you should be trying to negotiate in your current role, or what you should be looking for in your next one.

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