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MANILA, Philippines – Christian Cabardo, 34, a filmmaker, graphic and tattoo artist, died Sunday afternoon, February 9, in Manila after serious injuries following the fatal bus accident in Bontoc on February 7.
More popularly known as Mylo, Cabardo was airlifted to Manila on Saturday for treatment, but succumbed to injuries the following day. At least 14 other passengers, including comedian Arvin "Tado" Jimenez, have died from the accident. Cabardo's family friend Athena Masilungan confirmed his death as she wrote on her Facebook page: "My brother's friend, Christian Cabardo who was in the Florida bus that crashed in Bontoc, flatlined and passed on today. As a fellow tattoo artist, Cabardo was keen to meet and see Fang-od, the nonagenarian woman from Butbut who was also the last of her tribe using traditional tattooing methods. A Fine Arts graduate of the Philippine Women's University, Cabardo worked as graphic artist and event coordinator for several companies.

Using the shapes you just made, begin sketching out the actual structure of the skull head.
Here you will draw out the larger petals of the rose since the rose is being drawn in full bloom.
You will finish the flower by sketching out the last part of the flower which consists of two petal edges.
The tattoo artist has died after being airlifted to Manila following the Bontoc bus accident. A Florida bus he was on plunged into a ravine on the border of Talubin and Bayyu villages in Bontoc, Mountain Province. Jimenez, along with musician David Sicam and artist Gerard Baja, were headed to the mountains for various reasons – Tado was working on his "40 Mountains" project, while Sicam and his friends had just celebrated the birthday of Sicam's youngest child in Kalinga.
You will need to draw out a circle shape for the head or skull, then sketch out the guide shape for the face and upper jaw.

I chose to go with a Gothic style cross, but you can choose to draw a simple cross if you like. Now you can color in your religious skull design until you have something you are happy with.
Once the cross is done you can sketch out the crone of thrones then draw in the leaves for the roses and you are done. I was going to make it a full colored image, but I know most folks wouldn't get this design inked on their bodies colored so I left it black and white. You will then make the indent to the side part of the skull's head which is also the temple.

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