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The cherry, which is rich in color and juicy in consistency, relates directly to the life giving power of a women.
Cherries go well with many different tattoo styles, although they work best if they have a retro flavor.
The meaning of the cherry tattoo also varies according to whether the cherry is on the tree or has been plucked from the tree. However, when the cherry is depicted after it has been removed from the tree, its significance changes.
Many of today's cherry tattoo designs are inspired by the father of old school tattooing, Sailor Jerry. Since cherries are simple in design, they can be altered and tattooed in a way that will create a variety of representations. Cherry blossoms are from a large part of East Asia, especially Japan, where he has a special cultural significance and as Sakura.
Since this is a very popular tradition, national news channels reported on the flowering pattern of each year, so people can both festivals and informal meetings to plan accordingly. Despite their vulnerability, and probably female beauty, the cherry blossom is not strictly associated with women in combination.
However, the cherry blossoms are becoming increasingly popular as a picture of their own, especially in women. An advantage of using a great design of the cherry blossom tattoo is that the flexibility in the size and location offers. Furthermore, because the cherry blossoms are striking and subtle, they can be integrated into other images, and even entirely different kinds of tattoo art. This particular design is characterized by an emphasis on the dark side of the symbolism of cherry blossoms (that everything is destroyed) by the pile of fallen flowers closely resemble a puddle of blood. Gallery Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs and MeaningIf want more designs and meaning of cherry blossom tattoos or you need a reference point for you tattoo design, the following pictures gallery can be your references.
While most any type of flower would make a beautiful addition to your tattoo garden, some are more popular than others. The lotus: There are rich traditions behind this beautiful flower and this is why it makes the top five of the most popular flower tattoos.
Even though these are the most popular flower tattoo designs, feel free to express yourself by inking your body with your favorite flower – the one that shows what your personality really is. The great thing about flower tattoos is that there are so many designs that can be added to make the tattoo even more special and give it more personality. Drew Barrymore, the poster girl for pure beauty and innocence, has a mixture of flowers in a tattoo on her lower left hipbone. Halle Berry, sexy and strong, sports a flower tat somewhere that only someone special can see- her right butt cheek.

Heather Locklear, an angelic beauty in her own right, has a rose tattooed on her right ankle. Kelly Clarkston has a flower that was not mentioned in the top five list but still makes the top ten; a sunflower. Sophie Anderton has a lotus flower on her lower back with an added on bird of paradise to top off the look. While a cherry appears to be an innocent symbol, its true significance is based around fertility.
It is said to resemble the fullness and color of a woman's lips, which is a very alluring feature of the female form.
The flavor is intense and the color is strong, and it has also been looked at as a symbol for the first sign of love. A tattoo that depicts a cherry still on the tree, is said to represent the innocence and purity of a woman. A cherry that has been plucked from the tree or a dripping cherry pierced by hands or the mouth represents the loss of virginity and correlates to a woman's lost innocence, lust, and ability to inspire lust. Sailor Jerry was a famous tattoo artist, who owned a tattoo shop in Honolulu for over forty years.
Cherries are very easy to use as the primary focus of a tattoo or as a colorful symbol to add flair to an unrelated design. Their characteristics are considered a national icon pink flowers in Japan, one that arises not only in art, but in almost all forms of media. Life, love, material possessions, and everything else in this world are fleeting and temporary, finally seen in this context. Imperial officials, the two World War II, his life is often compared to that of the cherry blossom, beautiful but short. Here flowers with tribal tattoos are interconnected, and does not look out of place at all.
Under current trends in design and make it unique is a cornerstone of creating tattoo, and it is a good example.
It represents many things, including spirituality, strength, luck, honor, respect and longevity. They can be inked simply as a plain cherry, one that has burst open and is leaking juice, or as a cherry that is in flames or equipped with devil horns and a pitchfork. As such, the cherry blossoms are strongly associated with the notion of the impermanence of life.
Just dipped in designs for men, the cherry blossoms are often embedded in large, complex designs, especially the sleeves and full body tattoos.
You can choose to only a few scattered flowers, or to imagine that an entire branches and flowers in different directions.

No matter what you wish you flower tattoo design to symbolize, you should have no problem finding the exact one that you have been envisioning in your mind’s eye.
Where you actually choose to put it will depend on the type of flower you get and the design you choose. Delicate and beautiful, they are in the blink of an eye, a concept that plays on the concept of mono no aware.
This is often associated with the Yakuza in Japan (gangsters, although the term is not quite the same). The calla lily, the most delicate of all lilies, symbolizes modesty, and the yellow lily says the wearer is flirtatious. Those who have gone through major tribulations and come out on top get this tattoo as a way to show that they made it thought a struggle and emerged with more strength than ever. In the Hawaiian culture, some women get this flower tattooed on themselves to show that they are ready to find someone to marry. If you really love a certain flower, I am sure that there is a way to incorporate it into another more masculine tattoo design that will make you look like the manly man you are!
The cherry blossoms fall so fast and constant speed, it is realistic, for one, but it is at work here – again, the brief refers.
Keep reading for some more great information on flower tattoos and why they may be just the ink you are looking to add to your collection! For instance, the main aspect of the design may be a skull, but it may be holding a black rose in its teeth. Daises can also be a mysterious thing that symbolizes something that is only known and shared by two people, usually a man and a women, so this is also a tattoo that a man can get. These are some of the most beautiful areas to place this type of tattoo because the design can be made very elaborate and the lower back is a sensual place to put a flower tattoo.
Even if we observe the beauty of flowers, they will die, and the idea that there is great beauty and wisdom to accept it.
Pink means friendship, orange means passion, white means purity and purple is the color for both love and royalty. Making a chain of flowers around the wrist in the style of a bracelet is also a great choice.

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