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If you are expecting a child in 2012, putting them in an infant dragon costume would be a creative idea for baby pictures.
Dragons are highly compatible with Rats, Dragons, Snakes, Monkeys and not compatible with Dogs, Rabbits or Oxen.
Have a wonderful and Happy New Year as we celebrate 2012, the year of the dragon, from your friends at Wholesale Costume Club. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Because of cyclical lunar dating, the first day of the year can fall anywhere between late January and the middle of February. On the Western calendar, the start of Chinese New Year in 2012 falls on Monday, January 23, 2012 - The Year of the Dragon.
If you were born in 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 or 2012, you were born under the sign of the dragon. They are dynamic and stand out in a crowd as they are flamboyant and tend to leave a blazing trail behind them, igniting passion in some, but also scorching others who fall to ride the wave with them. Dragons are also profoundly loyal to family and friends and think nothing of laying their lives down to protect their brood. They can never keep their mouths shut, indulge in idle gossip and tend to believe they can take on just about anything. Intelligent and charismatic, but the dragon seldom applies its wisdom carefully and chooses to flirt with imagined grandeur instead.
The date of the Chinese New Year is determined by the Chinese calendar, a lunisolar calendar. The same calendar is used in countries that have adopted the Confucian and Buddhism tradition and in many cultures influenced by the Chinese.
This occurs around the time of the full moon as each lunation is about 29.53 days in duration. Preparations tend to begin a month from date of the Chinese New Year (similar to a Western Christmas), when people start buying presents, decorations materials, food and clothing. A huge clean up gets underway days before the New Year, when Chinese houses are cleaned from top to bottom, to sweep away any traces of bad luck, and doors and windowpanes are given a new coat of paint, usually red. The doors and windows are then decorated with paper cuts and couplets with themes such as happiness, wealth and longevity printed on them. After dinner, the family sit up for the night playing cards, board games or watching TV programs dedicated to the occasion.
The origin of the Chinese New Year is too old to trace; but the tales about it are quite interesting.
One day an old man came to the rescue of the people, he said to Nian, "I hear that you are a very capable beast, but do you think that you could swallow the other beasts of prey instead of people, who are not worthy opponents" So Nian started to swallow he other beast which were harassing the people anyway. The old man told the people to put up red decorations on their windows and doors at each year's end to scare away Nian in case he came back.
The people celebrate the New Year by putting up red paper and lighting fire- crackers to scare away Nian. They say the words "Guo Nian" which mean both, "Survive the Nian" and "Celebrate the year." The word "guo" in Chinese means both observe, and pass-over. Another tradition of the Chinese people is to wear bright costumes to attract the god of the universe who is supposed to come back at the beginning of the New Year. The climax of the Chinese New Year lasts only five days including New Year's Eve, but the New Year season is one month long.

At the end of the five-day celebration the people start again to prepare for the lantern festival, which takes place about ten days later. All food preparation is done in order to be ready for the many guests who will be coming. On the first day of the five-day celebration, the day of New Year's Eve the people visit family and friends and bid farewell to the old year. On New Year's Day the people all dress in new clothes and spend the day with their families.
The fourth day is a day for people, even strangers to drop in and visit wherever they like. The fifth day of the New Year is for visiting family who are far away, a day of travel and reunion. The Lantern Festival begins about ten days later, with the first full moon of the New Year, this lasts three days. The Lantern Festival, comes from the time when the Chinese People would go in search of spirits with burning sticks.
Chinese New Year is a time to welcome longevity, wealth and prosperity and to eliminate any negative chi from the past. This travel information in Koh Samui and facts about this important festival and offers idea for your holidays destination to make Chinese New Year 2012 the best ever. Beach Republic The Residences invites you to relax in your choice of our deluxe one, two or four bedroom villas, a stunning penthouse, and spacious suites.
Chinese New Year, February 2012: It’s believed that Samui’s first settlers were Chinese seafarers and many Samuians can trace their heritage back to them. Join us to explore Eastern culture and traditions of the Year of the Dragon with a variety of exciting FREE activities, displays, stories and presentations at our 55 libraries.
To be even more specific, each of the five elements, water, earth, fire, metal and wood represent the dragon and they alternate each time the dragon sign occurs.
For a pre-teen boy or girl who was born in the previous dragon year, a boy’s dragon ninja costume or a girl’s dragon ninja costume would be a good luck Halloween costume to wear October 31, 2012. She made lovely dragon scales by simply tracing her children's hands onto construction paper.  So if you like that idea better, check her blog out!
Those with the dragon as their animal sign are lively people who are straight to the point, proud, full of enthusiasm and have great passion for life. Although sincere and honest, dragons are known to act first, think later, and suffer in leisure.
They can be eccentric and egotistical, demanding others to laugh at their jokes or laud that their actions. The Chinese believe the animal ruling one's birth year has a profound influence on personality, and destiny. Chinese New Year starts on the first day of the new year containing a new moon (some sources even include New Year's Eve) and ends on the Lantern Festival fourteen days later. In the Gregorian calendar, the Chinese New Year falls on different dates each year, on a date between January 21 and February 21. Legend has it that there was a beast called Nian (which means "year" in Chinese) that would come to China the night before the new year began (according to the Chinese Calendar) and prey upon the people.
After that the man disappeared riding Nian, it turns out that the man was really an immortal god. During the New Year Celebration there is a lot of business and travelling conducted by the Chinese.

The people start to prepare themselves for the five-day New Year celebration a month in advance.
The people will do no cooking, except reheating, during these five days, and the shops will be closed. They exchange gifts; some of these gifts are gifts of money wrapped in red and gold paper.
This is also the day for the beginning of the Lion Dance, which lasts through the fifth day. During these three days decorated lanterns are hung, the people wear white in honour of the moon and moon cakes are eaten. Discover more about the Chinese New Year calendar, the traditions, activities, festivals, food and dance.
At best, they are leading lives worst, they reflect the old saying: Fools Rush In, where Angels Fear to Tread. The villas and the penthouse each have a private chemical and salt water-free pool, and all units are afforded the comforts of home.
The lunar new year is one of the biggest celebrations in the East and is an event that is celebrated all over the world. The zodiac signs rotate every 12 years so each dragon element only occurs every 60 years making them very special.
This involves married couples giving children and unmarried adults money in red envelopes. One of the legends has it that Nian had a very big mouth and that he would swallow a great many people with every bite. Charisma and charm attract the opposite sex is great, the attention and admiration for what you're looking for.
Take part in the festivities with our ‘all-you-can-eat’ Chinese and Asian Buffet night from 7pm onwards with live entertainment.
They have a natural tendency to fashion and people, if you want to catch up on the latest trends. Although they tend to regard love as a game that can be set with the right partner, someone who is strong enough to not overwhelm them independent and stubborn dragon inflammation.
The tradition is to eat dumpling soup; whoever bites into the dumpling with the surprise in it is supposed to have good luck throughout the year.
Dragon is perfect partners mouse, monkey, rooster, and: the mouse is a practical, observant and resourceful, able to help a dragon on the extravagant promises of copies in the corner of the dragon. Monkey is popular, such as dragons, interesting, intellectual, fun-loving, one of the few characters of the Dragon does not mind sharing the stage z. Water Dragons are more open to other opinions of other dragons, which gives them the opportunity to channel his personal charisma of the attributes of true leadership. Your parents can give the money to run Dragon in the way forward to serve the front, attractive, well maintained, extremely loyal and is committed to fairness Gallo and verified that the dragon, the dragon keep the promises that he or she can not keep.
Famous people born under the dragon is John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Al Pacino, Matt Dillon and Marlene Dietrich.

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