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Giraffe Cartoon Clip Art ImagesGiraffe Cartoon Animal Images. Giraffe Cartoon Animal Clip Art Images. Drawing a cartoon giraffe is pretty easy when you take into account, the long curved neck that all giraffes have. Oh, and just for fun with this lesson in particular - I went ahead and changed the look of the giraffe on the right. As mentioned above, if you can simplify the neck area of your cartoon giraffe ahead of time, the rest of the drawing will take 'shape' much easier.
The neck of the giraffe is the single most important feature when it comes to simplifying the structure, making it easier to draw.

Remember, a cross - as well as a few other lines, will come in handy to insure that all parts can be drawn in with precision. Similar to the Apatosaurus dinosaur lesson, drawing the neck of your cartoon giraffe is fairly straight forward using a curved line to guide you along. And now, with your cartoon giraffe complete -- refer back up to the top of the lesson for a second. Use your imagination -- see what kinds of small adjustments you can make to bring out rather large change in your final creation. Have you ever wanted to draw a giraffe?A  Maybe you want to draw an easy giraffe cartoon for a Noaha€™s ark picture.A  A jungle safari picture including a giraffe illustration would be fun to draw, too!A  If you follow Don Howarda€™s easy step by step instructions, I know you can do it!

Your cute giraffe drawing would look great on a birthday card for a friend or family member, or a welcome home sign for someone who is travelling.A  One way to make someone smile is to share your art!A  Learning how to draw a giraffe cartoon may make someonea€™s day, while you are having fun, too! Notice how with only a few simple adjustments (hair, lips, earrings, necklace, dress) - the look of the animal immediately becomes feminine. Beginning on and around the circle up top, go ahead and sketch in the features that compose the head of the animal.

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