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The Select™ XLE-Series UV crosslinker covalently binds nucleic acids to membranes in under 30 seconds — 240 times faster than vacuum-oven baking! Researchers also rely on this versatile instrument for eliminating PCR contamination,nicking ethidium-bromide-stained DNA in agarose gels, gene mapping for creating cleavage-inhibiting thymine dimers, RecA mutation screening in E.coli, UV sterilization and miscellaneous UV-dosage applications. The Select Series crosslinker features a “smart” user-friendly, fully programmable microprocessor, built-in “help” messages and an auto-repeat function that make its operation amazingly fast and simple.

ZT-V900 ZASTONE ZT-V900 VHF Radio with LCD Display ZT-V900 VHF radio with LCD display is a commercial wireless radio designed for service industries. It has a unique true-UV-monitoring circuitry that safeguards valuable test results from washouts, even when the tubes age. It features five 8-watt tubes and is available in a choice of 254nm, 312nm and 365nm versions.

Distress urgency and safety communications, ship operating requirements, public business communication  3.

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