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While tattoos are a hot fashion accessory some are soon thought to be mistakes and then you have to decide on how to cover them up. The most well known female celeb that has had to cover up a tattoo design (actually more than one!) is Angelina Jolie. Let’s have a look at celebrities that we know off who have had to cover up earlier tattoos and see if we can learn from their public mistakes.
Back in the early 1990s Johnny Depp was engaged to Winona Ryder and got her name loving tattooed on his right arm – it read Winona Forever. Angelina does offer some sound advice to people considering getting a loved one’s name tattooed onto their body however. Unfortunately it appears that she quickly forgot that advice herself and has since had a tattoo put on her body to represent Brad Pitt!
While Angelina was in Amsterdam she got drunk and had a blue tongue dragon tattoo put on her stomach. Angelina has also had a small blue window tattoo on her lower back which looked a little like the rectangle window on Play School and was said to represent her outlook on life. She had a tattoo on her left arm that read Billy Bob and this was removed when they were divorced.
Lady Gaga is well known for both her costumes and her growing collection of tattoos however her first tattoo can’t be seen anymore as she’s had it covered up!
When Lady Gaga was only 17 and still going by the name she was christened with she got hold of a fake id and got her first tattoo – a treble clef. TweetFrom head to toe designs flow, a tattoo is a mark of expression and art on ones body and it has become part of mainstream fashion for both men and women.

Celebrities tend to set a trend in the type of tattoos they get, here are a selection of popular designs. Star Tattoos are most popular with women, getting a tattoo star normally resembles good luck but it can also carry a more religious meaning for some. His sleeve tattoos cover both arms as he had a 2ft-long tattoo drawn over his entire arms and he had these tattoo’s join his cloud and cherub design over his shoulders. His tattoo on his abdomen is of a religious figure, a depiction of Jesus on his lower right abdomen which continued as a theme for his chest tattoo. The first celeb that I remember having this problem (although I’m sure someone can think of earlier cases!) is Johnny Depp.
After nearly four years their relationship was over, but Depp didn’t really want to have the tattoo removed. When she had her large Bengal Tiger tattoo put onto her back it’s tail covered up this tattoo.
Angelina also had a black dragon tattoo on her left arm that was thought to represent Billy Bob, this one didn’t get removed until she adopted Maddox. For a musician it seems quite appropriate to get a treble clef tattoo getting that tattoo on you back hip seems fine, Lady Gaga however decided that it wasn’t something she wanted to keep. Various tattoos are being seen around the world, some markings may be of religious meanings some may be of personal identifications and taste, whichever it may be every tattoo a person gets symbolises a meaning of importance to them. The nautical star was a star that was made popular by the blue and white sailors to help guide them home safely so some express their tattoo because of faith and guidance. These types of tattoo’s are normally of cultural importance and they are in plain black ink.

As he said in an interview in GQ “I think of my tattoos like a journal to have it removed, or erase it, is to try and say it never happened.
She had it removed by laser and the area has since been tattooed with the co-ordinates of the birthplaces of each of her children, as well as more recently Brad Pitt’s birthplace co-ordinates. Lady Gaga had a mixture of intertwining vines and roses tattooed on her back and waist which are easily seen in some of her music videos, especially the Bad Romance music video. Rhianna has a upper body star tattoo on the back of her neck leading down from the star inside her left ear, Sienna Miller has the shoulder star tattoo and the classic wrist tattoo is on many celebrities like Eva Longoria, a simple classic tattoo. Religious and spiritual beliefs are often represented in these types of tattoo’s and many celebrities have been seen with these types of designs.
Now David has had a fourth child Harper Seven he has had a new tattoo to mark this celebration; the Harper tattoo which sits on the left collar bone of David is above the designs he had done for his sons. Jamie Foxx who is well known for his tribal tattoo even tattooed his head with a tribal design for one of his movie roles.
That is some monstrosity we haven’t been able to figure out the source of but he says his kids like it, so that’s good but it probably gave them nightmares for a few days! Speaking of bums, she almost ended up sitting on hers in the judge’s chair on The X-Factor, but her recent pregnancy lost her the chance.
Not to worry though, as her and her butterfly tattoo will still make appearances on the reality competition.

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