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The head of a tribe was tattooed with a design that was exclusive to be made on the chief of the tribe only. Today the most common purpose of a Chinese letter tattoo is using it as a fashion accessory and making a style statement. If you are reading this, you are most probably going to get a Chinese letter tattoo or are thinking about getting one. The Chinese letters tattoo can say a lot more than the same number of letters can in any other alphabet. People belonging to certain tribes used to have tattoos that identified them as the member of that tribe.

It is a good thing to research properly and thoroughly before deciding on a tattoo in order to ensure lifetime satisfaction. Full body tattoos were prevalent in the old Japanese traditions, and it is a tradition that has carried on in Japan.
They contain images, phrases, lyrics, letters, characters, symbols and just your own name as well.
Getting a tattoo is a painful process and the level of pain is directly related to how close to the bone it is. Facial tattoos and full body tattoos are typically associated to criminal organizations and gangs. But the tattoo designs that have been gaining rapid popularity these days are the Chinese letters tattoos.

One such gang is Yakuza in Japan which has facial and full body tattoos for their identification.
But the wide spread use of tattoos is gaining it acceptance from different societies and cultures. The unique style and designs of Chinese letters and symbols have made them popular among the people who seek innovation and a different style in their tattoos.

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