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Guaranteed 2 reputation points to anybody who atleast attempts real x rays of any of my pics. Not taking Private Requests, so many jerks on this site who won't do one in return after they promise to. Damn had to do this one , god i wanna grap her by her long hair make 2 ponytails of it and let her suck my cock.Gonna fuck her mouth so deep thats she gonna have tears in her eyes.

Will consider requests, but will only do if I like them or a trade..if your going to be offended if i say no dont ask! She kept calling to tell me that she's a big fan of my work and that she would really like a role in one of my films, so I told her I could work her into my Jennifers trilogy along with Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Jen really enjoyed it, she's obviously thrilled to be cocked and covered in TH's sticky manglaze.

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