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For the past 50 years we have seen a focus on the need to improve high school graduation rates. Simply stated, there was a perception that American higher education represented the best the world had to offer. But over the last ten years we have seen a push towards holding higher education accountable for its product. At public colleges and universities only 29.0% of students graduate in the traditional four-year time frame. Given even more time, the percentage of students who graduate does increase to 58.3% if we measure the period over 8 years. One might think those more expensive private, non-profit schools would have significantly better numbers. Over the four-year timeframe, we see that private schools graduate 50.4% of their students, a number that nearly mirrors the six-year of public institutions.
But whereas public schools see a massive bump when the time period is extended to six years, for profits see very little gain.
If you take any three students attending a public college, you can expect that two of the three will not earn that diploma in the four-year period. And unlike American high schools, every one of these institutions has some form of entrance criteria and application process. College is a very expensive proposition for students and the costs associated with attending school are multiplied by every year of attendance. It seems only right that colleges and universities be held to a similar standard, especially those schools that have entrance criteria and admissions policies that limit student access to their programs. The open enrollment Georgia technical school I taught an introduction to computers course had 85% of the entering students requiring at least one remedial course. Without a significant amount of tutoring, these are among the students who won’t complete either a 2 or 4 year program. While it’s a nice idea to improve graduation rates, how this might be accomplished should be considered with extreme care. Math, Science, and other majors like engineering have a graduating rate; Majors like art, education and physical education have another graduating rate. The cream will tend to be the cream and the skim the skim no matter what attire you say the King is wearing.
Once the euphoria of being done with class has subsided, new grads must face what adults have been warning them about for twenty-plus years: the real world. Andrea Woroch is a nationally-recognized consumer and money-saving expert who helps consumers live on less without radically changing their lifestyles. Legal stuffNorth Texas Kids is dedicated to bringing you the best in parenting resources in the North Texas area. That perception was greatly enhanced by the volume of foreign students seeking the opportunity to be educated here.
In one of those areas, graduation rates, it is clear that American Universities are falling short, abysmally so. This minimal increase is dismal when weighed against the cost of two additional years of college.

They do in fact have better numbers but given their overall selectivity the rates continue to be extremely disappointing.
Like public colleges and universities, the for-profits struggle to graduate their students in the four-year timeframe as only 26.8% earn their sheepskin in four years. In fact, the highly selective private sector college admission criteria fly in the face of these final graduation statistics. But the multiplication is astronomical for those who spend exorbitant sums of money and time only to come up empty when it comes to earning a diploma. After all, in America we want to provide every one opportunities and that is what colleges are doing, providing options. Today, the federal government insists that schools educate all students or face sanctions under the No Child Left Behind Act.
Ease the transition from carefree college life to responsible adulthood with these 11 practical gift ideas for college grads. Cash Life after graduation is exciting but it’s also laden with ugly financial responsibilities like credit card and student loan debt. Gift Cards Though cash is very useful, who’s to say the new grad will spend it wisely when temptations abound? Financial Planning Session One of the best gifts you can offer a recent grad is the opportunity to begin her new life on the right financial foot. Personal Finance Books If a professional financial planner is out of the question budget-wise, opt for the DIY approach to personal finance: buy a book. Foreign Language Lessons The job market may be looking up for 2012 grads, but ultimately it never hurts to add to your skill set.
Magazine or Newspaper Subscriptions In addition to enhancing skills sets, being in the know about the latest happenings helps job seekers stay informed and relevant.
Smartphone As the nomenclature suggests, a smartphone is a savvy way for new grads to stay on top of communications from potential employers, navigate their way through unfamiliar streets and keep in touch with Mom and Dad. Moving Truck Anyone who’s moved down the street or across the country knows the costs involved are anything but cheap. From smart spending tips to personal finance advice, Andrea transforms everyday consumers into savvy shoppers.
At public schools the percentage of students that graduate within six years nearly doubles to 54.7%. While most would insist that for-profits are geared towards part-time, working students, the study looks only at those individuals who started as full time students.
Even at private colleges, roughly one of every two students fails to earn his or her diploma in four years. Under such a view, it is the students themselves and not the schools that are to blame for these poor results.
This can be observed, for example, in colleges in the Netherlands, where the school is paid to GRADUATE, and not to TEACH students, which is turning them gradually into institutions where students learn less and less, come to class less and less, and still pass and earn a diploma.
In fact, total borrowing for student loans in a single year eclipsed $100 billion for the first time ever in 2010. If your new grad is still struggling with effectively conveying his accomplishments on paper, consider gifting him with a professional resume service.

By purchasing one or more professional financial planning sessions, you’re offering the opportunity to learn the most effective approach for establishing a budget, paying off debt and saving for retirement. Knowing a second language is not only impressive, it wards off dementia and opens up job opportunities throughout the globe.
Account holders can make tax-free withdrawals once they hit retirement age, and better yet, they can withdraw contributions tax and penalty-free.
If the preferred style of the recipient and the required wardrobe of the industry are unknown to you, offer a gift card. Additionally, the abundance of apps for everything from cheap dinner recipes to budget-management tools makes young lives a little easier. If the area in which the happy graduate went to school is not where she intends to stay, consider helping her with moving costs by contributing to a truck rental (if needed). She has been featured among top news outlets such as Good Morning America, NBC’s Today, MSNBC, New York Times, Kiplinger Personal Finance, CNNMoneyand many more. Diploma factories have no place in genuine education, and while public schools for children may need to cater to all students (although financial penalties and closures are not the way to make this happen), colleges are for adults, and must provide the tools with which students can learn to build things.
Today colleges are a hugh nonproductive halfway house for students, that do not belong in college.
Despite the perceived lack of effort associated with gifting cash, new grads are likely your most enthusiastic recipients.
Rosetta Stone is an affordable alternative to formal instruction and offers the added advantage of mobility. Alternatively, offering a trade magazine within the graduate’s area of study or interest is another good option. It’s important to know the basics of Roth IRAs, however, in order to effectively manage the account. Otherwise, schedule a suit fitting or organize a shopping spree and help the budding professional select the proper attire. Holding students’ hands while they build may result in more diplomas, but it also results in lower competence, and education should be about the latter and not the former.
When they recieve there high diploma, they should be ready to enter the general work force . Some examples that we are hurting in is the building trades, where in reality, a college degree is not required.
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