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The $parent_menu array is holding the label, the link (URL) and a count value that I need to decide if there is a sub-item or not.
For the creation of the whole navigation bar I a custom function, this way it’s more portable and I can access the code several times in different scripts without to write the code all over again. The arguments of the function are both arrays, the name of the query string value that’s used to fold out the menu, the two ids used to identify the un-ordered lists with the CSS style and an extra name for some CSS pseudo class to give a main link element with sub-items a different look. Inside the loop there is a test for the count value from parent items, if the count is not null the menu item query string value is added.
The code block begins with a test for $_GET variable which is posted via the link from the parent menu item a new loop is opened to create a list with sub-items related to the parent item. The arguments for this function are the link from the array, the variable name and value from the parent menu item (to keep the list open).

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In this tutorial I will explain how to create a dynamic navigation menu using PHP and MySQ. Inside the function the query string will be exploded and is getting rebuilt without becoming in trouble with existing parts or new variables.
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