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One of my favorite things to do with the iPhone is play around with all the cool photo editing apps (a bunch of these apps are also available for droid as well). Before I begin my list, I first need to state that my #1 favorite photo app far and beyond is Instagram.
Kami Bigler runs the blog: NoBiggie, a montage of her favorite things, including crafting, cooking, and celebrating holidays. I’ve used the snapseed app… starbucks had it as one of their free apps of the week things and it is truly amazing! Very useful info.Apart from this can I get an app which allows me to make a movie with all my edited images? Aviary is an awesome free app that has filters, text, stickers (including thought bubbles.), blemish fix, and teeth whitening. Instafusion Top iPad Photo-Editing Apps for Iphone and Ipad(Universal)!!!Buy once and use an all devices!!
Of course, most accidental drops come from actually using the device, so a sleeve might not be the best option for the ultimate protection, but for those who usually go caseless and want some added protection, a sleeve can be a good option. If you enjoy taking beautiful photos, chances are you are a passionate user of cool photo apps as well. Most of the apps that photo enthusiasts use are primarily sold as editing tools that help improve photos in various ways. FOTOR is another cool photo app that helps you produce amazing photo editing results and is very easy to use. PICSART allows its users to edit photos, create beautiful photo collages and digital visuals. The cool thing about PATH ON is that it lets users add witty or funny text to photos and create exceptionally amusing photo images.
This photo app offers great photo editing tools, but its major selling point is the interface. With Sherish we’ve made it so that turning your precious photos into great gifts is fun and easy. One of the most outstanding features of the Sherish app is that it gives you complete control over the privacy of your photos. We hate spam as much as you do, and will keep your email address as private as we keep your photos. This entry was posted in Photography Tips and tagged cool photo apps, photo app, photo editing apps, top apps for editing photos.
Once you’ve got the photos with your iPhone, you may find yourself needing to crop, resize, or otherwise edit them to masterful effect. Coming straight from the undisputed champions of the photo editing world, Adobe’s Photoshop Express app for iPhone provides you with most of the tools that you know and love on the PC version, along with a few cool extras, including a one-tap retouch button for quick, precise improvements on the go! For filter effects and simple touching up, the Magic Hour Lite app is a simple and easy way to get the job done, leaving you with the option of upgrading to the full version if its extended features suit your fancy. Picture Effect Magic for the iPhone provides you with hundreds of filters and tons of sharing options, even allowing you to pass your photos to a friend’s device via Bluetooth. Boasting nearly 500 effects to retouch and rethink your photos, this massively talented app has all of the photo filters that you could possibly want, and all in a single place. Bringing the extensive Photoshop-like abilities of the Pixlr website straight to the iPhone, this app may just prove to be the only one that you need to edit, crop, retouch, and filter your photos quickly and easily.
If a single photo just won’t cut it for your next blog post or other project, the Pic Collage app for iPhone gives you the ability to make custom collages from any number of images, providing a surprisingly professional effect. Give your photos and images a beautiful hand-drawn look with a single tap of your iPhone’s screen with the Sketch+ app, a useful program that aims to do the sketch effect absolute justice. Featuring stickers, filters and effects, a built-in camera app, and much more, the Photo Editor by Aviary app attempts to be the only full-featured photo editing suite you’ll need while on the go – you can even send your finished pictures directly to a local Walgreens for print and pick-up! Like the Pic Collage entry that we mentioned above, this nifty little app has what it takes to mash multiple pictures into one beautiful graphic, complete with handsome framing for a professional look on any project, online or off.

This one may be less useful than its predecessors, but let’s have a little fun on the way out of this article, shall we?
CameraTimer – I just got this one, but I love the of trying to be in more of the pics WITH my kids.
It’s become my default camera app, but it also has fun filters and pretty great editing options. Do you want to make your shots awesome, no matter if they are old vintage black and white or new high resolution colorful images, by applying a plethora of special effects?. Try PhotoSplash Fx that has following unique features that you can’t find in any other app altogether. I downloaded Phonto because I needed to make a book cover, and I have Snapseed to initially edit the photo. I spend 3 days straight looking for 3 things I wanted in a photo editor and never did get thru the apps but downloaded and deleted MANY. I would like to inquire whether they are really providing such huge amount of discount or this is a myth??? From improving light and contrast, to changing photo composition, some of these apps can really take your photo editing experience to a higher level. The app comes with seven different lenses and four recording modes to help users improve their portrait snaps.
PHO.TO LAB includes lots of background options and collage features, as well as hundreds of frames and photo filters to choose from. Aside from the wide variety of textures and filters, this great photo app allows users to enjoy numerous custom editing options. It can automatically gather all your photos from all of your social media profiles, email accounts, phones (other photo apps), computers, and external hard drives, and organize them in albums.
You can instantly share single photos or entire albums with friends and family, even if they don’t have a Sherish account.
The PhotoChop app for iPhone allows you to easily crop pieces of your existing photos and add them to others, making for an infinite number of mixing and matching possibilities when it comes to creating cool, fun, and super memorable graphics.
There are so many photo editing apps out there, so sometimes it helps to hear what people personally like before you buy it or download it. They sure did something right to make it not only a place to edit pictures but to make it social at the same time. The number of cool and useful photo apps is growing and the market is getting more competitive. So, here are some cool photo apps that will improve your photo editing and organizing experience in 2016.
These features help users streamline their images and simplifies the process of editing photos by offering a side comparison.
With more than 20 filters, portrait features, decorations and realistic make-up effects, CYMERA is certainly one of the top photo editing apps. PHOTODIRECTOR includes lots of adjustable effects and blur tools, various photo frames, an unwanted object removal option, photo collages and much more. PICSART offers numerous photo editing tools and customizable effects and filters, image overlays, stickers and text options, advanced artistic brushes and painting tools with layers. This feature is amazingly fun, especially since the user can adjust the alignment, letter space, and font. It keeps the central part of the screen clear, allowing users to add effects from the corner, as they choose. Regardless of which photo editing app you use for any initial touch-ups, Sherish lets you add a final touch to your photos and utilize them in various ways.
Very similar to Instagram, only without the social aspect of following people (though you can share photos to FB, Twitter, etc.) I love it! As I continue to learn these apps and photoshop, it’s a great way to get the photos I want fast.

This means there are a lot of cool apps offering a ton of cool features, so you may have trouble choosing the right one. The VSCO Grid feature allows users to connect with others by presenting their work in a grid view, and increase their social connections. Its users can share their fabulous photos easily and directly on popular social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. If you are annoyed by the ads that come with the free version, you can pay for the full version and enjoy an ad-free experience. So, the next time you decide to take the perfect selfie, try FACETUNE and you’ll be amazed by the outcome. Recording personal audio messages to add emotions to your photos allows you to create unique greeting cards and beautiful family albums. Sherish comes with unlimited storage space and stores all of your photos from all sources, preserving their original size and quality. Being an experienced photographer, are you tired of image editors having several critical limitations?
To help you make a smart choice, I’ve created this list of the coolest photo apps to watch for in 2016. You can add comments and tag people to keep the memories while including all relevant details. Won’t it be cool if you had a choice of 130+ built-in effects on different parts of the same image with numerous attempts and still having the option of creating your own custom effects ? Would you like to have option to make favorite list of built-in effects to choose them easily for future?
You can also share your masterpiece with your friends through Email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picassa, even export to iPhoto and photoshop or post it in form of card to anywhere in the world.
PicFX has many options like film filters, retro filters, vintage style filters as well as light leak overlays.Most importantly I find it easy and logical to navigate in. What makes me go back to PicFX again and again is that I can control how much or how little of the filter effect I want to add.
It makes it easy to see how your image will look in the end.I like the filters faded memory, snap shot and sx-70 8 (polaroid). Wood CameraJust like PicFX, Wood Camera let?s you control how much filter effect you want on your photo. You can add filters, grunge textures and frames one at a time, so it?s possible to make your own style.Controlling the filters are a little bit more advanced in Snapseed because you get to control several options within each filter. Snapseed stores your photos in the app itself so even if you delete your photo from the camera roll it will still be available in the app.5.
He is into videography and Kitcam is a super video app – even in low light situations. What?s fantastic about this app is that you get to set your settings before you take the photo or record a video.What I love about kitcam is that I can easily set the white balance + it has exposure-control, so you can add more light to your photos in low light or lower it in bright sunlight. VSCOcamVSCO is a wonderful editing app with a great camera. I love the VSCO app mainly for it?s filters. I?m especially a fan of their fade effect, which I use to create a matte effect in my photos.What about you, do you have a favorite photo editing app you recommend? She is known for her elegant and bright photography and draw much of her inspiration from the Nordic countryside, travels, food and still life. After a decade of working with psychology and coaching, Christina?s passion for photography evolved into a full-time photography business. Today she runs a thriving + fast growing business specializing in professional, motivating and engaging training for female photographers + creative souls.

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