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Paste a couple more circles and scale them appropriately to add a couple of thin strokes on the inside and outside of the white ring. Position another circle exactly in the centre of the white ring, then adjust the stroke settings to 4pt Weight, Round Cap, Bevel Join, Dashed Line, 0pt Dash and 17pt Gap.
Use the rectangle tool to add a handle, then copy, paste and rotate the series of plates to finish off a simple dumbbell icon. Switch the fill of all the shapes that make up the dumbbell to white, group them together and position the graphic in the centre of the logo. Instead of adjusting the tracking of the letters, go to Type > Type on a Path > Type on a Path Options and adjust the spacing here. In the Type on a Path settings, adjust the Align to Path option to Ascender, then make another subtle tweaks to the size to make sure the text fits perfectly to the centre of the black ring. Paste in the logo from Illustrator into a temporary Photoshop document and scale into place. Use the super handy Subtle Grunge brushes from WeFunction to add grungy spots of white on a layer above the logo. Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files. I always wanted some new tutorials, that involved making the textures, and this seemed to give me some idea. Nice tutorial Chris, I really need to get into using Illustrator more, bookmarked for future practice.
A logo is the most essential part of your branding, so make sure the design is definable and also a memorable one describe about your company and its business. Below, we present very useful 46 Adobe Illustrator tutorials to help you in designing a professional logo for your business. Follow this logo design process walkthrough to see the making of a cubist style logo design made up of lots of detailed vector facets.
In this tutorial I want to detail how to create text along a path in an interesting way and apply it to a common application. A personal project I’m currently working on with a developer friend is a website called myNiteLife. In this logo design tutorial, we will go from the reception of a design brief through to finishing the project and delivering the final products to the client. This tutorial was actually requested by a BittBox reader, Mr.Byte, and his idea instantly caught my attention.
In this tutorial you will learn how to make a logo with a badge, fence and barbed wire, using simple shapes, a custom brush and few simple Illustrator tools. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an organic, natural looking confectionary logo by adding a textured background. This illustrative logo for an italian animation studio will show you a very quick turnaround and the design politics we sometimes have to deal with in our artistic pursuit to create the best work we can. I recently finished up a project with Scott McIntyre of Vivid Ways and Jon Phillip of Spyre Studios.
In this tutorial I’ll break down my creative process used on a logo design for the UK hip-hop duo Second Nature. In this Quick Tip we will take a look at how you can easily create an appealing colored sphere which will make a great foundation for a successful logo. The following tutorial will help you understand the process of designing a brand identity, working with shapes and using your head to see what is effective and what isn’t. I’ve found a ton of Photoshop tutorials on how to do this, but you would be surprised at how simple and easy it is to get a “glossy” text effect in vector using Illustrator. A message from Pete asking me if I can make a tutorial on how to create the QuickTime logo. The tutorial is aimed towards giving you insight into actually making the cool graphic as oppsed to the full logo design process. This tutorial will show you how to make a 3D gradient logo in minutes by using the Warp and 3D effects. In the following steps we’ll be using some classic tools, such as the Rectangle Tool, the Ellipse Tool or the Direct Selection Tool, along with some quite simple effects, such as the Drop Shadow, Offset Path, Reflect & Move and Zig Zag. I thought I would show some really helpful Illustrator techniques by making the Obama logo.

In this tutorial I will show you how I made this nice logo for one of my clients in Czech Republic. Making a Shiny Glass Logo in Photoshop is easy but how we can make it in Adobe Illustrator? You can do it easily with this tutorial, I prepared the images step by step for making it easy, also you see the vector format (.svg) in the end of this tutorial. In this multi-part tutorial series I’ll take you through the processes and design I used to create the Rockable Press brand and its many different applications both offline and on. In the next tutorial I will show you how to create a grungy nuclear warning symbol in nine coherent steps. In this tutorial you’ll read again about a simple but very efficient Adobe Illustrator feature used in creation of a logo icon. Perhaps freelancers are not very popular in logo designs… I’m not sure, but it seems that logos like these above, are made by companies. I’m looking for more information, so if you have tutorials for expanding job opportunities in the logo design, plz let me know! Our techno world of graphic designing is not completed if we ignore the functionality of vector based graphics. The usage of creative vectors is essential and that is the prime cause that the artistic web designers are always hunting to acquire some kinds of useful solutions to help them out of the trouble which they might facing while trying to complete their task.
The fabulous tutorials which you will obtain from this set are created and designed marvelously by keeping a keen eye on the fact that they should help not only the professional vector designers but a lay man also able to get useful inspiration from them effectively for the basic reason that these unique tutorials are well checked by a team consist of expert designers.
Copy (CMD+C) and Paste in Front (CMD+F) a duplicate, scale it down slightly while holding ALT and Shift, then switch the fill for a white stroke.
For the gap setting in particular, use the cursor keys to nudge the number up and down until the circles are spaced evenly. Slab-Serif fonts typically have a strong and masculine feel, so I’ve picked out Boton for use in this logo. This setting will generate more even gaps where the tracking would bunch letters together as they flow around the curve.
Use the little handle to adjust the text to sit on the outside of the circle and towards the bottom of the logo. Scale and position one into place, copy and paste in front a duplicate and move this duplicate horizontally while holding Shift.
Illustrator’s tools made it easy to create the overall structure while keeping everything scalable and editable. We could import a texture, live trace and punch out some distressed marks with the Pathfinder, but you just don’t get the same effect as real textures in Photoshop. This simple touch gives the logo that old, worn and distressed appearance of a genuine badge, sticker or emblem. With your tutorial i’m sure i will do just fine to learn something from great designer. A monkey playing around with a vector program could come up with this sort of poor Graphics. And when creating a logo design, it’s would be far better if built appropriately in a vector program such as Illustrator, so it can be used in EVERY possible application, maintaining total scalability and function for print media as well as online. We’ll be using simple shapes, effects, transparency masks, and a free grunge texture pack from PSD TutsPlus to create the final effect. Not only will we be creating the actual design in Adobe Illustrator, but I’ll also be describing the whole logo design process in this tutorial, from the initial sketches right through to finishing off the final design. I will skip the drawing parts, yes there were tons of drawings before going to the computer.
Although the circular logo has been used forever, it can still be effective if done well, while mixing in some modern design. As part of the overall design process one of the first jobs of the project was to develop a logo and brand for the website, follow this step by step documentation of the whole process of the logo design from conception to completion. You might encounter some problems in creating the overall shapes but the Grid and the Snap to Grid will help you get over it. My part in the project was to work on a new logo design for the Vivid Ways website and brand.
When creating a new identity, you should bear in mind that attention to detail is everything, and you need to focus on letter spacing, overall balance, and form.

We’ll use various tools and techniques in Adobe Illustrator to create a great looking vector based design complete with subtle gradients and shading.
In this tutorial, we’ll be going over the Pathfinder, Envelope Warps, Opacity Masks, and Gradient Meshes.
This style of abstract three dimensional shape has become a popular trend in the world of logo design.
The twenty-seven detailed steps wil introduce you to the basic tools and shape building techniques.
In this final project, we will sum up what we have learnt so far in Illustrator to create your own custom logo. I am sure that you already read plenty tutorials from where you had learn how to make a custom art brush used often for swirls creation. From the term of vector, we mean to say that any primitives in the form of geometrical shapes which may be composed of curves, polygon or points and it can be expressed some mathematical expressions such as arrows or it might be comprised of gorgeous photo or inspiring images which are capable to be utilized in the field of up to date graphics and advanced web designing. Design your projects with the assistance of these fantastic tutorials to make attractive logos for your companies or other stuff and give this idea to your friends or any demanded persons to lend a helping hand to them as well.
We’ll put the basic structure together in Illustrator, then give it that aged vintage appearance with some finishing touches in Photoshop.
The text and tagline follow the circumference of the circle while the icon sits bang in the centre and gives visual feedback as to what the logo is promoting. Next, using some Offset Path and Pathfinder options you will create the rest of the shapes.
Another thing to note: I included a lot of screenshots for clarity purposes, but this process is actually very simple.
We’re still working on the logo and the tag line, but the concept is this one that I will show you here. Here’s my design process and a walkthrough of how the final logo is created in Adobe Illustrator. It’s a pretty simple and fast tutorial but you might find some interesting stuff about working with these classic tools. You might face some problems with the letter shapes but the grid and the snap to grid will simplify your work.
I will show you the process in drawing a logo and hopefully you have more confidence after this tutorial.
You will learn some nice stuff about working with grid, basic tools, gradients, strokes and some nice effects.
You will see that a simple custom art brushes can help you not just on decorations and pattern designs, but also on logo design. The modern world of technology and new innovations is well furnished with eye catching vectors and the utilization of vectors can be seen on web pages where they serve as control point to give you guideline for the objective of going one place to another.
Click and drag on the canvas to draw a star shape, before releasing the mouse using the keyboard cursor keys to  increase the number of points & the ALT Key to adjust the depth of the star spikes. Draw smaller circle with a Fill of None and a stroke with the options below to create a nice circled stroke. Again using the Ellipse Tool, draw another circle like below and fill it to the same color as your star shape and align it center.5.
To move the pattern shape above the logo, select the shape and click on CTRL+] to move the layer up. We enjoy posting about Web Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Culture Design, Architecture and anything else related to design! Whether you’re designing for a small or large business you’ll need to showcase your branding ideas using high quality mockups and templates so that clients can truly visualise and appreciate […] 30 Awesome Macbook Decal Stickers The macbook pro is a pretty cool looking laptop, made for high end professionals who have a geeky side! We’ve collected 30 Awesome Macbook Decal Stickers you can buy and stock on your Macbook laptops today!

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