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Some people would say that they look better on women than men because of the way this tattoo has a more dynamic.
This is considered a powerful creature and yet wise and not seen as a threat to humanity or something to be feared.
Chinese dragon tattoos can be exceptionally difficult to tell apart from other dragons from the eastern part of the world. Interestingly the Chinese dragon is made from bodily features of nine different other creatures and there are nine different types of dragons. Winged dragon tattoos  – Historically, Chinese dragons did not have wings but nonetheless had the ability to fly. Celestial – The Celestial Dragon is the head dragon in heaven.  He is in charge of protecting the homes of all the other residents.
Spiritual – This dragon’s job is to control the wind and rain.  Of course some sort of appeasement measures by humans is necessary to change the weather. Coiling – The coiling dragon lives in lakes and rivers.  Water lovers may like this design and it would go well on arms or legs used for swimming.
Dragon King – This dragon is traditionally thought to be a group of four who protect the oceans in all four directions of the earth.
Homeless – Moving from the mountains to the sea and marshes always on the go; he’s homeless. Yellow – History on the yellow dragon is a little sketchy, but it is generally believed he left his home in the waters to commune with humans and teach them how to use written language.
Additionally, if a person couples any of their Chinese dragon tattoos with a phoenix, they are now symbolizing marriage, the phoenix being the female and the dragon being the male.

To the Chinese, the dragon is the lord of the four elements (earth, air, fire and water) and of the four directions (north, east, south, west). In Chinese mythology, the dragon could shape-shift into other creatures, for instance in a human, a silkworm or the entire universe.
Dragons have a yang (male) nature and are associated with the number 9, a lucky number in China because it is the biggest possible single number.
Most often a dragon tattoo 'winds' itself up a person’s arm (or leg) and ends on the chest (see pic below). The upper back is also a popular spot, the dragon's head extending over the shoulder to the chest. Dragons in Chinese designs are often combined with a tiger or phoenix, usually in a fighting pose. According to the Chinese zodiac system, you are a dragon if you are born in the year 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 or 2012. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work.
Most of the designs also look great on a woman’s body so that they use it for feminine tattoos, you should not be surprised about this. Often, the head and upper body of the dragon will extend to the sides of the torso or to the front of the torso or under or passing the belt line. The parts are important to the designs of Chinese dragon tattoos.  The head is that of a camel, eyes of a rabbit (although some say the eyes of the devil), scales of the carp (many descriptions are explicit and report that there are exactly 117 scales), neck of an iguana or snake, paws of the tiger, claws of the eagle, horns of a stag and the belly of a clam.
Keep in mind whether or not you want to convey meaning with through the Chinese dragon tattoos as you read through this list.

This is the only official Chinese dragon tattoo that includes wings.  If you want wings, this is your only choice within the traditional Chinese dragon tattoos.
Many people with strong spiritual beliefs choose the celestial dragon to share those beliefs and confirm their own spiritual path.
In these stories, dragons were protectors of the Buddha and helped him to defeat evil spirits. In such designs, the dragon symbolizes the positive force and the tiger or phoenix the negative or destructive force.
Because of this, the most popular websites in the top of the leg is the thigh, the outer surface. There is some scholarly discussion about the number of toes.  Chinese dragons are said to commonly have five toes.
That's why until today dragons are used in temple art, such as statues, carvings or paintings.
An added benefit of such a placement is that it enhances your muscles and makes you look stronger.

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